7 tips to creating a kitchen on a budget

budget kitchen renovation

Kitchens are no doubt, the most functional and useful areas of any home. In fact, many studies have revealed that we spend more than 300 hours in our kitchens every year. As such, it is very important that your kitchen is designed properly and that it allows efficient flow of work.

If you feel that your kitchen does not meet your personal requirements, perhaps it’s time to consider an upgrade. However, you’ll be surprised to learn that you’re not the only one in need of an upgrade.

Houzz just released their 2017 Kitchen Trends Study and it turned up some interesting results. They surveyed Australian homeowners that had either renovated their kitchen in the last 12 months, are currently renovating or are looking to renovate their kitchen in the next 3 months. And of these participants, 33% said they had always wanted to but had just had the means to do so. From these figures, it’s safe to say that one-third of Australians would update their kitchen right now, if they could afford to.

As you know, kitchen renovations can be a costly affair. And even more so if you don’t plan properly. However, you shouldn’t instantly presume that it is unfeasible. Rather, know that a budget kitchen renovation is quite possible.

As the owner of Ross’s Discount Home Centre, I have helped several of our customers design their kitchens on the tightest of budgets. Today, I’ll do the same for you.

So, continue reading this post as I list 7 effective tips to help you complete a budget kitchen renovation. You can thank me by choosing to buy your kitchen products and appliances from us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

1. Determine your budget

Before you even start considering your kitchen renovation, you must first determine your budget. There’s no point looking for kitchen products only to find that you can’t afford them. Remember – a renovation is different from a complete rebuild. A rebuild will always be expensive, but a budget kitchen renovation is always possible.

In order to determine your budget, you should consider your life stage and current financial situation as well as your reason for renovation. For instance, if you are renovating to raise the sale value of your property, you can possibly spend more on your renovation. Experts suggest that you should only invest 2% of your property value into a new kitchen. So, if your home is worth $450,000, then your budget would be $9,000.

Alternatively, determine how much you can afford and work backwards from there.

2. Distinguish your wants from your needs

I’ve met many customers who want the best kitchen, but they really don’t need it. If you’re looking to do a budget kitchen renovation, you must be sensible with your needs. Distinguish your wants from your needs and soon, you’ll begin to see the renovation fall within your budget.

So, instead of thinking what will look good in your kitchen, make a list of your essentials first. This will include appliances, benchtops, cabinets, lighting and floors. Also, within each category, separate your needs from your wants.

Don’t choose high-end kitchen products when mid-range products will offer similar performance at much cheaper rates. To view affordable mid-range kitchen products, visit Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We stock everything ranging from sinks, benchtops, appliances, cabinets, tapware and everything else that you may need.

3. Consider the extent to which you can DIY

Do I hear you thinking “I’m not great with DIY projects?” Before you do, let me tell you that everyone has a DIY flair. It is only the extent to which you can DIY that you must determine.

I certainly do not suggest that you take up all the renovation work yourself. It is a massive project best left in the hands of professionals. However, if you can manage to DIY certain parts, you’ll surely save a lot of money.

Some areas you can consider to DIY include demolition work, painting, building basic furniture and installing shelves. There are plenty of guides on the internet where you’ll find useful DIY instructions to help you out. Moreover, if you choose our kitchen cabinets, they are already assembled. So, you’ll be more than equipped to fix them in place.

4. Reuse existing fixtures and fittings

One easy and effective way to achieve a budget kitchen renovation is by reusing your existing fixtures and fittings. You can also add a new touch to fittings and fixtures that may be in bad shape but are not unusable.

I highly recommend you to consider this rather than purchasing every fitting again – unless of course, they are from the ’70s! Not only will you save a lot of time and money, but you will have less headache to deal with.

Check your kitchen cabinets and if you find that they are in usable shape, you can simply change the cupboards and drawers. Also, if your benchtop is looking shabby but isn’t broken, you can just resurface it with faux laminate. There are plenty of products in the market that will help you remodel your fittings and fixtures.

5. Consider installing a flatpack kitchen

Ever heard of flatpack kitchens? Simply put, flatpack kitchens are a DIY kitchen, wherein you purchase components and assemble them yourself. Each component is carefully designed to fit with other components just like a jigsaw puzzle does.

The number one benefit of flatpack units is that they are dramatically cheaper than standard kitchen units. Moreover, since you will be doing all the assembly yourself, you’ll save big on installation costs.

I’m sure you’re thinking that flatpack units are inferior in quality to standard units. However, you won’t find that with our range of flatpack cabinets. Unlike other cheap flatpack units available, our flatpacks boast of superior quality. Moreover, as mentioned, ours come preassembled and are designed to offer easy installation, so much so that anyone can do it.

By choosing to install a flatpack kitchen, you’ll be a step closer to making your budget kitchen renovation a reality.

6. Create a feature wall

Feature walls are a great choice for budget kitchen renovations. They are a cheap, quick and easy solution to freshen up a kitchen, without having to splurge on redecorating. Feature walls can also help highlight dining areas in a kitchen, separating it from the rest of the room.

When it comes to building feature walls, you can choose wallpapers or feature tiles. Either way, you’ll save time, energy and a lot of money by not going with additional cabinetry to fill the void.

For the best feature tiles in Perth, look no further than our store at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We offer an extensive range of high quality features tiles at very reasonable prices for you to choose from. In particular, I’d like to recommend our Grenier Mix, Richmond and Brickbold Ocre feature tiles. These are hot favourites which are trending with our customers this month.

7. Research your own supplies

The best way to approach a budget kitchen renovation is by doing some research and buying your own supplies. If you leave everything in the hands of your architect, designer or contractor, take it from me – you’ll end up spending a lot more. On the other hand, by buying your own supplies, you can renovate your kitchen at a fraction of the cost.

To find supplies at the best prices, browse through online shopping sites. You’ll also find nifty ideas on sites like Pinterest, Houzz, Gumtree and of course, Google!

Alternatively, you can skip doing the research bit and take a look at our store here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We offer a full range of high-quality kitchen products at incredibly affordable prices. From kitchen sinks to benchtops, tiles, kitchen cabinets, appliances, tapware and everything in between, you’ll find it all at our store. Moreover, when you purchase from us, you’ll avail of delivery across Perth metro and our 14-day money-back guarantee.

By choosing to buy products from us, you will certainly manage a budget kitchen renovation, regardless of how small your budget is.


There are several ways to approach a budget kitchen renovation. First of all, determine your budget and distinguish your needs from your wants. Next, consider the extent to which you can manage your renovation DIY. Also, instead of going for a complete renovation, check to see if it is possible to remodel existing fixtures and fittings. Choose to install flatpack kitchens instead of standard kitchen units. Finally, do some research and buy your own supplies. By following these tips, you will certainly manage to renovate your kitchen within a tight budget.

And, when it comes to buying the best kitchen products at affordable prices, consider us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. You’ll find everything that you need (and more) at our store. We only stock superior grade products and offer them at really competitive prices. Moreover, our warehouse is always chock full of stock, so you can rest assured that products will be available.

Browse through our online store or visit our showroom in Guildford today!

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