How to choose a fridge to match your family

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If you have been looking around at fridges in Perth, I’m sure you’ve realised that there are multiple models in the market. Each fridge has something different to offer, making the choice even more difficult. While I find that most of our customers simply buy a fridge based on its size, there are many other aspects to consider.

Remember – a fridge is a major investment. You need to research and make many considerations to ensure you choose one that best suits the needs of your family. While fridges in Perth can be pricey, they are certainly a necessity. In fact, the Houzz 2015 Kitchen Trends Survey reveals that of Australians who either replaced or added new appliances to their home in 2014, 55% added a new refrigerator.

When shopping for a fridge in Perth, you need to select a model that best suits the needs of your family. Additionally, you will also need to think about your budget and the energy efficiency and maintenance requirements of the fridge before you make a decision.

A fridge is probably the most essential and important home appliance that you will purchase. As such, it is vital that the fridge you choose is the right match for your family. Choosing the wrong fridge could cost you dearly.

As Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s head of purchasing, I certainly know a lot about fridges in Perth. I’ve seen various models come and go and I have a good idea about the current trends in the market. In this article, I will walk you through the process of choosing the right fridge for your family.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll have no problems finding the right fridge for your family.

1. Fridge capacity

Before you start looking at fridges in Perth, the first thing you should consider is what capacity fridge to get. This completely depends on the size of your family as well as your personal needs. You don’t want a fridge that is too big and then only use half of its space. On the other hand, you don’t want a fridge that is too small. It won’t have enough space to store food and will be overworking just to keep at the set temperature. As such, it is important to choose a fridge capacity that is suitable for the needs of your family.

You must understand that in order to find a fridge in the right capacity, you need to factor in more than just the cubic footage. You will also need to consider your personal needs.

If you entertain guests often then you will have a lot of extra food to store. Therefore, you will need a larger fridge. On the other hand, if you’re single and spend little time at home, then a small fridge will do. Think about your needs and consider what type of food you’ll store to decide what capacity fridge you should get.

When it comes to family, the more members in your family, the larger fridge capacity you will need. For a family of 1 or 2, a fridge capacity between 100-350L will suffice. For a family of 2 to 4, I recommend a fridge capacity of 200-500L. Alternatively, a family of 4 will ideally need a fridge capacity of around 500L. Families larger than 4 members will need a fridge with an even bigger capacity.

Family SizeFridge Capacity
1-2 persons100-350L
2-4 persons200-500L
4+ persons500L+
5+ persons700L+

Suitable family fidgets from Ross’s Discount Home Centre:

Family of 2 – 4 persons

For a family of two to four, consider our 320L refrigerator or our 311L refrigerator. These fridges are large enough for you to keep meals for reheating and can even accommodate some party food. They are perfect for families who prepare meals at home every day.

2. Type of fridge

Now that you know what capacity fridge to look for, you’ll need to consider the type of fridge that best fits your family. Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy choice as fridges in Perth are available in many combinations and configurations these days. Don’t worry though – I’ll briefly explain the popular types of fridges to help you with your buying decision.

French door fridges

French door fridges are by far the most popular type of fridge here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre and are preferred by mid to large-sized families.

They are available in different configurations, but the most popular is a double door compartment on top and a freezer unit below, such as our 584 Litre French Door Refrigerator.

French door fridges make the best use of available width, thanks to large-sized internal compartments. While these fridges are grand to look at, they are also considerably more expensive than other types of fridges.

Top mount fridges/Top freezer fridges

I find top mount fridges to be most popular with small families and single customers. As the name implies, these fridges have the freezer on top and storage compartments below it. These fridges offer wide shelf space, although they are not large enough to store over a week’s supply of food.

These fridges are incredibly cost-effective, especially if energy ratings are also taken into consideration.

A couple of the top mount fridges that we offer at Ross’s include the 311 Litre Refrigerator (White) and the 311 Litre Refrigerator (Stainless) finish.

Bottom mount fridges/Bottom freezer fridges

Bottom mount fridges are the opposite of top mount fridges. In these units, the storage compartment lies above the freezer, which is located at the bottom.

Bottom mount fridges in Perth have gained quite a lot of popularity in the past few years because they are very convenient to use.

While they are not as economical as top mount models, they are more cost-effective than French door and side by side fridges.

Side by side fridges

Side by side fridges seem to be the ‘go-to’ choice for our customers that have limited kitchen space.

These fridges consist of a storage compartment and a freezer unit side by side. Most commonly, the freezer unit is narrower than the storage compartment. Plenty of door storage is also available in these units.

While these units are great for internal space, they still need more floor space than top mount or bottom mount units.

The choice of a type of fridge really boils down to a combination of your needs and your personal taste. Think about which type will be most useful to you and your family members and only then go by style.

3. Energy efficiency

Finally, after you’ve decided on a fridge capacity and style of the fridge, you’ll need to consider energy efficiency before buying. You may not be aware, but your fridge accounts for up to 14% of your home’s energy usage. As such, you must try and get yourself an energy-efficient fridge that can save your electricity costs.

Fortunately, this is not too difficult a task. As with all other electrical appliances, fridges contain energy star ratings that show you how efficient a refrigerator is. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the energy rating of a fridge, the lower its running costs. So, when comparing two fridges in Perth with similar specifications, you should go for one with a higher energy rating.

You must also bear in mind that you cannot compare energy ratings between two different styles of fridges. For example, top-mounted fridges are designed to use up to 25% less electricity than other styles. So, a 5 star rated side by side fridge will still be less efficient than a 4 star rated top-mounted fridge. Always keep this in mind when you’re considering making a purchase.

4. Your budget

After you’ve made all other considerations, you will also need to keep an eye on your budget. Fortunately, fridges in Perth are available in a range of price options to choose from, so this will not be a problem.

Like I mentioned earlier, French door fridges and side by side fridges are generally more expensive than top and bottom mounted fridges. Also, as the energy rating of a fridge goes higher, the more expensive it becomes. However, by going for a model with a high energy rating, you may end up paying more upfront, but you’ll definitely save on running costs.

Here, at Ross’s Discount Home Centre in Perth, we have a wide range of fridges for you to consider. Whether you’re looking for a small top-mounted fridge, a large French door fridge, we’ve got it all!

Look at our selection of fridges in Perth and I am sure you will find something that suits your needs.


In order to find the right fridge to match your family’s needs, you need to make several considerations. First and foremost, you need to select a fridge with adequate capacity to meet your needs. You will also need to choose the type or style of a fridge depending on your requirements. Keep an eye on the energy efficiency of a unit and also consider your budget before making a purchase. By following these tips, you will certainly find a fridge that suits your needs perfectly.

For the quality fridges in Perth, consider our store at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have in stock all types of fridges at the best possible prices. Simply shop online or give us a call at (08) 9378 2233 to know more about the models we have in stock.

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