Budget Kitchen Renovation Under $1000

Have you fallen out of love with your kitchen… were you never in love to start with? Then, the kitchen cupid is here to turn things around.

Unlike partners, moving on to a new kitchen isn’t so simple. It is costly, takes a long time, and is a great inconvenience. For these three reasons, along with many others, we often feel as though we have no other choice but to put up with our old, un-loved, un-inspiring kitchen. But it needn’t be this way.

You may think it can’t be done, but I’m here to show you how you can completely transform the look of your kitchen for less than $1000! Yep, $1000! Now, we have to be realistic; you won’t get a new kitchen for this price. But enough change will be made for you to want to spend more time with your kitchen, and maybe even start to repair your relationship!

So continue reading to discover how you can transform and renovate your kitchen for less than a grand.

Change the Tapware

Your kitchen renovation starts with a new kitchen tap. A tapware upgrade is the easiest, quickest, most affordable way to improve a tired, out-dated kitchen. Have you seen how amazing our new tapware range is? Gone are the days when you only had Chrome or Black tapware to choose from. Now, the choices are endless. We have just about every finish under the sun, including:

Kitchen tapware range begins at a very affordable price of $49.00, leaving you plenty of change to allocate to other areas of your kitchen.

Editor’s Recommendation: At just $120.00, the Elle Project Stainless Steel kitchen tap is a solid choice. It’s modern in design. It holds a 4-star WELS rating, uses 7.5 litres per minute, and comes with a 15-year cartridge warranty. This tap is our top value-for-money pick.

Upgrade your Kitchen Sink

What would a new kitchen tap be without a new kitchen sink to match? For this, we can also help. Swapping old for new is an easy process; providing your new sink is the same size or larger than your current sink cutout.

We have a broad range of sinks in our collection, starting at the low price of $130. Whether you’re looking to change styles, size, or sink finishes, you’re sure to find the perfect product in our range, and more importantly, at a low price to keep you well under your renovation budget.

We have round kitchen sinks, square kitchen sinks, traditional kitchen sinks, even black kitchen sinks. You’re sure to find the ideal product to set off your new kitchen and have plenty of change to spend on other areas of your kitchen.

Editor’s Recommendation: At just $319.00, the Nugleam Edge 800 is an excellent choice for a budget renovation. It is large enough to cover most smaller cutouts and is modern in design.

New Kitchen Splashback

You don’t need to invest in new kitchen cabinetry and benchtops to make a visual impact with your kitchen. A splashback can change the entire appearance of a kitchen, and the good news is, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper to update a splashback than it is cabinetry!

There are plenty of splashback options to choose from, which I have previously covered in this article. However, hands down, the best value from money comes from tiles. Whether you’re going for a traditional, contemporary, Hamptons, or coastal-style kitchen, you’ll have no problem finding suitable tiles at an affordable price. One tile that suits all styles are subway tiles – which is why they are still so popular today.

One of the other great benefits of choosing tiles for a splashback is that you can try your hand a laying them yourself. I recently wrote a How-To guide in doing just that. Be sure to read it if you’re looking to stretch your renovation dollar further. You can find my article here.

Editor’s Recommendation: At just $30 per square meter, you can’t go wrong with the Gloss White Wall Tile 10x30cm. Subway tiles complement any design style and never go out of fashion.

Update your Door Hardware

Another easy and affordable way to renovate a kitchen without replacing the benchtop or cabinetry is to replace the door hardware. You will be surprised to see the difference such a simple improvement will have on the overall look of your kitchen.

Ross’s Discount Home Centre has you covered in this respect as well. We have contemporary kitchen handles in three sizes and three finishes; white, chrome and stylish black, and best of all, they start from a very low $6.00.

Editor’s Recommendation: At just $6 each, the White ‘C’ Handles offer a modern and refreshing touch to any kitchen. They’re affordable and fantastic for a DIY renovation.

Update your Doors

With all the updates mentioned above, you should still have enough change in your budget to buy some paint and give your old cabinet doors a new lick of paint. With the other improvements, the refreshed cupboard will set off your renovation efforts and allow you to stay well within budget.

Editor’s Recommendation: You can’t go wrong with white! White is timeless and goes with any benchtop design.


Has your relationship with your kitchen hit an all-time low? Are you looking for ways to fix this without having to invest in a new kitchen? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that you can, and you can do so for as little as $1000.

With careful spending on particular products, it’s easy to change a kitchen’s style and design altogether.

The areas to concentrate on to get the most bang for your buck is your kitchen tap, kitchen sink, splashback, door handles, and door fronts. With a new sink and tap, new tiled splashback, and newly painted doors with new handles, you won’t recognise your kitchen as the space it used to be.

To renovate your kitchen for under $1000, visit our showroom or shop online from the comfort of your couch. We have everything mentioned in this article, all available at the lowest possible prices in Perth.

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