90cm Dual Fuel Royal Chiantishire – Old White

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The 90cm Dual Fuel Royal Chiantishire in Old White is a thing of beauty. With a stunning design and a swag of functions, this dual fuel freestanding oven will undoubtedly impact a kitchen’s design and elevate your cooking to new culinary levels.

The 90cm Dual Fuel Royal Chiantishire measures 89.5cm wide x 86-91.8cm high x 69cm deep. It weighs 87.8kg (gross) – 79.0kg (net) and has a sizeable oven capacity of 105 (gross).

Create a stunning white kitchen with the gorgeous Old White 90cm Dual Fuel Royal Chiantishire. Not to be outdone by design, this freestanding oven’s features are equally impressive; eight multi-functions, five gas burners, and a plethora of features. The oven offers Conventional, Full Grill, Defrost, Half Grill, Oven Light, Fan Forced, Fan Grill, and Fan plus Bottom Element settings, and the cooktop features a wok trivet. There is nothing you cannot cook with this impressive appliance.

The 90cm Dual Fuel Royal Chiantishire is manufactured in Italy and offers superior quality. It comes with a 3-year warranty.

For dual freestanding ovens in Perth, choose the 90cm Dual Fuel Royal Chiantishire from Ross’s Discount Home Center. Shop online to take advantage of our shipping offer across Perth Metro.


  • 8 multi-functions
    • Conventional
    • Full Grill
    • Defrost
    • Half Grill
    • Oven Light
    • Fan Forced
    • Fan Grill
    • Fan + Bottom Element
  • 5 gas burners including left side wok
  • Cast iron trivets
  • Flame failure device
  • Analogue clock
  • Mini splashback included
  • Lower storage compartment
  • Made in Italy


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