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How to Choose A Wall Tap or Wall Mixer

Wall taps and wall mixers are much easier to select than other tapware because they’re secondary to a spout or shower head. Hence, choosing a wall tap or mixer becomes a breeze when you match it with the corresponding basin spout, bath spout, or showerhead. If you don’t have existing tapware to match or you’re replacing all your bathroom tapware, you’ll want to consider the application, finish and style to determine which best suits your needs and design style.

Wall Tap & Mixer Application

The first step is determining whether you need a standard wall tap, wall mixer, wall mixer with diverter, or ¼ turn wall assembly. If you need a mixer to divert water from a bath spout to a shower head, you will need a wall mixer with a diverter. However, if the mixer is for a bath or a basin, you can choose either a wall mixer or a wall assembly.

Wall mixers have slowly become popular and are now preferred over wall tap sets due to their ease of use and simplistic style. With the move of a single lever, water temperature and pressure are adjusted, providing better water control than turn assemblies. However, if you replace an existing wall tap set, a wall mixer will require a plumbing upgrade to support it and vice versa.

Consider ease of use, installation, and design style when choosing between a wall mixer and wall tap set.

Wall Tap & Mixer Finish

Once you choose between a wall mixer, a wall mixer with a diverter, or a wall tap set, you can turn your attention to the design, starting with the finish.

As mentioned, the best way to choose a wall tap or mixer is to match it with existing tapware. So, choose a matte black wall mixer to match if your basin spout, bath spout or showerhead is matte black. Our range features wall mixers and wall taps in the hottest finishes, including chrome, brushed gold, brushed nickel and gun metal grey, to ensure you can complete your bathroom design with the tapware finish of your preference.

There is no right or wrong tapware finish; it comes down to what looks best with your bathroom colour scheme. However, remember that some finishes will offer better longevity than others.

Wall Tap & Mixer Styles

Like all tapware, wall mixers and taps are available in various styles and ranges. Square and round tapware are two leading style choices. However, new luxury tapware ranges like the Sky, Bianca, and Opal ranges are more popular with Modern and Contemporary bathroom designs.

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