5 handy tips on how to get a better deal on bathroom tile prices

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For many of our customers entering a home renovation, the cost of tiles, especially bathroom tiles, is a major concern. Fortunately, bathroom tile prices need not be that expensive. If you know how to go about looking for bathroom tiles, then you will certainly be able to get a better deal than what is advertised.

Thankfully, Ross’s Discount Home Centre is able to offer extremely competitive prices on bathroom tiles. As the head of purchasing at the store, I will take this opportunity to explain to you how you can get a great deal on bathroom tile prices in Perth. Listen up!

1. Buy from the right place

The best way to get a great deal on bathroom tiles is to make sure you buy from the right price. Avoid tile shops and start at home improvement stores, such as Ross’s Discount Home Centre, or DIY stores. We are able to offer quality bathroom tiles at heavily discounted prices – We current have selected bathroom tile prices 50% lower than the retail price! Such deals are typically not found elsewhere, so you should always look to source your bathroom tiles at stores such as ours.

2. Mix and match your tiles

If you have a significant area to cover, mixing and matching different tiles can be incredibly cost effective. By mixing different tiles, you can create eye catching and appealing designs, while reducing the overall cost. Think about using one of our discounted bathroom tiles for the main tile, and a more striking tile as the feature tile – here 80% of your tile budget will be at discounted prices and you can just splurge on your feature tile.

Obviously, one thing that you’ll want to keep in mind if you choose to mix and match is that all tiles should have a uniform thickness and the colours should go well with each other. Too often, I’ve had customers come in only to have jumped the gun and not applied proper planning before entering their bathroom reno. Don’t make the same mistake and wash your savings down the drain!

3. Wait for clearance sales

Clearance sales are another wonderful option for getting great prices on your bathroom tiles. Perth home improvement stores, including ours, feature such clearance sales. Here, at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we currently have a great collection of tiles in our clearance sale, available from just $5 per square meter.  Quality tiles at crazy prices. You’ll find it very hard to match this deal – they are also perfect for the mix and match option that I mentioned above.

4. Choose Porcelain Tiles

Another great way to get a better deal on bathroom tile prices – and perhaps the easiest – is to simply choose porcelain tiles for your bathroom.  While many would argue that porcelain tiles are more expensive than standard ceramics, porcelain tiles offer many advantages. They are much more resilient to cracks and breakage, offer great resistance to stains, have a longer lifespan and are easier to maintain. Over the long run, porcelain tiles definitely work out cheaper.

Available in a variety of colours and finish options, you can choose from our range of porcelain tiles online or you can visit us in-store at Ross’s Discount Home Centre at Guildford, Perth. Our range of quality porcelain tiles start from just $20 per square meter, much cheaper than other bathroom tile suppliers.

5. Consider 30cm x 30cm tiles over 20cm x 20cm tiles

If you’ve been shopping around, no doubt you have started seeing a decline on the amount of 20 x 20cm tiles available. While they have been around for many years a lot of factories have stopped with the manufacture of this size. 30 x 30cm bathroom tiles and are available in more designs and colours, honest salesmen, such as ours, would suggest, to opt for 30cm x 30cm tiles instead.

Nowadays, you can find almost as many designs and colours in 30cm x 30cm, as you would in 20cm x 20cm. View our range to see if any tickle your fancy.


There are many ways to get a great deal on bathroom tile prices in Perth. First and foremost, you must remember to buy from the right place or wait for the clearance sales so you can get quality tiles at discount prices. You can also choose to mix and match tiles. Choosing 30cm x 30cm tiles over 20cm x 20cm tiles can also help you with choice. Finally, porcelain tiles, such as those that we feature at Ross’s can prove to be cost effective in the long run.

For quality bathroom tiles at the best prices, take a look at the selection we offer here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Whether you need wall tiles, floor tiles, bathroom tiles, ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles, we’ve got it all! So, choose to buy from us and you will definitely get the best bathroom tile prices in Perth.

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