How To Choose Kitchen Tiles In 2020

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As you would have realised from an article I wrote a couple of months back about how to approach a kitchen renovation, there are many elements to consider and products to choose from in a kitchen renovation. One such product is kitchen tiles.

While not as important as the process of choosing kitchen cabinets,  kitchen tiles significantly impact a kitchen’s overall look and feel. Therefore, they too require much consideration and thought.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre is Perth’s leading kitchen supplier, with everything you need to complete a kitchen under the one roof; including an extensive range of tiles for kitchen splashback and flooring. And, you don’t have to leave your home to have everything you need to be delivered to your door.

Today, I’d like to arm you with everything you need to know to make a confident decision when choosing kitchen tiles in 2020. So, continue reading as I share with you some industry tips and also some suggestions to follow the latest kitchen tile trends.

Think of the overall style of your home

This is the first rule to follow before you start looking at kitchen tiles. Don’t get carried away trying to replicate a kitchen you’ve fallen in love with on Pinterest or have seen in a magazine if it doesn’t fit the style of the remainder of your home.

If you have a modern home, create a modern kitchen and select modern tiles. If you have a traditional style home, design a traditional kitchen with traditional tiles etc.

If you’re unsure as to what tiles are classed as modern, traditional, etc., then refer to the following;

  • Traditional Tiles: feature classic tiles designs such as grid patterns and mosaics and generally have a neutral, muted colour palette. They tend to be classic and symmetrical. Marble and travertine are examples of traditional tiles.
  • Modern Tiles: tend to be large-format tiles that are subtle in design and colours. They are restrained but bespoke and often favour geometric forms.
  • Contemporary Tiles: make a statement and are usually bold and dramatic in design but can be very minimalistic also. They are ideal for feature walls and kitchen splashbacks.
  • Country Chic Tiles: these are tiles with warm earthy tones that emphasise the country style. Timber-look tiles and tiles with rustic charm fit this style.

Determine where you wish to use tiles

Kitchen tiles are generally used for two applications: flooring and splashbacks. Decide whether you want to go with tiles for the flooring, the splashback, or both.

The choice is yours; however, if you are leaning towards using a different material for your splashback, I recommend you first read this post which explains why tiles are the perfect splashback choice. Likewise, if you are considering using another flooring option other than tiles, I also recommend you read this post, which looks at the pros and cons of the top three kitchen flooring options in 2018.

  • Kitchen Floor Tiles
  • Kitchen Splashbacks

Measure and set a budget

The next step in choosing kitchen tiles is to measure the area to determine how many square meters you require and, thus, how much you can afford to spend on each tile before you go over budget.

To get the measurement of your flooring and splashback area, multiply the length by the width of the two areas to find the total square meterage. Set a value for your tile budget and then divi up the costs for each tile to know how much you can afford to spend on your floor tile and splashback tile.

For example, if you budget $800 for kitchen tiles and the splashback is 3.4 square metres, and your flooring is 13.5 square metres, you could choose flooring tiles up to $39 per square metre and splashback tiles up to $80 per square metre.

Understand the different types of tiles

Now that you know how much you can spend and the area you need to tile, you can then start looking for your kitchen tiles. However, note there are different types of tiles available, and some are better suited to an application than others.

For example, you wouldn’t choose floor tiles as a splashback tile, nor would you want to select a suitable splashback tile as your floor tile.

Tiles come with various ratings, including wear, slip, and variation. For a floor tile, look for a tile that has a high Pendulum Classification (P4 or P5); this test measures the frictional resistance of the tile, a low Oil-Wet Ramp Test rating (R10 to 13); this test measures the degree of oil slip resistance, and a low Barefoot Wet Ramp Test rating (C); this test measures the degree of water slip resistance. These ratings won’t be relevant for tiles applied as a splashback.

There is also a wear rating, which I discuss below.

In addition to tiles having different ratings, they are also made from different materials. You will also need to keep this in mind when choosing a tile for each application.

Popular tile materials for flooring include marble-look tiles and glazed porcelain, such as Mineral White (P4), Terrazo White (R10), and Shell Grey (P5 – structured).

Popular splashback tiles include marble-look tiles, marble and glass mosaics, ceramic and porcelain wall tiles, subway tiles and feature tiles. Which you choose purely comes down to your own style and budget. Read our Kitchen Splashback Trends posts for the latest kitchen tile trends.

Don’t overlook your lifestyle

You need to factor in your lifestyle when selecting kitchen tiles, especially kitchen floor tiles. If you love to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen or have a large family, then you must be mindful of the foot traffic your kitchen will receive.

In addition to the slip ratings mentioned above are ware ratings, which identify the wear resistance of a tile. For kitchen floor tiles, choose a tile that has at least a Medium Duty wear rating, but preferably a Heavy Duty or Extra Heavy Duty wear rating. Again, this rating won’t be relevant for tiles applied as a splashback.

Consider the colour scheme of your kitchen

Lastly, you need to base your kitchen tile choice around the colour scheme of your existing kitchen. So, not only do your tiles need to match the style of your home, but they need to complement your kitchen design.

If you are replacing existing floor tiles or replacing your splashback, you should have a fair idea as to what colours and styles of tile will work. However, if you are designing a new kitchen, then your options are endless. In this case, my advice is to settle on your kitchen cabinetry and benchtop first, and then you can pair your tile selection with this.

There are generally three ways to go about the colour scheme of a kitchen; it can be monochromatic, contrasting or complementary.

If you have an all-white kitchen and want to keep it that way, choose white tiles. If you have a muted colour scheme and want to add a pop of colour, choose tiles that contrast in colour, or if you have a subtle colour scheme and want to balance it with tiles that won’t steal the spotlight, choose tiles that complement your colour scheme.

There is a tile design out there that is perfect for whatever you have in mind, you just need to find it!


Choosing kitchen tiles in 2020 is no different than choosing kitchen tiles in any other year or decade. The key is to study the area and research the product.

When choosing your kitchen tiles, make sure you think of the overall style of your home look for tiles that match, determine where you wish to use tiles; as your flooring and/or splashback? Measure the area and set a budget, understand the different types of tiles available and their ratings, take into consideration your lifestyle and always consider the colour scheme of your kitchen cabinets and benchtop find a tile that works with it.

Whether you are looking for kitchen tiles for use on the floor or splashback, know you will find them here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have a huge range of kitchen tiles in an array of shapes, sizes, styles, and materials to suit your needs. Best of all, they are all in stock and all available at the most affordable prices in Perth.

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