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How to Choose Bathroom Tapware

Selecting bathroom tapware should never be rushed; it should be given as much consideration as your bathroom tile or vanity choice. Now, more than ever, bathroom tapware can play an integral role in a bathroom’s design. No longer is it there purely to add functionality; now, it’s there to make a statement.

Selecting the right bathroom tapware may take some thought, but it isn’t a difficult task if you know what to consider in the decision-making process. Providing you give thought to the material, style, and application, you’ll have no trouble choosing the perfect tapware for your bathroom space.

Bathroom Tapware Material

The first step in selecting bathroom tapware is to choose the material or finish. Today, there is a smorgasbord of options, including chrome, matt black and brushed metals, such as brushed nickel and brushed brass – or brushed gold as it’s otherwise known. These are the most popular bathroom tapware materials we stock here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

While chrome tapware is traditional and timeless, black tapware makes a bold, contemporary statement. Also, brushed nickel and brushed brass tapware are very much on-trend. If you want to design a modern bathroom, black and brushed metal tapware would be a wiser choice over chrome.

Bathroom Tapware Styles

Once the material is selected, you can then concentrate on style. You will notice three distinctive style options: traditional, round and square. Traditional tapware features embellishments such as knobs to give it old-word charm, while more modern tapware, such as round and square tapware, is minimalistic. Which is best for you comes down to the overall design style of your bathroom.

Bathroom Tapware Application

Lastly, consider the application to ascertain the bathroom tapware you need. Does your bathroom have a bath? Then you’ll need a tap for your bath – but will it be wall-mounted or floor-mounted? And, for your shower, do you want an all-in-one shower set or a separate shower head and hand shower with a diverter? Or will your shower and bath be combined? Consider the fixtures in your bathroom and how you want each to function to identify what bathroom tapware best suits your needs.

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