How to Choose Tiles in 2021

bathroom tiles with mecca tapware

The fact that we can leave 2020 behind is exciting in itself. But if you’re also planning to renovate or build a new home in 2021, then you have even more to look forward to.

Many, including myself, like to be hands-on in the design process – after all, it is your home! However, though you may think you know how you want a particular space to look, it all goes out the door once you see the magnitude of options available. You see, there are literally hundreds of designs to choose between for each type of product. And sometimes, even when you have an abundance of options, finding that one perfect design can be like finding a needle in a haystack. I had this exact issue when choosing tiles for my home renovation. Of all the types, sizes, colours and shapes available, I never found the one tile I saw in a photo online and had to rethink my design completely.

Choosing tiles is one of the most challenging decisions you will make when selecting products for a new home or home renovation. This is because tiles make a significant impression on the overall appearance of a space; albeit a bathroom, kitchen, or entire home. As a foundation element, tiles aren’t easy to change without a complete renovation, stripping everything. Thus, it’s important to choose wisely.

So, ‘how do I choose tiles in 2021?’, I hear you asking yourself.

The truth is, how you go about choosing tiles in 2021 will be much the same as in previous years. (Read Floor Tile Buying Guide and A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing Wall Tiles for starters). The general process is the same; get design ideas from magazines, TV shows and online, then look around to find the right products at the right price. This process will never change. However, in 2021, there will be two significant differences in the way we choose tiles to how we have in the past: the first is social distancing, and the second is changing trends.

Today, I will look at each of these factors and provide you with advice on how to choose tiles taking each into consideration.

Thank you, social distancing

While we have been very fortunate in Australia, and indeed here in WA, to have no second wave of COVID-19, the pandemic itself has changed who we are as people. Many are now more conscious of germs and have adopted many COVID changes into everyday life, such as practising social distancing.

There are still many people here in Perth and across Australia who only go out when absolutely necessary. When trying to design a new home/renovation, and especially when choosing tiles, this practice can make things more difficult. You want to be able to see and touch the products before making a major decision, such as your tile selection.

In this instance, shopping for tiles online is your best option. While you can’t see the tiles in person, you can still practice social distancing from the safety of your home. Our online store is one of your best bests for choosing tiles in 2021. We have hundreds of tiles online, categorised by type and colour for your convenience. And, we are more than happy to send you a sample before you commit to buying before seeing the tile in person.

By shopping for tiles online in 2021, you can shop from the safety of your home and enjoy contactless delivery.

Trend today, gone tomorrow

The thing about style and design is that it’s always changing. The hottest tiles of 2020 will be a thing of the past in 2021. Therefore, when choosing tiles in 2021, it helps to have your finger on the pulse in terms of trends. In doing so, you will know what’s going to be fashionable this season, and the advice of design experts can guide your decisions.

One sure way to choose one of the hottest tiles of the moment is to follow current trends. There are various ways to follow tile trends too. You can opt to choose tiles based on trending interior colours of 2021, or you can choose tiles based on trending tile designs. However, the latter option is the riskiest. Why? Because trending tile designs have a habit of aging and dating the quickest – but that is for you to weigh up the pros and cons.

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Follow trending interior colours of 2021

Your safest bet, if you want to follow trends, is to choose tiles based on trending interior colours. And, in 2021, the best source for this is Dulux’s 2021 Colour Forecast, which I often refer to.

2021 colour trends are muted shades of sage greens, blue/greens, olive, and ochre (clay). Think warm whites, dusty blues, brown-based neutrals, and rusty browns, and you’ll be on-trend with 2021 colour trends.

You can find plenty of tiles that fall under these colour trends on our online tile store (so you can social distance as well!)

For blue/green tiles, Daphne Turquoise is a good choice, as too are the Garden Green Feature Tile and the Garden Blue Feature Tile. If brown is more your mood, then consider Matang Goanna or Matang Chocolate, or Q-Stone Cappuccino. We have many more in our extensive range to explore.

Follow trending tiles of 2021

As mentioned, the other option is to choose tiles based on trending tile designs, and there are some stunning options at hand.

2021 tile trends include graphic patterns, hexagonal tiles, wood-look tiles, textured-finish tiles, matte-finish tiles, concrete-look tiles, and stone and stone-look tiles (including terrazzo-look tiles, which I ended up using in my renovation, see below).

Again, you don’t have to look far to follow these tile trends. You will find something to fit each of these from our extensive tile range.

For hexagonal tiles, you may like to consider our Osaka Décor tile, which also encompasses the wood-look tile trend. This attractive tile is a great feature tile choice for kitchens, laundries and nature-inspired bathrooms. Or, for something more minimalistic, consider one of the hexagonal mosaics in the Tuscany range. There’s Tuscany Cararra, Tuscany Athens Grey, and Tuscany Nero; all have proven to be hot options in 2020, and look to be just as popular in 2021.

For wood-look tiles, there is no shortage of selection. Whether you want a wood-look feature tile or floor tile, you’re sure to find the perfect choice in our extensive range. In addition to our Osaka Décor feature tile, the Aged Wood range has proven popular. There’s Aged Wood Natural, Aged Wood White, and Aged Wood Blue. For a wood-look floor tile, consider or range of Oak Timber Look tiles.

We have a wide range of stone-look tiles also. There are the gorgeous terrazzo-look tiles that I chose, along with the Shell range and Matang range, which are ideal for floors.

Now, before I wrap things up, remember how I said I couldn’t find that one specific tile I found online in a photo? Well, this is the photo:

Copyright: Studio Black Interiors
Copyright: Studio Black Interiors

This tile is bang-on with current colour trends, and I still love this tile. Had I been able to find it, I may very well have used it – or I may not have. I found many tiles that came close, but the fear of my tile quickly becoming outdated struck me, which is why I ended up going for something – still on-trend but a lot safer.

The risk of following a trend is that trends come and go – they are not permanent. Only six months have passed since I first came across this tile. But fast-forward two years, and this green tile may become that dreaded baby poo brown tile of the ’70s that we’ve all seen way too much of.

My point is that trends are great, and you will love a trending tile for a while, but there will likely come a time when the trend passes, and you’ll be left with a dated design. In my opinion, the key is to find the middle ground, something that isn’t so out there that you regret your decision in years to come, but something modern enough to carry the design style you want to convey.

And in case you’re curious, here is my finished bathroom:

bathroom tiles with mecca tapware

bathroom tiles

I waved some caution and when with a trending terrazzo-look tile (which you can find here) – this was my middle ground. I paired it with simple, timeless matte subway tiles as my feature tile and matte wall tile for the other walls – you can’t go wrong with white wall tiles.

I also used the same terrazzo-look tile throughout my home as the floor tile but in a light grey colour. And in case you’re wondering, you can purchase the tapware, shower panel, toilet, basin, and bath that I chose from our online store (of course!). Perks of working here, I guess! You, too, can create a bathroom, just like mine, sourcing all your products from one supplier. It certainly makes life a whole lot easier.

If you would like any further help choosing tiles for your new home or home renovation, pick up the phone and give us a call on (08) 9378 2233. Alternatively, if you’re not fussed about social distancing, get out and about and head into our showroom at 57 James Stree Guildford. We have a team of experienced salespeople who can assist with any tile enquiries.


With 2020 being one of the worst years of our generation, it makes sense to look forward to a new home or renovation in 2021. One of the toughest decisions to make is tile choice. While the process of choosing tiles won’t change too much in 2021, there are two differences to consider. These differences are the introduction and adoption of social distancing and the changing design trends.

Social distancing means many of us are still choosing to stay home as much as possible, which can make choosing tiles difficult. Thankfully, though, there are fantastic online tile stores, such as Ross’s Discount Home Centre, that you can shop from in the safety of your home.  We can even send you a sample to help make the decision-making process easier from afar.

Then, there are the changing design trends; you should take into account both interior colour trends and tile trends. You can follow a colour trend, a tile trend, or both. In 2021, you can expect to see muted shades of olives, blues/greens, browns, rust, and blues. You can also expect to see a lot of hexagonal tiles, stone-look tiles, matte-finish tiles, concrete-look tiles, etc.

If these predictions are anything to go by, some amazing-looking homes are going to come out of 2021, and we’re excited to help make your design dreams come to fruition.

Whether you’re social distancing or not, you will find the perfect tile for your kitchen, bathroom, or flooring, right here on our online tile store or by visiting our showroom in Guildford.

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