The Black Window Frame Trend Isn’t Going Anywhere


If you’re into home design trends, then you would have noticed the rise in popularity of black window frames. These days, people are moving away from lighter-coloured window frames and are opting for bold, darker colours.

If you’re looking to design an ultra-modern home, choosing black window frames will certainly set you on the right path to achieve this. But if you’re worried that black window frames are just a passing trend, let me tell you that they are not.

With aluminium windows becoming increasingly popular, people are experimenting with different colours to see what works and what doesn’t in a window frame. Aluminium window frames can easily be powder-coated in various colours. Because black is a neutral colour that complements almost everything, it will be here to stay.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at why you should choose black window frames. But first, let’s look at the benefits of choosing aluminium windows, such as those we offer at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

Benefits of aluminium windows

There are several benefits of choosing aluminium windows over standard windows.

First of all, aluminium windows offer great thermal performance, which can help to reduce energy costs.

Aluminium windows are extremely durable and require little-to-no maintenance – they won’t warp, corrode or lose their strength over time. And their manufacturing process is also much more environmentally friendly. Moreover, because aluminium is a lightweight material, aluminium windows offer great design flexibility. They can also be manufactured to exact specifications and requirements and offer endless design options.

Aluminium windows are available in powder-coated finishes to match every type of home décor. Powder coating is incredibly durable and does not require any maintenance or repainting.

And finally, aluminium window frames are significantly cheaper than other framing materials.

Why choose black for window frames?

I’ve already mentioned that black window frames look ultra-stylish and will help transform your home into a modern-looking one. However, there are other reasons to choose black window frames as well.

Black window frames provide a clean and sleek look, and they require far less maintenance than lighter window frames.

While black windows are perfect for creating a modern aesthetic, they complement traditional home styles. They can be included in interiors to add some drama and style to space, and they can be used to create various contemporary styles ranging from industrial to minimalistic. Not only will they blend in with home décor, but they will also add a touch of character to your home.

How to choose the right frame colour for your home

Black Window Frame
BlackFrame from Ross’s Discount Home Centre

When it comes to choosing the right window frame colour for your home, you need to understand how colours work.

Dark and subdued colours such as black and charcoal and black will make the window frameless and noticeable. This can help you create a smooth, uninterrupted and sleek look. On the other hand, light colours such as white and stainless steel will highlight the window frame and make it stand out. Additionally, glossy finishes will make a window frame appear darker and more distinct, while matte finishes will make the frame appear lighter and subtler.

Keeping these considerations in mind, choose the right colour for your window frames.


Black window frames have exploded in popularity recently, with the rise in the adoption of aluminium windows. Aluminium window frames are more durable, easier to maintain and offer more design flexibility than standard window frames. They are also more affordable. Aluminium window frames can be easily powder coated in black to create a sleek look, which looks very classy.

If you’re convinced and you’d like to include black window frames in your upcoming home renovation, you’ll find everything that you need right here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We offer a range of quality aluminium window frames in black and charcoal to create the ultra-modern look you desire. What’s more, is that our aluminium window frames are incredibly affordable. In addition to offering a wide range of stock sizes, we also offer custom doors and windows made to any size. Simply email us for a custom quote.

Visit our showroom in Guildford or view our range of windows to view our sizing options today!


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