How to Install A Shower Screen


Is the boredom of self-isolation setting in? Are you looking for ways to pass the time and keep busy? If so, what better way to stay occupied than showing your home a little love? More specifically, showing your shower or wet area a little love.

If you read my last post, you would have seen the list of affordable home improvement activities I suggested to keep busy during these unprecedented times. One such activity was to replace a shower panel with the Frost Shower Panel, from our shower screens range. This is a relatively straightforward project that yields excellent results. However, while shower panels are more contemporary than shower screens, the majority of homes still have the latter installed.

So today, I thought I would provide you with detailed instructions on how to replace/install a shower screen. Namely, a pivot door shower and a walk-in shower screen, both of which are very popular choices with our clients here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

Installing a new shower screen is a fun project that anyone can do, and what better time to keep busy and have something new to focus on than right now, in our current times?

Today, we look at the following things in this article

Installing a Shower Door (pivot)

Pivot Door Shower Screen

Shower screen doors comprise one glass panel, which either slides, pivots or folds for entry. If you are replacing or installing such a screen, follow these instructions.

What You’ll Need:

  • Tape measure
  • Masking tape
  • Spirit level
  • Pencil
  • Marking Pen
  • Hacksaw
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Silicon

The first step is to mark out where the shower door will sit; this is usually the centre point of the shower opening. Use masking tape down the centre line for easy reference. Then, using a spirit level, make a straight line down the centre of the tape. Run this line up both walls and continue the centre line up each wall. Use a level to ensure the wall centre line is straight and plum.

Next, mark out the screw holes on the tape and transfer these to the floor channel. Using a drill, drill the marked holes into the floor and the channel. Place the channel in line with the floor holes and fix it into place using provided screws and a screwdriver. Repeat these steps to fix the two verticle channels into place.

Find the bottom hinge and place it at the end of the floor channel. Mark out the drill holes, then drill the holes. Add wall pugs or silicone into the holes, then reposition the hinge and fix it into place with provided screws and a screwdriver.

The fixed panel glass is now ready to be mounted. Mount the fixed panel glass so it fits into the floor channel, hinge, and wall channels, while also slowly gliding it into position. Next, reassemble the hinge back cover to secure it into place.

The next step is to install the glazing seals to secure the panel into place. Starting from the top, push the seal into the gap until you reach the bottom of the glass.

Find the top hinge and loosen the screws. Please the hinge over the top of the fixed panel glass and tighten the screws to fix it into position. To mount the door glass, loosen the door clasp screws on the top and bottom hinges and then slide the door glass into the hinges. Tighten the top and bottom door clasp screws to secure the door glass.

The final step is to apply silicone around the shower. Silicon should only be applied to the outer side of the shower door. Run a strip of silicon down the channels and along the bottom of the glass door. Once applied, wet your finger with water and smooth off the silicon to complete the installation.

Installing a Walk-In Shower Screen

shower panel
Cannes Walk-In Shower

Walk-in shower screens comprise one glass panel, an aluminium channel or fixing bracket and a support bar. If you are replacing or installing a walk-in shower screen, follow these instructions. This installation should take around one hour to complete.

What You’ll Need:

  • Spirit level
  • Pencil
  • Marking Pen
  • Hacksaw
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Silicon

The first step is to attach the channel or brackets to the wall. Set the channel into position and ensure it is square using a spirit level. Mark the screw holes with a pencil, remove the channel from positioning and then predrill the holes with a drill. Next, insert the wall plugins into the predrilled holes using a hammer until they are flush with the wall. Now, reposition the channel to line up with the wall plugins and using a screwdriver, insert the screws.

When the channel in place, we’re now ready to bring in the glass panel. Be very careful when handling the glass, as you don’t want to drop it or chip it. Slide the aluminium strip on the glass into the channel and push it in until it reaches the back of the channel.

Using a drill with a metal bit, predrill a hole in the top of the channel. Next, using a screwdriver, fix the glass in place with one of the provided screws. Now, do the same at the bottom of the channel to secure the glass to the wall.

Next, we want to fix the glass to the floor with the bracket. Using a drill, predrill a hole into the floor tiles at a 90-degree angle from the wall. Be very careful when drilling into tiles. If you have porcelain tiles, then you will need the right drill bit; a diamond-tipped drill bit is recommended. Once the hole has been made through the tile, switch to a masonry drill bit to complete the hole. Again, insert a wall plugin into the hole and then fix the bracket to the glass panel with the provided screw.

Finally, to complete a walk-in shower installation, we need to install the support bar. Take the support bar and place it over the shower butted up against the wall. With a marking pen, mark where the support bar meets the glass panel and then cut to size with a hacksaw. Place the support bar into position using a spirit level to ensure it is level, and mark the position on the wall. Then, mark the position of the hole. Predrill the hole and insert a wall plug, and then fit the bracket into place using a screw and screwdriver.

Insert the support bar into the wall bracket and then on the opposite end, slide the bracket over the glass panel and fix it into position. Tighten the screws on the glass bracket and the wall bracket.

The final step is to apply silicone around the shower. Silicon should only be applied to the outer side of the shower. Run a strip of silicon down the channel and along the bottom of the glass. Once applied, wet your finger with water and smooth off the silicon to complete the installation.

Shower Door Shower Screen Options

Shower screen doors are a popular shower choice for many bathrooms. They are easy to install, affordable, and allow for the shower to be separate from the rest of a bathroom’s design.

If you’re looking to purchase a shower screen door, then consider some of the following products from Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have the Pivot Door from $ 470, Bi-fold Door from $540, and Slider Door from $595. Each of these shower doors also comes available with a side panel option.

A pivot door shower screen is a great all-rounder option. It is more traditional in design and functionality and is suitable for installation in all sized bathrooms. As the name suggests, the door pivots outwards on a hinge to provide access to and from the shower.

A slider door shower screen is a good choice if there is not enough space for a pivot door to open outwards from the shower. However, the width of the shower must be wider enough to allow the door to slide back along the track.

A bi-fold door shower screen is the perfect combination of a pivot door and a slider door shower screen. It features a bi-fold door with both slides and folds to provide access to and from the shower.

Walk-in Shower Screen Options

Walk-in shower screens are one of the most popular modern shower choices. They are easy to install, minimalistic in design and provide a larger bating area than traditional shower enclosures.

They can be a simple glass panel, feature a side panel and also have a support bar to offer support for larger enclosures.

If you’re looking to purchase a walk-in shower screen, consider some of the following products from Ross’s Discount Home Centre: Cannes from $540, Nice from $740 and Palma from $1260.

If you’re looking for an easy install – where you don’t have to worry about waterproofing and tiling the shower bed – then we also have walk-in showers that support tray installations. The Marseilles (from $1005) and Andora (from $1100) are fine examples.

Buying Shower Screens in Perth

If you haven’t already purchased a new shower screen, then know that you can still undertake this project, even if you are self-isolating! Ross’s Discount Home Centre has a large range of high-quality shower screens, which are in stock and can be delivered to your door within 3-5 working days.

In addition to shower doors and walk-in shower screens, we have plenty of other shower screen options. Whether you’re looking for a corner shower, a shower enclosure, a frameless shower, or otherwise, you will find just what you need within our range. Moreover, our range comprises the most superior shower screens in Perth. Every screen comes with a lifetime warranty and is coated with AllClear. This state-of-the-art protective coating repels soap scum, grime, and limescale.

Click here to view our extensive range to get underway with your new shower screen installation. I should also mention that should you purchase one of our shower screens, you can find easy-to-follow installation guides on Lakes Bathrooms’ website here.


If you’re looking for something that will keep you busy and take your mind off our current situation, how about installing a new shower screen? While it may initially seem like a job for a professional, after having read the instructions provided in this article, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that anyone can do it.

You can have a completely new shower door, walk-in shower, shower enclosure or other shower option installed in as little as 1-2 hours. All you need is a spirit level, pencil, marking pen, hacksaw, drill, screwdriver, hammer, and silicon – and, of course, your shower screen, which we can help you out with!

Two of the most common shower screen options are shower doors and walk-in showers, for which we have provided installation instructions for today. However, there are many other types of showers to consider, as well. Whether installing a new shower or replacing an old one, you will find the perfect shower and configuration in our impressive shower screen range. Best of all, you don’t even have to leave your home to purchase a new shower screen in Perth!

If you’re not sure what type of shower door to get, our pivot door versus normal hinge article may help.

We have every shower screen in stock and ready for immediate dispatch. Simply purchase from our online store, and we will deliver it to your door in 3-5 days.


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