The Best Subway Tile Patterns for a Kitchen

subway kitchen tiles

Most kitchens are designed with a particular look and style, whether traditional or modern. However, most kitchens look outdated after a few years, no matter how well they’ve been designed. Thankfully, you can give your kitchen a fresh and trendy look simply by replacing your tiles.

While several tiles are suitable for kitchens, subway tiles are one tile that never goes out of trend. Subway tiles are cost-effective and incredibly attractive, and they are being used in modern kitchens and bathrooms worldwide.

If you are planning an upcoming kitchen renovation, then you should consider replacing your old tiles with modern subway tiles. They can be laid in a variety of patterns, which is what we take a look at today. So, continue reading this post to discover some of the best subway tile patterns for a kitchen. I’ll even throw in a few recommendations for awesome subway tiles in Perth, so do read through until the end!

Herringbone pattern

The herringbone pattern is one of the most popular subway tile patterns for a kitchen. This pattern can be created by laying tiles in a 2:1 ratio. It creates an interesting visual pattern with a wavy flow.

To create the herringbone style, you can lay subway tiles vertically or diagonally. While laying out this pattern is slightly more complicated than other styles, the visual impact it offers is unmatched.

Stacked pattern

The grid or stacked pattern is one of the most common subway tiles patterns used in kitchens worldwide. This pattern can easily be replicated by laying tiles over one another to create a sleek and modern look.

While this design pattern is simple and clean, it makes any space look fresher and more modern. This tile pattern also works great when paired with brass elements or a splash of colour.

Offset pattern

The offset pattern is probably the most common subway tile pattern. It is also the safest bet if you are worried about messing up the look of your kitchen.

This pattern is very easy to create – all you have to do is to lay tiles one over another with an offset at the joint. This offers a simple and sophisticated look that offers a classic visual appeal. You can also go for a variant offset 1/3 look to create the illusion of stair steps.

Crosshatch pattern

The crosshatch pattern is one of my personal favourites for subway tiles. This tile pattern resembles a basket weave and offers a chequerboard look from afar.

The crosshatch pattern is a geometric pattern suitable for use in modern kitchens. To recreate this tile pattern, simply lay a pair of subway tiles vertically next to a pair of tiles laid horizontally. You can also choose to create accents to highlight your space.

High-quality subway tiles in Perth

Now that you have a fair idea of which tile patterns to choose from, you can go ahead and choose subway tiles for your kitchen if you haven’t already. For this, you need not look far – you’ll find an excellent selection of subway tiles in Perth at our store.

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Subway tiles are an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms. When laying subway tiles in your kitchen, you have several patterns to choose from. Some of the best subway tile patterns for kitchens include the herringbone pattern, grid or stacked, offset and crosshatch. Choose any of these patterns to give your kitchen a modern look.

And, for the best subway tiles in Perth, look no further than us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. To look at our subway tiles in Perth, visit us in Guildford or check out our online store today!

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