Ross’s Makes Laundry Renovations Cheap and Easy

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Are you planning an upcoming laundry renovation but you’re worried that it will be a time-consuming and costly affair? If you are, then you’re not alone. Many Australian homeowners put off renovating their laundry every year because of this very reason.

Thanks to Ross’s Discount Home Centre, your laundry renovation can be quick and affordable! We offer a range of fully preassembled laundry products that are also very affordable. Thereby, by purchasing laundry products manufactured by Ross’s Discount Home Centre, you can complete your renovation in no time at all – even over a weekend!

Today, we’ll better examine how Ross’s Discount Home Centre can help make your laundry renovation cheap and easy. Whether you’re looking for a DIY laundry solution or on a budget, Ross’s Discount Home Centre has the answer!

Create an instant laundry with a laundry tub and cabinet

Many homeowners don’t have enough space to install a full laundry with separate cabinets and appliances. Fortunately, Ross’s Discount Home Centre offers just the solution to this – combination cabinets, which also include a laundry tub.

Designed with functionality in mind, our laundry units are preassembled and are ready to be installed in your space. On offer is the 45L Laundry Unit, which has a single tub, and the 90L Double Bowl Laundry Unit, which has two tubs. Both units are manufactured using high-grade PVC board, making them completely waterproof. But perhaps most importantly, both units feature a stylish and modern design in a white gloss finish, so even the smallest of laundries can still look great.

Whether you’re on a budget or whether you’re looking for a space-saving laundry solution, our combination laundry units are perfect for you. All you need to do is to purchase laundry tapware, and you’ll create an instant laundry. There’s simply no better solution for creating a functional laundry on a budget.

Purchase pre-assembled wall and base cabinets

For those of you who have the luxury of space in your laundry, you need not settle for a combination laundry unit. Instead, you can purchase preassembled laundry cabinets and pair them with separate laundry appliances.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre offers a fantastic range of preassembled wall and base cabinets, as well as laundry sinks and troughs for you to choose from. Our laundry cabinets come fully assembled and are ready to be installed in your space. They all feature a rich high-gloss finish in white, and are manufactured using high-grade HMR board. Just consider your requirements and choose as many cabinets as you need for your space!

While Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s preassembled laundry cabinets offer a great blend of stylish looks and affordability, you can also customise them. You can customise the cabinets to include a sink, a benchtop or tapware of your choice. Due to this, you can design your laundry just the way you want to.

Thanks to Ross’s Discount Home Centre, you need not put off your laundry renovation any longer. Our range of preassembled laundry cabinets and combination laundry units will allow you to complete your renovation quickly and within a budget. Our products feature superior artistry and are manufactured using highly durable materials to last the test of time. With Ross’s Discount Home Centre, you’re sure to create a practical and functional laundry, regardless of your budget!


For a cheap and easy laundry renovation, consider the range of laundry products offered by Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Choose from a combination laundry unit or preassembled laundry cabinets.

If you’re short on space and you’re looking for a space-saving solution, a combination laundry unit is ideal. Simply add the tapware of your choice and you’ll create an instant laundry. On the other hand, if space is not an issue, laundry cabinets will allow you to create the laundry of your dreams in no time at all and, at a price you can afford! You can even customise our laundry cabinets to include a benchtop, sink and tapware of your choice.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre is here to make laundry renovations cheap and easy for everyone! To purchase our laundry products in Perth, visit your online store today!

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