Create This Flawless Budget Laundry for Under $3,000.00

Designing a laundry can be challenging, but designing a budget laundry can be near impossible – especially if you’re conscious of style and quality.’s 2018 Home Renovation Trends Study found that on average, Australians spend $2000 to $3000 on their laundry renovation. If you’re looking to create a pimped-out laundry on an “average” budget, then Ross’s range of laundry cabinets and products is just the answer.

I’ve done all the hard work for you by listing every component needed to create this modern looking laundry for yourself. Simply add these items to your shopping cart and purchase online to have this laundry delivered to your location. Oh, and to help you out, delivering is absolutely free to any Perth Metro address!

Pantry/Linen Cupboard Single Door 45cm

$395.00 each

A functional laundry needs laundry cabinets, and one of the most important cabinets of all is a linen cupboard to store the ironing board and brooms or to hang ironed clothes.

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Wall Cupboard Double Door 80cm (x2)

$230.00 each

Storage is a much-needed factor for any laundry, so by having two double door wall cupboards, you will have ample room to store items such as chemicals, stain-removers, disinfectants and other items you don’t want children to reach

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Wall Cupboard Right Hand Hinged Single Door 45cm

$174.00 each

A single door wall cupboard adds extra storage and balances out the laundry cabinets. This particular cupboard is great for storing medical supplies and other miscellaneous items that don’t belong in the kitchen.

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Base Unit Double Door 80cm

$380.00 each

An under-sink laundry cabinet is a must-have to ensure a functional laundry, and a double door base cabinet is ideal for this. Storing washing powders, detergents, soaps and other washing and cleaning liquids below the sink and next to the washing machine will increase functionality and add convenience.

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Base Unit With Utility Basket

$295.00 each

Conceal your rubbish for a more attractive laundry with the addition of a base cabinet with a built-in utility basket. Yep, this budget laundry has it all!

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Base Two(2) Drawer Pot Drawer 80cm

$540 each

Large drawers are great for storing towels and linens which is why we have included our large pot drawer into this laundry design. You’ll never run out of linen cupboard space again!

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Laminated Bench Top Andorra Shadow

$145 – $525

Completing the laundry cabinetry is a stylish, yet budget laminate benchtop. We’ve chosen Andorra Shadow in this design but there are seven other designs to choose from in our range to match your interiors.

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Nugleam 70L Utility Sink


And what’s a laundry without a laundry sink? This 70-litre sink is perfect for a budget laundry. You can soak stains overnight and rise items you don’t want to rise in the kitchen sink without worries.

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Project Pull-Out Mixer


Completing this budget laundry design is a very functional pull-out mixer tap. With its pull-out hose, you’ll be able to spot clean stains off clothes with ease. Plus, it has a 4-star wells rating and a 7.5 litre per minute flow rate so, it’s economical also!

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Creating a budget laundry that is both modern in design and high in functionality and quality doesn’t have to be an impossible task, thanks to Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s laundry cabinets and associated products. You can create a quality laundry for as little as $3000 by simply purchasing the items I have showcased in this design.

We have everything you need to complete a laundry, and everything is in stock and available for immediate dispatch. Wall cupboards, base cupboards, linen cupboards, benchtops, laundry sinks, and even washing machines and dryers can all be purchased online and delivered to any Perth Metro location for free.

For laundry cabinets in Perth and other items needed to design a highly functional and great-looking laundry, visit Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

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