4 Reasons Why Subway Tiles Are the Ultimate Kitchen Splashbacks Choice

Subway Tiles in Kitchen

Kitchen splashbacks play a very important role in every kitchen. Not only do they serve a very functional purpose, but the choice of splashback tiles also defines the overall look of a kitchen. If you want to renovate your kitchen, choose your splashback tiles with some care.

Of many kitchen splashback tiles, subway tiles are an extremely popular choice with homeowners worldwide. Subway tiles date back to 1904, when they were first used in New York’s subterranean subway, and their popularity seems limitless. Even here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, they continue to be our bestselling tile year after year, and this is due to many reasons, which I will outline for you today.

So, continue reading today’s post as I list four reasons you should choose subway tiles for your kitchen splashback.

1. They are stylish, and they complement most types of decor

Subway tiles are designed to look simple yet elegant and stylish. This is what makes them compatible with most architectural styles and décor. Choosing them for your kitchen splashback will allow you to create a simple, clean look that suits various tastes. You can add accents and highlights around subway tiles to create an interesting look. Subway tiles are a timeless choice; you can trust that they will remain fashionable throughout the ages.

2. They are affordable and easy to maintain

Compared to feature tiles made of porcelain or ceramic – and even mosaic tiles, subway tiles are much more affordable. By choosing subway tiles for your kitchen splashback, you will create a stylish space and be able to do it without going over your budget. For example, our best-selling subway tile is just $15.00 per square meter.

In addition to their affordability, subway tiles are also very easy to clean and maintain. They are designed to resist food stains, grease and water stains and can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The low maintenance costs of subway tiles make it an excellent choice for use in kitchen splashbacks.

3. They are available in a variety of designs

Traditionally, subway tiles were available mostly in white or neutral tones. However, subway tiles are available in an array of versatile colours and textures these days. While white remains the number one colour choice for splashback tiles with our customers here in Perth, you’re free to choose any colour that you like. Just make sure that the colour you choose will complement the colour of your cabinets, benchtop and walls. You can also choose between glossy, matte and several other textures with subway tiles.

4. They are highly resistant to heat and moisture

Kitchen splashbacks are exposed to high levels of heat and moisture. Therefore, your splashback tiles should be durable and resilient to high moisture and heat levels. Subway tiles have been specially designed to withstand high levels of heat and moisture for decades. They are also resistant to bacterial, viral and mould growth, and they’re also extremely hygienic as well. All these attributes make them the ideal choice for use in kitchen splashbacks.

Where to get high-quality subway tiles in Perth?

When it comes to finding the best quality subway tiles in Perth at the most affordable prices, you needn’t look any further than us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We offer an extensive selection of subway tiles in a range of sizes and finish options for you to choose from. While our subway tiles are incredibly affordable, we also offer delivery all across the Perth Metro. With us around, you simply need not look for subway tiles elsewhere in Perth. Take a look at the range her have to offer at Ross’s here.

If you need help choosing a splashback tile, our current kitchen Splashback Trends article should help.


Subway tiles are the perfect choice for use in kitchen splashbacks. This is because they are stylish and they complement most architectural styles and décor, they are affordable and easy to maintain, they are available in a variety of designs, and they are highly resistant to heat and moisture.

And, for the biggest collection of subway tiles in Perth at the most competitive prices, choose us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Our subway tiles are always in stock and ready to be dispatched.

To purchase our subway tiles in Perth, visit our showroom or shop from our online store today!

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