A 4 Step Guide To Buying Freestanding Ovens in Perth

If you’re looking to replace your old kitchen stove, I recommend you to consider getting a freestanding oven. Freestanding ovens are also known as upright ovens, and they have largely replaced traditional stoves in kitchens throughout Perth.

If you haven’t heard of freestanding ovens, they are essentially a cooktop and an oven combined into a single unit. Freestanding ovens in Perth are available in multiple configurations, and they are incredibly cost-effective.

But how do you choose a freestanding oven that best suits your needs? Don’t worry – I’ll help you out. As the head of purchasing at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, I’ve helped many customers choose the right freestanding oven. As such, I thought that it would be a good idea to compile a guide to buying freestanding ovens in Perth.

Continue reading this article to discover four easy steps that will help you choose the right freestanding oven. After you read this article, you will be well informed to make the right decision.

1. Type of freestanding oven

Whenever customers approach me looking for quality freestanding ovens in Perth, I first ask them what type of oven they want. There are various types of freestanding ovens and you will need to decide what type you want before purchasing.

Freestanding ovens are available in three varieties, namely freestanding gas ovens, freestanding electric ovens and freestanding dual fuel ovens.

From the sales here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, gas freestanding ovens are by far the most popular with our Perth customers. These freestanding ovens make use of gas as a fuel for both the cooktop and the oven. Gas ovens are great for cooking food evenly, and they are a wonderful, eco-friendly alternative to using electricity as fuel.

Electric freestanding ovens are popular with customers who don’t have access to natural gas supply. These ovens create an even, dry heat and allow precise control over temperature. Electric freestanding ovens are also much easier to clean as compared to gas freestanding ovens.

Dual fuel freestanding ovens typically feature an electric oven with a gas cooktop. These ovens offer the benefits of both gas ovens as well as electric ovens. However, dual fuel freestanding ovens in Perth have only recently risen in popularity. They are also more expensive than both gas ovens and electric ovens.

2. Size, capacity and internal space

After deciding which type of freestanding oven you want, you need to decide on the size, capacity and internal space of the oven. Freestanding ovens in Perth are available in a range of sizes and capacities, so you will need to choose carefully.

When it comes to the size of an oven, you need to ensure that you have sufficient space in your kitchen. If you’re looking to replace an old stove, measure the cavity and available space before buying an oven.

Typically, freestanding ovens have a width ranging from 50cm-120cm.

A wider oven will have a larger oven capacity and will offer more cooking space on top. I also recommend you measure the hallways and doors leading to your kitchen. This will help you make sure that your new oven fits through and reaches your kitchen without any trouble.

You will find that most freestanding ovens in Perth usually have a capacity ranging from 60L up to 100L. The more the capacity of an oven and the larger the width, the more food you can cook at once. You can even opt for a double oven, which consists of a small oven alongside a larger oven. This configuration is particularly useful if you want to prepare desserts or side dishes alongside your main dish.

When considering the internal space of an oven, I recommend you measure your largest baking dish and buy accordingly. Most oven manufacturers measure internal space differently, so comparing across brands is never a good idea. Before deciding on an oven, take wall-to-wall measurements, top-to-bottom measurements and door-to-rear wall measurements. This is the best way to determine the internal space of an oven.

3. Number of burners

Another thing to consider before buying freestanding ovens in Perth is the number of burners or hobs on the unit. Generally, a 60cm freestanding oven includes four gas burners or electric hobs. This is ample for cooking basic everyday meals. However, for preparing larger meals, you will need a wider oven.

The best way to decide on how many burners you need is to think about the dishes you commonly make. If you cook a lot of stir-frys, fish or Teppanyaki, you may consider dual fuel ovens with special burners on top.

Also, before making a decision, check to see if the burners are spaced far enough from each other. This way, you’ll be able to accommodate the largest of your pots and pans while cooking.

Another thing to look for is that the Wok and simmer burners are on the front. This way, you won’t have to lean over them while cooking. Typically, a good oven will feature large burners in the front and medium-sized burners at the back.

4. Other features

You should consider a few other features before buying freestanding ovens in Perth.

Check to see if the control knobs are sturdy, easy to use and are clearly labelled. Most ovens feature controls at the front, so check to see if they are sufficiently high, away from children’s reach. I recommend you to go for controls with etched labels as they won’t rub or wear off over time. This is one of my personal appliances pet hates.

Some of the latest models also include self-cleaning surfaces or catalytic liners. These can be of great help, especially if you do a lot of cooking. These liners absorb fat splatters when heated for an hour at around 250°C. Once the fat is absorbed, you can simply use a damp cloth to wipe the surface after it cools down. I recommend you to choose an oven with this feature if you’re fussy about cleanliness and of course if your budget allows it.

The window of your freestanding oven should be large enough to offer a clear view of all the shelves inside. This will help you keep an eye on what you’re cooking within the oven. Also, check to see if an oven has safety stops on the shelves. This will prevent shelves from being pulled out accidentally, and they won’t tilt even when pulled out with loads.

Finally – and importantly, check to see if the oven you are considering has adjustable legs. Adjustable legs allow you to adjust the height of the oven to match your benchtop height. Moreover, you can also use adjustable legs to level out your oven.

Freestanding ovens at Ross’s Discount Home Centre

Now that you have a general idea of what to look for when buying freestanding ovens in Perth, you’re ready to make a purchase! Here, at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we have in stock a wide range of freestanding ovens in Perth. Ranging from small electric ovens up to large dual freestanding ovens, we have it all on offer.

Some of our most popular freestanding ovens include:

60cm Dual Freestanding Oven: This oven is by far the most popular choice with our customers looking for a gas oven. Manufactured by Euro Appliances, this freestanding dual oven includes four burners and includes flame failure safety devices.

50cm Electric Freestanding Oven: One of the smallest freestanding ovens in the market, this oven is the perfect choice for small families or individuals. If you have limited space in your kitchen, choose a multifunction oven that is packed with many features.

90cm Dual Freestanding Oven: This freestanding oven features a gas cooktop and an electric oven. As a multifunction oven, you’ll be able to perform heavy-duty cooking on this unit with ease. This oven is incredibly popular with customers looking for large-sized freestanding ovens in Perth.

90cm Electric Freestanding Oven: For the best electric freestanding oven, choose this freestanding oven with a ceramic cooktop. Safe, reliable and durable, this multifunction freestanding oven will allow you to perform all your cooking duties with ease. This oven is packed with world-class features, as to be expected from a product made by a quality manufacturer – Euro Appliances.


Before buying a freestanding oven in Perth, you must consider a few things. First of all, you will need to choose from a gas oven, an electric oven or a dual fuel oven. You will also need to decide on an oven size and capacity based on your kitchen’s cooking needs and available space. You must also consider the number of burners on an oven depending on the type of dishes that you prepare. Finally, you should look at other features such as the control knobs, self-cleaning surfaces, windows and adjustable legs. With these things in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect freestanding oven for your needs.

For the quality freestanding ovens in Perth at incredibly affordable prices, look no further than Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Simply drop by our showroom in Guildford, Perth, to take a look at the freestanding ovens we have in stock!

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