6 Absolute Must-Have Home Appliances

If there’s one thing that we just can’t do away with, it’s our love of home appliances. Home appliances make mundane household tasks such as cooking, cleaning, heating and cooling much easier. In fact, I depend on appliances so much so, that I couldn’t imagine living in a world without them. And, I bet you couldn’t either.

Studies show that we are purchasing more and more home appliance year after year. According to IBISWorld, Domestic Appliance Retailing in Australia has grown 2.4% annually through 2012-2014, reaching $14bn revenue. And while this is a high revenue industry sector, it doesn’t really come as a surprise, especially considering that home appliances are now seen as essential items for the majority of us.

If you’re addicted to your home appliances like me, then you probably have every appliance under the sun. However, if you’re not, there are some absolute must-have appliances that you shouldn’t do without. Today, I’ll look at these.

And for those that already have every appliance, I’ll throw in an upgrade suggestion for each. So, continue reading this post to discover which appliances you must have at home. Hopefully, when you’re done reading, you’ll consider getting these home appliances from us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

1. Gourmet Oven

60cm All Gas Freestanding Oven

60cm All Gas Freestanding Oven

In my experience, most people think gourmet ovens are outside of their budget. However, this is quite far from the truth. Today, many special ovens are manufactured which include a few gourmet features. Often, it becomes worth it paying a little extra for these features. In fact, if you’re even remotely fond of cooking, you should consider investing in a gourmet oven.

If you’re looking for a gourmet oven, I highly recommend you to consider getting a gas oven. Gas ovens are the preferred choice of gourmet chefs because they control temperature precisely. They also don’t dry food while it is being baked or roasted. Alternatively, you can consider a fan-forced oven if you need your food to be heated evenly. You can also choose a steam oven if you want your cooked food to retain maximum nutrients. Which type of oven you choose will depend on your personal taste and cooking preferences.

And, for a great gourmet oven, you can consider our 60cm All Gas Freestanding Oven. This 4-burner fan assisted oven works on gas and LPG and includes plenty of functionality. It features an elegant European design and will do well to complement both modern and traditional kitchens.

2. Fridge

584lt Side By Side Refrigerator

580 Lt Side by Side Refrigerator

Unless you live from hotel to hotel, owning a fridge is an absolute must. They keep your staples fresh and preserve cooked food, which is why they are one of the most popular home appliances on the market today.

Every household has a fridge. However, if you’re moving out of a share house to your own home or your fridge is on the blinker, you’ll need to purchase a new one – there’s no escaping it.

These days, fridges are available in top freezer models, bottom freezer models, side-by-side models, compact refrigerators, French door refrigerators and many others. Each type of fridge has its own advantages and disadvantages, so when it comes time to purchase a new fridge, make sure to do some research to find the match for your family.

If you’d like to take out the headache of choosing a new fridge, you can simply consider our 584L Side by Side Refrigerator. This top selling fridge is available in an elegant stainless-steel finish and boasts of increased storage space. Moreover, the unique design of this fridge means that you won’t have any placement problems even if you have limited space.

3. Rangehood

60cm Fixed Rangehood Stainless Steel

60cm Fixed Rangehood Stainless Steel

I’m surprised with the number of people who think that they can do without a rangehood. In fact, rangehoods are a very useful and important home appliance. They are responsible for filtering out smoke, grease, steam and other odours whilst cooking. And, they keep your splashback and walls spic and span.

While rangehoods are usually installed on top of cooktops, they can also be custom installed in to your kitchen cabinetry. In terms of aesthetics, they offer a sleek and low profile appearance to create streamline integration into your kitchen design.

If you’re looking for a quality rangehood at an affordable price, our 60cm Fixed Rangehood Stainless Steel is my top pick. This 40W rangehood includes a 3-speed motor and 200m³/hr extraction capacity. It is easy to operate and includes both top and rear venting options.

4. Cooktop

60cm Gas Cooktop

60cm Gas Cooktop

No home can do without a cooktop. Cooktops are probably the most essential of all home appliances and like a fridge, are essential in any household.

However, with the variety of cooktops available in the market today, you may want to upgrade to a newer model. A newer cooktop means better functionality and probably more burners for you. If you entertain often or you have a large family, you may consider an upgrade.

Cooktops are generally classified into three types – gas cooktops, electric cooktops and induction cooktops. As the newest to the market, induction cooktops are the most efficient. But they are also the most expensive. On the other hand, Gas and electric cooktops are cheaper, which is why they remain the more popular choice for most homeowners. This aside, I recommend induction cooktops because they are definitely worth it in the longer run.

If you’d like to upgrade to a new gas cooktop, then consider our 60cm Gas Cooktop. This stainless-steel cooktop includes 3 gas burners, a wok burner and a flame failure safety device. Moreover, this cooktop is equipped with one touch electric ignition and works both with LPG and natural gas.

5. Microwave

25L Microwave Oven

25L Microwave Oven

Microwaves are certainly a very useful and versatile home appliance. Whether you want to defrost meat, heat up leftovers or cook food, a microwave can do it all. They cook food almost six times faster than standard ovens and are much safer to use. What’s more, microwaves are incredibly energy efficient. Its features such as these that make the microwave one of the most commonly found home appliances not only in Perth, but around the world.

If you’re looking for a new microwave oven, or you want to upgrade, there are many inexpensive models available on the market today, and many styles to choose from. Just look at our 25L Microwave Oven. This digital microwave oven includes 5 power levels and offers all the functionality that you need. It also sports a brilliant design and comes in stainless-steel interiors and exteriors.

6. Washer / Dryer

8.5Kg Front Load Washer/5.0Kg Dryer Combination

8.5Kg Front Load Washer/5.0Kg Dryer Combination

Lastly, for anyone who is time poor and likes efficiency, then a washer /dryer is a must-have home appliance. You will save a lot of time and effort with the convenience of being able to washing your own laundry. Again, washers and dryers are fairly common home appliances that can be found in most households. However, most people choose separate units for washing and drying. By choosing a combination washer / dryer, you will save on space, benefit from added functionality and lower your bills.

When choosing a washer / dryer unit, make sure to look for energy efficiency first. After that, you can look for all the features and functionality that you need. Most modern appliances will have a plethora of functions that’ll allow you to do your laundry quicker. Moreover, with a quality appliance, you will save your energy and water costs as well.

Also, if you’re looking for a washer / dryer unit, consider our 8.5kg Front Load Washer / 5.0kg Dryer Combination. This combination appliance has an energy rating of 4 stars and a water rating of 4.5 stars. It is a highly practical unit with lots of features and functionality. This appliance sports an elegant chrome finish on the door and stainless-steel interiors.


Home appliances are extremely useful devices that can allow you to complete your household chores more efficiently. While there are many types of home appliances, there are some absolute must-have’s which you must own. These include a gourmet oven, a fridge, a range hood, a cooktop, a microwave oven and a washer / dryer unit. By owning these appliances, you’ll certainly make your life at home much easier.

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