6 sensation ovens that will make your kitchen!

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If you’re renovating your kitchen or building a new home, no doubt you’re looking at ovens in Perth. Your choice of an oven can affect the entire design of your kitchen, especially if you choose a freestanding oven. While traditional ovens may offer more features than freestanding ovens, this trend is changing quickly. With modern freestanding ovens offering a lot in terms of features, you may as well go for a freestanding unit. Do note that despite freestanding ovens being made more stylish, traditional ovens offer a more seamless appearance.

Freestanding ovens can be placed anywhere in your kitchen as per your fancy. You can also design other aspects of your kitchen without bothering about your oven if you choose a freestanding unit. Freestanding ovens are typically available in 60cm and 90cm sizes. The size of your household and the space available in your kitchen must be considered when purchasing ovens in Perth.

Simply placing a freestanding oven in your kitchen does not work either. Your oven should not put stress on your back, so you should place it appropriately. Also, larger ovens can be difficult to fit into a kitchen. Many use two smaller ovens side by side to create a more refined effect.

By now, you should have a fair idea of how to go about your kitchen design and what type of oven to choose. Whether you have decided to go with a traditional oven or a freestanding oven, Ross’s Home Discount Centre has you covered. Below are 6 sensational ovens that will make your kitchen!

1. 60cm Multifunction Double Oven

If you’re looking for highly practical freestanding ovens in Perth, our 60cm Multifunction Double Oven is meant for you. Sleek, elegant and sensible, this multifunction oven will ease your cooking duties dramatically.

60cm Multifunction Double Oven
60cm Multifunction Double Oven

This freestanding unit features two ovens – a top oven with 4 modes and a main unit featuring 7 modes. With convection, grill, fan-forced, thermo-wave fan assisted and several other modes, you’ll have no trouble cooking whatever you need.

Our Multifunctional Double Oven is equipped with double-glazed removable doors with inner glass on each door. Thanks to a telescopic rail set, touch timer control and sturdy knobs, using this oven is a breeze. This all-in-one unit is difficult to beat, both in terms of style and practicality.

For such a highly functional oven, the Multifunction Double Oven will cost you just $1,884 if you purchase it from Ross’s.

2. 60cm Side Opening Multifunction Oven

For a freestanding oven that offers serious value for money, choose our 60cm Side Opening Multifunction Oven. Manufactured using top-grade stainless steel, you can install this oven either as an under-bench or as a wall unit.

60cm Side Opening Multifunction Oven
60cm Side Opening Multifunction Oven

Featuring 7 cooking modes which include convectional, grill, fan-forced and many others, this oven sure packs a punch. This unit features a triple-glazed, reversible, removable door and contains cavity cooling. Moreover, this oven includes robust knobs, timer control and a telescopic rail set, making it incredibly easy to use.

The 60cm Side Opening Multifunction Oven will cost you only $1,234 at our store. You cannot expect to find ovens in Perth which offer you better value for money than this unit.

3. 75cm Multifunction Electric Oven

Electric ovens are incredibly safe, efficient and easy to maintain. If you’re considering getting electric ovens in Perth, look at our 75cm Multifunction Electric Oven. This oven offers 7 multi-function cooking options and can be used as a wall unit or as an under-bench unit.

75cm Multifunction Electric Oven
75cm Multifunction Electric Oven

Featuring a triple-glazed door with inner glass and a quality stainless steel finish, this electric oven is incredibly fashionable. Moreover, this oven is equipped with easy knob selectors, a telescopic rail, a timer function and contained cavity cooling. All this is bundled into one smart oven and you really needn’t look for electric ovens elsewhere in Perth.

This high-quality electric oven is available at Ross’s for only $1,614.

4. 50cm Gas Freestanding Oven

When it comes to cooking food evenly, nothing beats gas ovens. If you think that freestanding gas ovens in Perth are expensive, think again! Our 50cm Gas Freestanding Oven at Ross’s is a highly functional unit that you should definitely consider.

ovenThis gas oven features 4 burners, a wok burner, a gas grill and a fan-assisted oven. While this unit is easy to clean and maintain, it also includes flame failure safety devices. High-quality knobs, a ring timer and cast iron trivets make this unit very easy to use. I’m sure you’ll love its stylish, European design as well.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a high-quality freestanding gas oven. Equip your kitchen with our highly functional 60cm Gas Freestanding Oven for just $2,004.

5. 90cm Electric Freestanding Oven

Are you looking for electric ovens in Perth? If you are, then you should definitely take a look at our 90cm Electric Freestanding Oven. This multifunctional cooktop offers 8 cooking modes and boasts a massive oven capacity of 109 litres. With this unit available at Ross’s, you don’t need to look for electric ovens elsewhere.

EV900EESX – 90cm Electric Freestanding Oven
90cm Electric Freestanding Oven

Available in a plush stainless steel finish, this electric oven also includes child safety locks and overheating safety devices. A fully programmable unit, by including this cooktop in your kitchen, cooking will never be a boring chore again!

Our 90cm Electric Freestanding Oven will cost you only $2,999 at Ross’s. If you’re looking for a cheaper and smaller electric oven option, consider our ‘60cm Electric Freestanding Oven‘, which is just $1,759.00 inc.GST.

6. 90cm Dual Freestanding Oven

If you’re in need of a large oven to cook meals, look no further than our 90cm Dual Freestanding Oven. Featuring a total capacity of 121 litres, this heavy-duty oven is large enough to cater to all your needs. This oven is very stylish as well, thanks to a fine stainless steel finish.

90cm Dual Freestanding Oven
90cm Dual Freestanding Oven

Equipped with 8 multifunction cooking modes, this freestanding oven is all you need in your kitchen. This oven includes 5 gas burners, a wok burner, cast iron trivets and a tangential cooling fan. The door of this unit features safety glass, so you needn’t worry about your kids getting hurt.

Don’t burn a hole in your pocket looking elsewhere for ovens in Perth. Our 90cm Dual Freestanding Oven can be all yours for just $2,089!


Traditional ovens and freestanding ovens both have their advantages and disadvantages. Traditional ovens offer a better visual appearance and, in most cases, functionality as compared to freestanding ovens. However, if you’re getting a traditional oven, it will be fixed to one location, so you need to think about it when designing your kitchen. With freestanding ovens, you can design the rest of your kitchen and get your oven installed later on.

Whatever type of oven you’ve decided on getting – freestanding or traditional, Ross’s has you covered. We’re a leading retailer of home appliances and feature an excellent selection of both traditional wall ovens and freestanding ovens. Our Multifunction Double Oven, 60cm Side Opening Multifunction Oven, 75cm Multifunction Electric Oven, 60cm Gas Freestanding Oven, 90cm Freestander Induction Cooktop and 90cm Dual Freestanding Oven are some bestsellers for you to consider.

To make a purchase, simply visit our showroom in Guildford or shop online. If you need to know more about our products or services, please call us at (08) 9378 2233. We’ll be really happy to hear from you.

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