How to Complete a Full Laundry Renovation

It isn’t fair that the kitchen and bathroom get all the attention when it comes to renovations and interior design. What about the laundry? Surely the vital functions that a laundry plays in day-to-day life earn it the right to have a decent layout and design – am I right?

The laundry is often overlooked or sacrificed in a home renovation to increase the budget for other areas of the home… hello, kitchen and bathroom. And, while this makes sense on paper,  it isn’t always the best choice – especially if you have a poorly designed laundry or you are looking to sell your home.

There is good news, though; now, thanks to Ross’s Home Discount Centre, you can have the kitchen, bathroom, AND laundry of your dreams without blowing your renovation budget. Our quality laundry products are available at the most competitive prices in Perth to ensure you can complete a full laundry renovation on a budget.

Completing a full laundry renovation is more than just getting quality products at great prices. Sure, this is a large part of the equation, but there are many other factors to consider. Today, I will share with you everything you need to know to complete your laundry renovation from start to finish.

Laundry Layout

The very first thing to consider in any laundry renovation is the layout. Look at your existing layout and ask yourself, “Does this layout work?” and “Can I change the layout to be more functional and provide better use of space?”

In many cases, where space is limited, there won’t be the opportunity to change the configuration, but there may be vertical space that can be taken advantage of. Thus, it’s essential to look at the entire area, not just the washing machine, dryer and tub placement. Speaking of washing machines and dryers, is stacking these appliances on top of one another an option to maximise space? In my case, the hot water system was in my laundry, and I chose to relocate it outside to maximise space. Is this something you can do?

Consider access to the clothesline in the layout design as well. Is it easy to access from the laundry? And, something often overlooked, does my washing machine and dryer door open in the right direction for the design of the space? Another consideration for the layout is sound. If you’re savvy with your money and choose to run your washing machine and dryer at off-peak times, generally between 10 pm and 7 am, do you need to consider acoustic installation to minimise running noise? R2.5 wall installation restricts the transmission of exterior noise travelling through the walls and into the home. It will enable you to save money running your laundry appliances at off-peak times.

If you are having difficulty working out the best configuration for your laundry, the best move is to draw it out. Measure the length and depth of your space and convert that to paper. Alternatively, you can use our free 3D kitchen planner to help with your laundry space. It is obviously designed for our kitchens, but it works just as well for our laundries, too. is another excellent resource, which I used for my home renovation recently.

Laundry Products

Once your laundry space is mapped out, and you have an idea of the layout, it pays to explore the product options available.

Laundry Units

If you’re looking for the best finish on a shoestring budget, then a simple laundry unit, which comprises an all-in-one laundry cabinet and sink, will be the best option. Ross’s Discount Home Centre has your complete laundry solution for as little as $275.00. A couple of options to consider include the Nugleam™ 35L Soft Close Laundry Unit, which is a low $410.000 and the NuGleam Standard Laundry Unit, priced at just $340.00

These affordable option leaves plenty of room in the budget to splurge on a feature tiles and splashback tile or even brand new laundry appliances – we can help you out with these items also!

Laundry Benchtops and Sinks

For those looking to create a new laundry on par with their kitchen and bathroom, a laundry benchtop and overmount or undermount sink is the way to go. And you can still be budget-conscious as well. With your choice of laminate benchtops or quartz stone benchtops available and an array of laundry sinks starting at just $175.00, Ross’s Discount Home Centre has something to tame all budgets; including those with no budgets! Some of our most popular sinks include the Circo 6 Litre Multi-Purpose Sink priced at $195.00 and the Squareline Plus 42L Utility Sink at $440.00.

Laundry Cabinets

No fully functional laundry is complete without storage. If space permits, base cabinets and overhead cupboards are a convenient addition to any laundry renovation. They provide much-needed storage for unsightly cleaning agents and detergents and will help keep hazardous substances away from kids. And, of course, they add value to the design!

When planning a laundry layout with cabinets, it also pays to include a laundry broom closet in the design.  The simple inclusion of such a cupboard will provide essential storage for brooms, mops, and even ironing boards. Everything you don’t want guests seeing lying around the house.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre has a mammoth range of laundry cabinets, including wall cabinets and base cabinets, that are high in quality and low in price. Be sure to view our extensive range before locking in laundry cabinetry from other suppliers.

If you need personal assistance designing your laundry space, please call Ross’s Discount Home Centre on (08) 9378 2233. We have dedicated kitchen/laundry salespersons who can advise the best layout and product selections to meet your budget and space.

Now, there is more to think about than laundry units, benchtops, sinks, and cabinetry. Don’t overlook tapware and tiles.

Laundry Tapware

In the past, it’s easy to see why tapware might not necessarily need something to get excited about. That has now changed. Laundry tapware,  including washing machine tapware, can make as big a statement as your splashback tiles. You need only look at our new range of luxury brush tapware to see how tapware design has improved over the years.

To make a statement with your laundry tapware, consider a brushed gold, brushed nickel or brushed gunmetal laundry tap, which we currently have in-store at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Paired with our laundry cabinet range, these taps become an instant statement piece.  For something more traditional and economical, consider our Fiona Sink Mixer, priced at just $195.00 and the functional Vegie Mixer, which is just $150.00.

Laundry Tiles

Tiles are the most common material for laundries due to their waterproof properties. Tiles are great for laundry flooring, walls and as a feature splashback. Your tile choice will have a significant impact on your design. They can define the entire design style or be subtle to let your cabinetry shine.

If you’re on a budget, you may choose only to tile the splashback, or you may choose to tile the entire room; this is a personal choice that will ultimately be budget-driven. Either way, know that Ross’s Discount Home Centre has the latest tile trends at the lowest prices in Perth.

For those looking to make a designer statement with a trending feature tile, then consider the brand new Garden Green Feature Tile at $9.95 per tile or the always popular and very economical Gloss White Wall Tile 10x30cm at just $30.00 per square metre. Our Gloss White Wall Tile 30x60cm, at only $25.00, is a fantastic wall tile choice.

Having all the products on hand ready for your tradespeople is essential. It’s tough to align their schedules with your renovation schedule, so you want to avoid delays due to lengthy product orders by ordering before you commence your renovation.

Thankfully, this won’t be a problem if you order your laundry renovation products from Ross’s Discount Home Centre, as we have everything in stock, ready to walk out the door. If you are ordering online, allow 3-5 days for delivery.

Laundry Demolition

Now the fun starts! Demolition. If you are taking on the demolition project yourself, there are a few things to consider before you start smashing away. For example, because I was relocating my hot water system, I had to have a plumber and an electrician come and disconnect, relocate, and reconnect my hot water system before I could start. I also chose to change the location of my laundry sink, which meant my plumber also had to disconnect my existing plumbing. If plumbing and especially electrical work will be altered in your laundry renovation, call in the experts – safety is paramount.

With existing plumbing and electrical work having been taken care of, the demolition can commence. Believe it or not, but there is an order to follow in any home demolition. It isn’t the case of picking up a sledgehammer and bashing away till the room/house is destroyed.

Demotion, done right, is done in the reverse order of installation. So, start by removing all fixtures from the room: cabinets, sinks, tapware etc. Once the space is vacant, move your attention to the room itself. If your laundry renovation involves re-tilling, the plasterboard will need to come off the walls, and the walls will need to be re-sheeted. Start by removing the skirting and architraves, then remove the nails from the plasterboard. You can then smash away at the plaster and ease it away from the wall to reveal the frame.

Laundry Renovation

With the demo done and dusted, the fun really starts! The key to any renovation is planning and excellent time management. Everything needs to be coordinated like a carefully planned synchronised swimming routine. By this, I mean the plumbers and electricians need to be scheduled ahead of the plasterer. The plasterboard needs fitting and setting before the tiler can start, and the tiling needs to be complete before the products and fixtures can be fit.


If you are undergoing a complete laundry renovation, then the following tradespeople will be required, and in this order:

  • Plumber
  • Electrician (may not be applicable to your renovation)
  • Plasterer
  • Tiler

Everything else you should be able to do yourself with the help of Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Remember, our cabinets come pre-assembled for easy installation, so you shouldn’t need to engage a builder or cabinet maker for your bathroom renovation.

To find the best tradies for the job, turn to the internet. Search for tradies near you on Google and Facebook Marketplace. I found very reliable tradies from both resources. It pays to request three quotes from each trade and look at their online presence for reviews and examples of their work. This is especially important with plasterers and tilers; you want a quality finish.


Show your laundry some love with a full laundry renovation. Renovating a laundry can be a lengthy project, but it is a relatively straightforward one, provided you do it right.

Start by looking at your existing layout and explore whether or not it can be improved to maximise space and provide better functionality. Finalise the layout and choose quality products suitable to your space and within the restraints of your budget. Demolish your old laundry the right way and organise tradespeople in the right sequence to avoid any issues.

Regardless of your budget, you can pull off a laundry renovation with the help of Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Whether you’re on a shoestring budget or have no budget, you will find the right products at the right price within our extensive laundry product range.

We have everything you need to complete a laundry renovation in Perth, including laundry units, laundry benchtops, laundry sinks, laundry taps, laundry tiles, and much, much more—all in stock and ready for shipment to prevent any delays in your reno project.

Please view our online store for our product range, or head into our ever-expanding showroom at 57 James Street, Guildford, for personalised service and advice. We have dedicated kitchen and laundry salespersons to help you design and select your laundry product.

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