5 Reasons Why Tiles Are the Ultimate Home Improvement Product

First, let me start by saying, I’m not biased (much 😋). Ok, so maybe a little. But consider this, can you think of a single product that has the same impact as tiles in a home? Possibly paint, but that’s rather plain and boring.

Tiles offer so much versatility, so many materials, colours, patterns and designs, that you really can put them anywhere to create any style of your choosing. And best of all, they are affordable!

Ross’s Discount Home Centre is well known in Perth as one of the leading tile suppliers in the region, so obviously we are pro tiles. But, for good reason, and there’s more than just one!

Continue reading as I explain why tiles are the ultimate home improvement product.

They offer a luxe look for less

Stone Porcelain Statuario
Stone Porcelain Statuario looks like real marble!

Everyone wants a house that they are proud of. For many, this pride comes from having a lavish home that is the envy of all. But, a luxurious home need not cost a fortune, thanks to tiles.

Tiles are one of the most affordable building materials, and due to the plethora of designs and styles available, you can transform any room of the house – or the entire house – into a place of luxury without it costing a fortune.

Faux marble and stone tiles are one of the best examples of this. We have a vast range of stone and marble-look tiles in our collection, which you can find here.

They are the perfect flooring solution

Shell Dark Grey
Shell Dark Grey is a durable choice

Tiles are not only affordable, but they are also very durable especially ceramic tiles. Tiles also come with a PEI rating which rates their hardness and durability. This is measured on a scale of PEI 1 through to PEI 5. Tiles with a PEI rating of 4 or 5 are best suited for flooring because they are described as heavy-wear tiles.

Because of their durability, tiles are one of the best flooring solutions – if not the best. Moreover, they can be used throughout the house to create style consistency.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre stock a vast collection of floor tiles, which hold a rating of PEI 4 and 5. View our tile range in our store.

They will help you achieve any design style

Isla Navy
Create a modern space with Isla Navy

As mentioned, there is a plethora of tile designs and styles available, each created to facilitate a particular design trend. Whether you’re looking to create a modern, traditional, contemporary or minimalistic home, you will find the perfect tile choice to act as the foundation to build on this style.

They can make a room appear larger

Shell Grey porcelain tile
The large-format Shell Grey tile will help create a sense of space

Tiles come in all different shapes and sizes. Larger tiles can create a sense of space – making any area look larger than it is. This is because larger tiles require less grout, which gives off the illusion of space. Using white or lighter tiles will brighten an area, furthering this illusion.

They are easy to update in the future

tiling over tiles

Trends come and go. What is fashional in interior design now may not be in five or ten years. Thankfully, tiles are one of the easiest materials to update. They can be tiled over or removed without too much trouble.


If you’re looking to improve your home without undergoing a complete renovation, I urge you to consider tiles. Tiles will make more of an impact than any other product and can be used for so many applications. Transform your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or entire living area by merely laying new tiles! Best of all, they are so affordable, and even more affordable if you choose to shop with Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

Visit our Tiles category to view our range of tiles or come into our showroom in Guildford Perth to see our entire range.

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