Trending Black-Framed Windows: Yea or nay?


If there’s one way to modernise a home, it’s by updating the windows. There is no doubt that windows play a major part in the overall design of a house. While it is easy to renovate interiors, replace flooring or change the paint colour, making exterior changes is a bigger job. And, no job is quite as big as replacing windows.

The results of Houzz’s ‘Overview of Home Renovation in 2015‘ Report give an indication of just how big a job it really is. When looking at the frequency of top exterior building feature upgrades, the results found ‘windows/skylights’ accounted for just 20%. This comes in behind exterior paint (28%), gutters/drain pipes (22%) and deck (22%).

As you can see, updating windows isn’t one of the most popular choices, but believe me, they certainly make a huge difference. And in terms of differences, none will make as big of a difference as black-framed windows, which just happens to be the latest window trend.

Continue reading this post as I list the pros and cons of installing black aluminium windows in your Perth home.

Pros of black framed windows

The biggest reason for the rise in popularity of black framed windows is that black looks classy and elegant. Indeed, if used properly with contrasting colours, black framed windows will add a modern touch to even the most dated homes. And they suit both modern and traditional houses.

Black is a classic and timeless colour, and it does well to complement a range of other colours. Most interior décor will match perfectly with this window choice. Black windows also blend in with the surroundings, akin to a shadow line. They do not look overwhelming, yet they make an instant visual impact.

Black framed windows also make a home appear more lavish and will certainly increase the perceived value of your home. This is, of course, assuming that you invest in black aluminium windows – and don’t cheat by painting your timber window frames black. Aluminium frames offer a unique texture that instantly adds sophistication and class to a home.

Cons of black framed windows

While black framed windows certainly offer many benefits, I’ll admit they have certain drawbacks. For starters, if you’re looking to highlight your windows and make them the focal point, you should avoid black. Black will blend in with the surroundings and virtually disappear.

Also, black window frames will look out of place in light and airy rooms where white is predominantly used. It is also very important to consider that black windows gel with the interiors and the exteriors. It is quite often the case that a black window will only tie in with the inside and not the outside, so you need to be careful.

And finally, black window frames will absorb more heat than any other colour. So if you don’t like the heat, black window frames are probably not for you.

Top quality black aluminium windows in Perth

If you’re keen to follow this rapidly growing trend, consider us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre for your new black framed windows. Our aluminium windows offer unmatched performance, aesthetics and affordability. And they are designed to maximise ventilation and include advanced security features as well. We even have black framed doors to complete the look!

If you’d like to pull off the black trend, consider our Charcoal Lustre colour option. This gorgeous window colour will certainly add immense grace and elegance to your home.


When it comes to the latest building design trends, black-framed windows are quite hot these days. They look classy and elegant and complement both modern and traditional houses. Black blends in with the surroundings. Their mere addition to your home will make an instant visual impact.

On the flip side, if you want your window frames to be a focal point, black shouldn’t be your colour choice as they blend amid the surroundings. Black frames can also look out of place in predominantly white areas. And, because black absorbs a lot of heat, it may not be suitable for homes with heat issues.

If you choose to install black-framed windows, you’ve come to the right place! Ross’s Discount Home Centre stocks the best quality black aluminium windows in Perth. So, visit our online store to order your black aluminium windows today!


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