5 kitchen appliances you need in your life!

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Time and again, every homeowner needs to upgrade or purchase new kitchen appliances in Perth. While some kitchen appliances, such as a refrigerator, have now become necessity items, others are still considered luxury appliances. Even today, with improved design and a wider selection, the essential items continue to improve. Modern appliances offer better functionality and higher energy efficiency to your kitchen duties and electricity bills.

Being Ross’s head of purchasing, I often help our customers purchase kitchen appliances. Over time, I’ve learnt just what appliances most homeowners are after.

Today we’ll look at 5 kitchen appliances you need in your life! Believe me, even if you choose to purchase just one of these appliances you’ll sure be glad you did. Make sure to read this article through to the end before you head to your local retailer for kitchen appliances.

1. Freestanding Oven

I absolutely love freestanding ovens! They are sleek, stylish and offer many more features than standard wall ovens. Most modern and savvy homeowners consider gourmet ovens when they’re purchasing kitchen appliances in Perth.

If you’re not sure what a gourmet oven is, it is essentially a freestanding oven. You’ve probably seen gourmet chefs use such ovens in their kitchen, hence the name.

Gourmet ovens are a more modern product and usually look better than wall ovens. Unless you are old and have problems with bending down, gourmet ovens are the way to go. If you’re considering purchasing a gourmet oven, look for an oven with gas, fan-forced and steam cooking options. Ovens with these features will offer you better control over the food you cook.

While many people consider gourmet ovens to be an upmarket product, the gourmet ovens available at Ross’s are incredibly affordable. Our feature-rich ovens deliver fantastic value for money and will ease your cooking duties. Take a look at our 80cm gas freestanding oven and our 90cm freestanding oven stainless steel. Both these ovens are bestsellers at our store and you will not go wrong in choosing either of them.

80cm All Gas Freestanding Oven
80cm All Gas Freestanding Oven

2. French door fridge

A French-door fridge is the dream of most homeowners, including myself. These refrigerators are grand, spacious and offer all the features you could possibly want from a fridge. French-door refrigerators include double doors, with the freezer located at the bottom of the fridge.

While any refrigerator will do an adequate job of cooling your food, French-door refrigerators are the most convenient to use. They offer huge storage space, sufficient enough for you to throw a large house party without worrying about the food. Also, you don’t need to bend down or stick your head into the fridge – everything is conveniently located at eye-level.

When you’re purchasing kitchen appliances in Perth and French-door fridges, make sure that they have ice makers and water dispensers. Also, check to see if the shelves are adjustable and if the freezer features a pull-out drawer system.

French-door fridges may be the most expensive of all types, but they’re still really affordable at Ross’s. If you’d like to purchase a high quality fridge, consider our 584lt Side By Side Refrigerator. This model is packed with stunning features which you are sure to love!

584lt Side By Side Refrigerator
584lt Side By Side Refrigerator

3. Microwave oven

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what microwave ovens are. These handy kitchen appliances in Perth can be used to heat, cook and bake food. Microwave ovens offer a whole new level of convenience – simply place your food, set it and it will be cooked. Modern microwave ovens contain plenty of features ranging from grilling, convection cooking, microwave heating and much more. If you don’t already have a microwave oven, you must get one today!

When you’re looking for a microwave oven, be sure to consider the wattage and the size of the unit. Choose models with an easy to use interface and variable settings. Also, check to see if the unit has an automatic turntable.

If you’re ready to purchase a microwave oven, I recommend you consider Ross’s. Our 32L Digital Microwave with Convection and our 28L Built-In Microwave Oven + Grill

32L Digital Microwave with Convection
32L Digital Microwave with Convection

4. Dishwasher

My wife has started loving me even more ever since I got a dishwasher installed in our kitchen. By having a dishwasher in your kitchen, you’ll never need to bother about cleaning your utensils ever again. Dishwashers do a wonderful and more hygienic job with cleaning utensils as compared to manual washing.

Modern dishwashers are available as fully-integrated, semi-integrated, drawer, compact and built-in models. All options clean dishes wonderfully well and you should choose one based on the level of convenience you need. Also, consider the size of your kitchen and choose an appropriately sized unit.

At Ross’s, several of our dishwashers are hits with customers. If you’re thinking of making a purchase, do consider our 60cm freestanding dishwasher. This is what I have in my kitchen and both me and my wife love it!

60cm Freestanding Dishwasher
60cm Freestanding Dishwasher

5. Rangehoods

If you’re bothered with the smoke culminates when you’re cooking food, you should invest in rangehoods. Rangehoods are electric chimneys, which will eliminate smoke from your kitchen and make your life easier.

Rangehoods are available in two major filter styles – metal grease and baffle. Baffle filters are better at removing grease so you should choose one of these. Also, think about whether you want your rangehood to be hidden or visible, depending on the style of your kitchen.

When purchasing kitchen appliances in Perth, do consider rangehoods. For quality rangehoods at the best prices, consider our 60cm slide rangehood or our 60cm stainless steel canopy. Both of these models are noiseless, feature great suction power and will ease up your life.

60cm Slide Out Rangehood
60cm Slide Out Rangehood

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If you’re looking at kitchen appliances in Perth, there are certainly a range of items to consider. However, some appliances are considered to be more necessary than others. Some examples of such appliances include gourmet ovens, French-door refrigerators, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and rangehoods. By including any or all of these, you will definitely make your kitchen a much more functional and attractive space.

For high-quality kitchen appliances in Perth at the best possible prices, look no further than Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Over many years now, we have built up a solid reputation of being one of Perth’s leading retailers. You will not find products of better quality at prices lower than ours elsewhere in Perth.

Simply shop online or visit us to purchase your kitchen appliances. Believe me – by shopping with us, you’ll make the most of your dollar!

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