A simple guide to fitting a shower panel, DIY style!

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Given that you’re reading this article, it’s a fair bet that you’re about to give your bathroom an upgrade. And I don’t blame you; it seems that you’re not the only one. In fact, I meet heaps of homeowners looking to start a DIY bathroom renovation in Perth every year. While a bathroom renovation includes many tasks, one of the most common DIY projects is installing new shower panels.

If you’ve recently purchased a shower panel, then the next step is to fit it in your bathroom. Thankfully, installing a shower panel is an easy process. In fact, I’m sure anyone undergoing a DIY bathroom renovation will easily be able to do it.

So how exactly do you install a shower panel properly? Don’t worry – I’m here to help you out. Continue reading as I share some simple tips on how you can fit your shower panel without any professional help. And, if you’re still in the process of purchasing a new shower panel, I’ll also throw in a couple of recommendations. Here we go…

1. Gather your tools

Before you can install standard shower panels, you’ll first need to gather your set of tools. The tools that you’ll need include a level, paper, pencil, shims, drill, masonry bit, anchors, Philips screwdriver, vinyl sweep and scissors. Of course, you’ll also need a shower panel.

Go ahead and gather these tools. Just make sure that your tools are switched off when not in use and that you keep your worksite safe and dry.

2. Setup and attach mounting brackets

The second step in installing a standard shower panel is to setup mounting brackets. To do this, mark out the centres of each panel on the floor and mark vertical centrelines on the walls. Once you’ve done this, mark screw holes along the centrelines on the wall and floor for mounting the brackets.

To attach the brackets, drill 30mm holes into the marks you’ve just made. Your shower panel will have come with plastic plugs – insert these into every hole. Next, attach the brackets to these holes with screws. Also, ensure to keep the grub screws slightly loose to facilitate installation of the glass panels.

3. Install the fixed shower panel

Your shower panel includes a fixed panel, a hinge panel and a door panel. You’ll need to install the fixed panel first. Now, every shower panel comes with some rubber blocks for attaching the glass. Position these blocks in front of every bracket that you’ve attached.

Next, lift your fixed panel carefully into the floor brackets and then slide it into the wall brackets. If your measurements were accurate, this will take absolutely no time at all. Once your fixed panel is in place, tighten the grub screws.

4. Install the hinge shower panel and seal all gaps

Once you’ve installed your fixed shower panel, follow the exact same steps to install your hinge panel. When both panels are installed, you may notice a small gap between the panels and the wall. If this gap is excessive, seal it with the help of some silicon.

5. Attach the door panel

You’re almost done now! All that is left is to secure hinges into the provided recesses on the hinge panel. Once this is done, lift the door panel onto the blocks and attach the hinges to it. Make sure that your gaps are even and then tighten all screws.

That’s it! 5 easy steps and you’ll have installed a standard shower panel with no professional help at all!

And, if you’re still deciding whether to go with a shower panel over a standard panel or are yet to purchase a shower panel, then consider the following shower panels from our store.

Frost Frameless Shower Panel: This attractive shower panel is a superior grade product made of toughened safety glass. This is a standard shower panel and installation follows the same procedure that I’ve mentioned above.

Cannes Shower Screen: This luxurious shower screen is a high-quality product which comes in a gorgeous silver finish. Installation of this shower panel will differ slightly to the above. However, we provide full installation instructions with this shower panel.


Installing a shower panel is such an easy task that you can consider to do it yourself. For DIY installation, you’ll need to gather your set of tools, setup and attach the brackets, installing the fixed and hinge shower panels, sealing all gaps and attaching the door panel. By following these simple steps, you’ll have installed a standard shower panel in no time at all!

And, if you’re still considering getting shower panels in Perth, look no further than us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Check out our range of shower panels at our online store today!

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