4 shopping hacks to find cheap fridges in Perth

cheap fridges in Perth

It goes without saying; a fridge is a major investment. However, with all the choices available in the market today, finding the right fridge can be difficult. Even more so if you’re looking for cheap fridges in Perth.

Simply buying the lowest priced model doesn’t always work out. You want to buy something that will last for many years: that requires little maintenance and is offered at an affordable price.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of shopping hacks to find cheap fridges in Perth. As the head of purchasing at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, I’ll list 4 such handy hacks. By following my tips, you’ll certainly find great fridges in Perth at budget prices.

1. Know which type of fridge you need

Before going out to buy a fridge, you should first assess your needs. Fridges are available in many different variants, which are targeted towards different people. By understanding what you need, you have a better chance of getting cheap fridges in Perth.

The main types of fridges on the market include top freezers, bottom freezers, side by side and French door refrigerators. Of these, top freezers and bottom-freezer models are cheaper and much more popular than the other types. If you’re really looking for something cheap, then top freezer refrigerators are what you should choose. While bottom freezer fridges are slightly more expensive than top freezers, they offer better savings in the long run. Choose wisely, as per your needs.

2. Choose functionality over frills

You’ll also find that many fridges on the market offer many features. Digital displays, smart technology, and other nifty features are increasingly being adopted by many manufacturers. These features often increase the cost of a fridge significantly, as so do extended warranties.

So, unless you find a feature that you absolutely need, you should look for models with little or no frills. Remember – added features do not necessarily mean better performance, as many research studies have shown. By choosing functionality over frills, you’ll have a much better chance of finding cheap fridges in Perth.

3. Compare prices

I also advise you to do some research and compare prices across different dealers before getting a fridge. Thanks to the rise of online shopping, most retailers publish prices on their website itself. So, a quick search on the internet should give you the best prices for cheap fridges in Perth.

However, you must keep in mind that there are special promotional deals and offers that retailers hand out from time to time. Keep an eye out for such specials and you’re likely to find a great bargain!

4. Timing your purchase

Many of our customers at Ross’s Discount Home Centre also time their purchases to get the best deal. This is a great idea, which you should follow as well to find cheap fridges in Perth.

Most fridge manufacturers launch new models every year, typically at the start of summer. So, if you plan your purchase around late spring, you’ll get the best model at the cheapest price. Moreover, after a new model has been launched, the prices of old models drop. If you aren’t fussy about getting the latest model, then you can get the previous year’s model at a high discount.

These tips that I’ve mentioned above will definitely help you find cheap refrigerators in Perth. However, for hassle-free shopping, you’ll do no better than to shop at Ross’s Discount Home Centre for cheap fridges in Perth. We’re one of Perth’s leading retailers of fridges and we have a huge warehouse full of stock.

Some of the cheap fridge models that are incredibly popular with our customers include:

  • 320lt Refrigerator (Stainless): This bottom-freezer model is ideal for smaller families. Affordable, practical and well-designed, you cannot go wrong by choosing to go with this refrigerator.
  • 420L Refrigerator White Finish: Elegantly designed, this top freezer fridge is incredibly popular with mid to large sized families. This fridge is surprisingly affordable as well.
  • 420L Refrigerator Steel Look Finish: A variant of the above, this fridge is a great choice if you don’t want to go with a white finish.

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To find cheap fridges in Perth, you need to follow few shopping hacks. First of all, know what type of fridge you need. Always choose a fridge based on functionality and not on frills or features. Make sure to compare prices and time your purchases. These tips will increase your chances of getting a great deal.

Or, to skip all the hassle, simply shop with us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have a range of high quality, yet cheap fridges in Perth. Simply browse through our online store, or drop us an email at [email protected]. We’ll be more than happy to help you get the best deal!

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