How to Renovate a Kitchen for Less Than $1000

kitchen renovation

No, this isn’t a trick! You really can renovate a kitchen, transforming it into a modern or contemporary space, for less than $1000. The key is selecting products wisely and spending your budget on items that offer maximum impact.

If you know anything about Ross’s Discount Home Centre, then you will know we’re all about offering top-quality products that deliver excellent value for money, and this is what’s needed to pull off a renovation on a $1000 budget.

With the average kitchen renovation coming in at a median spend of $20,000 (Houzz’s  Overview of Home Renovation in 2018 and 2019), It’s important first to be realistic about what you can achieve with a $1000 budget. But don’t be discouraged. I did mention that you can transform your kitchen into a more modern and contemporary space for this amount, and that is a fact.

As the head of purchasing at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, I have extensive knowledge of our entire product line and can provide you with the essential tips, advice, and products required for this task. So, let’s get started then!

Spending where it matters most

As mentioned above, it’s not realistic to think you’ll be able to get an entirely new kitchen for $1000, which is why it’s vital to put your money where it matters the most. By this, I mean spending money on materials and products that make the most significant impact.

The kitchen splashback, tap, sink, cabinet doors, and fixings should be where you focus your attention. These are all obvious areas which are most noticeable.

Out with the old, in with the new

Stand back and take a good look at your kitchen. Identify the apparent issues. Does your splashback feature tiles from the ’80s that will never be back in trend? Is your kitchen sink dinted, scratched, and well, simply pasts it’s used by date? Does your tap drip or wobble when used?

There’s no point renovating a kitchen if the most glaring issues are overlooked. The examples above are all common and can be fixed easily on a $1000 budget.

My first recommendation for a budget kitchen renovation will always be to update the splashback. You can lay new tiles over existing tiles for further savings, and the outcome will provide your kitchen with a brand-new look. We have suitable splashback tiles in our tile range from as little as $20 per square metre, and when you’re tiling such a small area, it delivers incredible ‘bang for your buck’, as they say.

If you are looking to replace or update your splashback, some popular choices include our affordable Gloss White Wall Tile 20x20cm at $20 per square metre and Gloss White Wall Tile 10x30cm at $30 per square metre (subway tiles NEVER age). These economical tiles are modern and will complement any existing cabinetry. However, for something more attention-grabbing, consider one of the many feature tiles or mosaic tiles in our range – just be mindful of your overall budget!

There are just as good offerings in our kitchen sink range. You’re sure to find the same size to match your existing sink cut out in our affordable range, which starts at a low $130.

If your list includes upgrading your kitchen tap, then I highly recommend our Fiona Sink Mixer at just $195 and the Elle Project Stainless Steel at a mere $120. Both these taps offer high style impact at minimum expenditure, and they are also rated WELS 5-star and 4-star, respectively. If you have more budget flexibility, then at just $249, the contemporary black Lauren Project Sink Mixer will make an immediate impact and knock years off the age of your kitchen.

Budget kitchen cabinet upgrade

Now, our kitchen cabinets are cheap, but even our prices won’t get you new cabinets for $1000. However, don’t be disheartened. There are many ways to update cabinetry without replacing it.

My first suggestion is a simple and economical kitchen cabinet handle upgrade. You’ll be shocked the difference new handles can have to the overall appearance of a kitchen – especially if you have original handles from the ‘70s or ‘80s still intact.  From as little as $6.00 per handle, you can choose between stylish handles such as our black, chrome, or white “C” handles, which are in our Kitchen Accessories range.

If your cabinets need a lot more than new handles to make them look decent, then you can either give them a DIY paint job (you’ll be amazed by the difference) or consider having just the doors replaced. Bear in mind, even replacing doors alone could consume your entire budget. So, opt for this only as a last resort! There are too many other areas you can upgrade that offer more significant impact!


The fact is, you CAN change the entire look of your kitchen on a shoestring budget of just $1000. You just need to be a little bit savvy with how you divide up the budget. Don’t blow it on areas that are not visible, and always tend to the problem areas first.

The key is to get maximum bang for your buck, and this is achieved easily by replacing old fixtures and fittings with new. Look to replace your old kitchen splashback with a new splashback tiles. Replace your old sink with a shiny new sink. Replace your old kitchen tap with a stylish kitchen mixer tap.

Kitchen cabinetry won’t be replaced for $1000, but there are ways to can give it a facelift. Adding new handles is the easiest option. Additionally, you can give the cabinet doors a DIY coat of paint, or if they are past a paint repair job, then consider replacing only the doors with new door fronts.

Renovating a kitchen with a $1000 budget is easy if you know what to do. It’s made even easier if you choose to shop with Ross’s Discount Home Centre. You can purchase all the products mentioned in this article online, from our online store, and what more, delivery to Perth Metro is free!

Save in more ways than one with Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We hope to package your order soon.

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