Why aluminium windows are the smarter option!

aluminium windows

If you are planning your dream home, one important decision you have to make relates to your choice of windows. Your windows, or frames to be precise, can be made out of various materials including aluminium, timber, fibreglass and vinyl (uPVC) among many others. While every type of material has some advantage, aluminium windows are by far the smartest choice.

I’m not saying this simply because we are one of the biggest suppliers of aluminium windows in Perth. Rather, aluminium windows offer a range of benefits that are largely unmatched by other types of windows. As such, I would like to take this opportunity to list out some of the reasons why aluminium windows are a smarter option than other types of materials. I hope that after reading this article, you will agree with me and come see me for the best aluminium windows in Perth.

1. High strength

Aluminium windows, such as those here at Ross’s, display higher strength than other windows and are less prone to warping. Aluminium is also weather-resistant and highly durable. Therefore, because our windows feature aluminium frames, they are far more stable than those made from other materials. Moreover, our windows are glazed externally with high-tack pressure tape. This makes them extremely secure. Finally, because of the added strength and durability offered by aluminium windows, you can have for larger windows, which would otherwise not be possible with uPVC or timber windows.

2. Easy maintenance

Many of our customers purchase aluminium windows from us because of the ease of maintenance. Unlike timber or other types of materials, aluminium is virtually maintenance-free. You do not need to paint the frame, nor do you need to worry about warping and rotting. As mentioned, aluminium frames are very strong, so they can bear the load of lintels without any reinforcements.

3. Aesthetically pleasing

Aluminium windows in Perth are available in a range of designs, colours and finish options. They can be powder-coated into thousands of colours. This is not possible with uPVC or timber windows, where you will only have a few choices. At Ross’s, our windows are available in 7 colour options, including silver lustre, pearl white, charcoal lustre, anotec dark grey matt, white lustre, white birch and storm front. While our windows will certainly make your home look elegant, they also offer the added advantage of wide openings, which allows you to maximise ventilation.

4. High energy efficiency

Personally, I believe the high-energy efficiency is what makes aluminium windows in Perth just so popular. Our windows feature external frame moulding and dual seal designs, which minimise air leakage. This allows you to get the maximum efficiency out of your heating and cooling appliances. On those 40-degree summer days, you will be thankful you chose aluminium windows!

5. Affordability

Probably the biggest reason why aluminium windows are a smart option is that they are a much more cost-effective solution than timber or uPVC windows. Aluminium is less expensive than these materials, and window frames made out of aluminium are also easier and cheaper to manufacture. Our windows start at just $160, including GST, certainly very affordable indeed.


If you’re considering which type of windows to install in your new home, you should consider aluminium windows. Unlike other windows, aluminium windows exhibit higher strength and durability; they are easier to maintain, are aesthetically pleasing to look at, are extremely energy efficient, and are much more affordable. Moreover, aluminium windows are the most sought-after in Perth today. With so many reasons to choose from, you simply cannot ignore aluminium window frames.

For the best quality aluminium windows in Perth, head to our store at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We feature an extensive collection of windows, which present the perfect balance of affordability, aesthetics and performance. Furthermore, our windows are highly secure and available in various colours for you to choose from. As well as our regular offerings, Ross’s Discount Home Centre provides custom doors and windows made to any size for the perfect fit in your home. Simply contact us for a quote on a custom door.

To save time looking for aluminium windows in Perth, simply head over to our showroom in Guildford or shop online. If you have any questions regarding our products or the buying process, please feel free to contact us.

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