The pros and cons of freestanding ovens

The pros and cons of freestanding ovens

For many homeowners including myself, the dream kitchen consists of many things. For me, it was always to have an island bench, a luxurious French door fridge, a practical canopy rangehood and a grand freestanding oven. However, often the price of freestanding ovens in Perth crushes this dreams and forces homeowners to choose standard wall ovens. This in turn, can have a huge impact on the overall design of a kitchen.

But what if you were able to buy cheap free standing ovens in Perth? According to, a freestanding oven can set you back anywhere between $1,500 and $10,000, depending on features and quality. However, here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, you need not pay that much. Our quality range of freestanding ovens are the most affordable in Perth, starting at a low $649 and $7,259 for the top of the range.

Knowing you can afford to buy quality freestanding oven in Perth, you can now look beyond the price to see if they are indeed going to be an asset to your dream kitchen.

Continue reading this article as I list out the pros and cons of freestanding ovens. How do I know so much about freestanding ovens you ask? It’s because I’ve been the head of purchasing at Ross’s for many years now. Therefore, I will use my experience and expertise in this matter to help you with your decision.

Freestanding ovens

Freestanding ovens are a great alternative to standard built-in wall ovens. They usually consist of a cooktop and an oven combined into a single unit, which can be placed directly on the floor of a kitchen.

Freestanding ovens in Perth feature many different combinations including electric and gas ovens with induction, ceramic or gas hobs. Whether you’re renovating or designing your kitchen space, you might want to consider going for a freestanding oven instead of a standard wall oven and cooktop.

At Ross’s, we have one of the largest ranges of high quality freestanding ovens in Perth for you to choose from. However, I know you want to know more about them first. So let’s take a look at their pros and cons.

Pros of freestanding ovens

I love the freestanding oven that we chose for our kitchen because it offers many benefits over standard wall ovens. Most obviously, they are very easy to install as they are not fixed or integrated with any other kitchen elements. All you need to do is to shop around Perth for your freestanding oven and then hire an electrician to wire it.

Moreover, given that freestanding ovens need not be kept in one fixed location, they can easily be moved around. This means that you can go about designing other aspects of your kitchen without thinking about installing a freestanding oven.

Finally, freestanding ovens are very versatile and you can get one featuring a combination of your choice. Freestanding ovens, such as those here at Ross’s, include features such as timers, grilles, automatic ignition, flame supervision devices and more.

Cons of freestanding ovens

While freestanding ovens are great in many aspects, I do admit that there are a few cons to them. These ovens are a standalone unit so if you’re looking for a seamless appearance to your kitchen design, you are best to choose a standard wall oven. In addition, freestanding ovens may be more of a focal point however; they can also take more effort to clean.

Furthermore, if you have any mobility issues, freestanding ovens can be of concern because it means you will have to bend over to place food in and out of the oven, whereas with a wall oven, you can have it installed at your required height.

Freestanding ovens in Perth are considered more of a vintage item, found in kitchens that are more traditional. These ovens feature a dated appearance, which is not always compatible with modern kitchens. Standard wall ovens look much more stylish and often include more features than freestanding ovens. They can also offer better performance than freestanding units.

However, the freestanding ovens that are available at Ross’s in Guildford, Perth still include a lot of features and functionality. Plus, they are available in a variety of configurations for you to choose from.

If you’re set on making your dream kitchen come to fruition, I recommend you take a look at some of our products. Our 90cm Freestander + Induction Cooktop Anthracite, 90cm Dual Freestanding Oven and 50cm Electric Freestanding Oven are some of our bestsellers.

90cm Dual Freestanding Oven

90cm Dual Freestanding Oven

50cm Electric Freestanding Oven

50cm Electric Freestanding Oven


Freestanding ovens can be a great asset to your kitchen. They are versatile, available in a range of configurations and include many features. They can be installed with ease and need not be kept fixed in one position.

However, freestanding ovens can look more dated and do not offer the same seamless appearance that you’ll get from standard wall ovens. They can also be somewhat difficult to clean and will require a lot more bending while cooking.

If you’ve considered the pros and cons carefully and you’ve decided to fulfil your dream of having a freestanding oven, you’ll find the best value freestanding ovens in Perth right here at Ross’s. Our range of ovens are affordable, feature rich and will transform your kitchen into a functional space. Drop by our showroom in Guildford, Perth or look at our online store to make a purchase.

If you need more information about our freestanding ovens, please do get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to assist you in every way that we can.