4 Reasons to Include Bathroom Accessories in Your Bathroom Renovation

bathroom accessories

Bathroom renovations are surprisingly popular with not only Perth homeowners, but with homeowners across Australia. In fact according to Houzz’s Overview of Home Renovation in 2015 report, 23% of homeowners surveyed included a bathroom renovation as part of their home renovation. Not surprisingly, they cited upgrading the features and fixtures as the most common reason for their bathroom renovation. However, the second most common reason was to make the space more functional. And, this is precisely what bathroom accessories help to do.

If you’re undergoing a bathroom renovation to improve functionality and practicality, you can achieve this by adding some simply bathroom accessories. To find out how, continue reading this post as I share with you 4 very valid reasons to include bathroom accessories in your bathroom renovation. Hopefully, after reading through, you’ll consider getting your bathroom accessories in Perth right here, at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

1. They add great functionality

Like I mentioned, bathroom accessories can add great functionality to a bathroom. Even the simplest of accessories can go a long way in making your bathroom a more user-friendly space. For example, without towel rails your towels will lay on the floor and without toilet roll holders your roll would be left on the cistern, or worse, on the floor. In fact, without accessories, even the best designed bathroom will lack the most basic of functionality.

Unfortunately, many people simply think of bathroom accessories as accents. You must not think this way. Usable and practical bathroom accessories can make the difference between a pleasurable or nightmarish bathroom.

2. They make your bathroom visually appealing

Of course, bathroom accessories can also make your space visually appealing. Accessories add a finishing touch to a bathroom whilst making it more serviceable. This is more so important in smaller bathrooms, where things can easily become cluttered and overcrowded. Bathroom accessories allow you to keep your bathroom organised, which is a necessity for family homes.

Cabinetry and sanitary wares take up all the real estate in any bathroom space. By adding little accessories such as toilet roll holders, towel rails and soap dishes, you can dramatically improve the visual appearance of your bathroom.

3. They add a touch of luxury

Another reason why you may want to consider including bathroom accessories into your bathroom renovation is for a luxury touch. Indeed, many modern interior designers are leaning towards adding fancy accessories in bathrooms simply for the aesthetics. And, thanks to increasing demand, luxurious accessories are now more affordable than ever!

However, you don’t want to go crazy with fancy accessories. Sure, you can splurge a little and convert your bathroom into a private spa. But, if you’re on a budget, you can easily add a touch of luxury with simple bathroom accessories.

Remember – simple accessories are affordable and they can always be removed if the need be. Just keep things simple to start off with and you can get luxurious items in the long run.

4. They help with Feng Shui

Finally, the last reason to consider installing bathroom accessories in your renovation is to improve your Feng Shui. Accessories such as bathroom mirrors, ceramic sanitary ware and scented candles are said to redirect negative energy. Many Feng Shui practitioners even consider adding soft music to their bathroom spaces.

You may or may not believe in Feng Shui, but there’s certainly no denying that bathroom accessories are quite useful. Whether it’s a mirror, scented candles or ceramics, they all play a practical role in making your bathroom functional. Moreover, they will also make your bathroom look far more attractive.


Adding bathroom accessories to your space is definitely a great idea. Whether simple or fancy, any bathroom accessory will add some use to your bathroom. Bathroom accessories will add functionality, will make your bathroom visually appealing, will add a touch of luxury and also help with Feng Shui. And, given that bathroom accessories in Perth are quite affordable, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t go with them.

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