Get the best cooktop for your budget

Get the best cooktop for your budget

If you’re looking for cooktops in Perth, no doubt you’ll base your decision on your budget. But, before you decide on a particular model, it’s a good idea to know a little bit about cooktops prior to purchase. Only when you have some background knowledge should you move on to what cooktops are available in various price brackets.

As the head of purchasing at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, I know quite a lot about cooktops, and today, I will shade some of my knowledge with you.

So, continue reading as I explain everything you need to know about cooktops to get the best model for your budget. And of course, I’ll also mention some of the best cooktops in Perth for you to consider.

Types of cooktops

First of all, you need to know that there are different types of cooktops to choose from. The most common cooktops these days are gas, induction and electric.

Gas cooktops are the classic choice and they are available in a variety of designs, styles and finish options. The biggest advantage of gas cooktops is that they provide instant heat and offer visual feedback on adjusting the flame. Modern gas cooktops typically include four or more burners and some even have oblong burners for barbequing. The biggest disadvantage with these cooktops is that they have an open flame. You need to be very careful with your cooktop placement and also while cooking to prevent accidents from happening.

Induction cooktops offer a lot of convenience and precise control over cooking temperature. These cooktops are based on electric induction and only specific utensils can be used for cooking. However, induction cooktops are known to be the most efficient way of cooking. There is no exposed coil for heating and there is no open flame either. Heat is directly transferred from the cooktop to the utensil. Moreover, the cooktop doesn’t get hot, so you won’t hurt yourself while cooking. Induction cooktops are considerably more expensive than gas cooktops.

Electric cooktops are slowly on their way out, but you can still find them in the market. These cooktops make use of an exposed coil which radiates heat for cooking. Electric cooktops are very affordable as compared to both gas and induction cooktops. However, be careful with these cooktops as the surface stays hot for a while even after cooking.

While the type of cooktop you choose may be restrained by your budget, another important consideration is its running cost. The ongoing running costs will differ depending on the type of cooktop you choose. a 60cm gas cooktop will cost around $60 a year to run, while a 60cm electric cooktop and a 60cm induction cooktop will cost around $160 per year to run. Based on this, you’ll avail considerable savings in the long term by choosing gas cooktops over electric or induction cooktops.

Functions and features

Most modern cooktops include a variety of functions and features. Which functions and features you need depends on your cooking style and of course, your budget.

Gas cooktops usually have knobs for controlling the flame. If you choose gas cooktops, avoid going with models that have metallic knobs as they will heat up. Instead choose plastic knobs that are on the front or side of the unit based on your preference.

Both induction and electric cooktops have buttons or switches for controlling heat. If you choose these cooktops, I recommend you to go with something that has touch control. It’ll only be slightly more expensive than models with manual buttons or switches. Moreover, touch control cooktops offer various added features such as timers, child locks and so on.

Placement and ventilation

Placement and ventilation is crucial with any type of cooktop. But, before you consider placement, take a look at your existing gas or electricity lines. You don’t want to be tampering with these because it will raise your expenses significantly. Just remember that your cooktop should not be placed below upper cabinets.

You’ll also need to consider your ventilation options. Avoid placing your cooktop in areas that experience drafts and consider installing a rangehood, as they are the most practical and common option. We have various models for you to consider.

Cooktops in Perth for different budgets

Now that you know a little more about cooktops, you can start to look for a model that suits your budget. For cooktops in Perth, we have a great range across different budgets.

Budget of $300-$400:

This may be the entry level range of cooktops, but you’ll find some great models at this price range. Some of our bestselling cooktops at Ross’s Discount Home Centre at this price range include:

60cm Gas Cooktop: This 4-burner cooktop comes equipped with one touch electric ignition. It is available in a gorgeous white finish and works both with LPG and natural gas. This cooktop can be all yours for just $339.
30cm Gas Cooktop: This compact 2-burner cooktop works with LPG and natural gas and comes in a stainless-steel finish. This one touch ignition cooktop is priced at only $339.
60cm Electric Cooktop: This 4-burner electric cooktop is available in a brilliant white finish and it includes 6 positions for temperature control. This cooktop will cost you just $339.

Budget of $500-$600:

At this price range, you can expect to find cooktops with added features and functionality. Here are some of our top selling cooktops in Perth at this price range:

60cm Gas Cooktop + Wok + Cast Iron Trivets: This 3-burner gas cooktop comes equipped with a triple ring wok burner and includes side control knobs. This stainless-steel cooktop works with LPG and natural gas both and is priced at just $544.
30cm CERAN Touch Electric Cooktop: This 2-element electric cooktop comes in an elegant square finish in coloured glass. It includes a plethora of features including auto shutdown, timers, various heating levels and child lock. This cooktop will cost you only $494.
60cm Gas Cooktop: This 3-burner gas cooktop comes with an additional wok burner and includes front controls. This one touch ignition cooktop works with natural gas and LPG both and will cost you just $649.

Budget of $900- $1000

At this budget, you can expect to find some stunning top of the range cooktops in Perth. Our bestsellers in this price range include:

70cm Gas Cooktop: This 5-burner cooktop works with natural gas and LPG both and includes a flame failure safety device. Available in a stunning stainless-steel finish, this gorgeous cooktop is priced at just $974.
90cm Gas Cooktop: This 4-burner cooktop includes an addition wok burner on the left side and front control knobs. This cooktop works with LPG and natural gas both and is available in a fabulous stainless-steel finish. This cooktop can be all yours for just $999.
70cm CERAN Electric Cooktop: This 6-element electric cooktop comes equipped with an easy to use front touch control panel. With 9 power settings, child lock, auto switch off, timers and heat indicators, this cooktop offers it all. This electric cooktop is priced at just $974.

Budget of $1000+

At a budget of over $1,000, you can expect to purchase the best cooktops in Perth. Our top sellers at this price range include:

60cm Induction Cooktop: This gorgeous induction cooktop includes 4 cooking zones and a booster element. This cooktop features overflow protection, auto shutdown, timers, various heating levels, front touch sensor panel and child lock among others. This cooktop will cost you only $1,129.
90cm Touch Control Induction Cooktop: This powerful induction cooktop includes 5 cooking zones and comes with touch sensor controls. It is available in a stylish Italian design and is packed with plenty of features and functionality. This cooktop is priced at just $1,954.
90cm CERAN Electric Cooktop: This electric cooktop includes 6 heating elements and comes in a stylish square edge design. It is very easy to operate despite having lots of functions. This elegant cooktop can be all yours for just $1,129.


Before you jump into buying cooktops in Perth, you must first know a little about cooktops. Cooktops are available as gas, electric or induction cooktops and each offers different functions and features. You’ll also need to consider placement and ventilation before purchasing a cooktop. Once you understand these things about cooktops, you can go ahead and purchase a cooktop according to your budget.

Here, at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we stock all types of cooktops across various price ranges. Our cooktops start from as low as $339 and go up to $1,954. Regardless of your budget, you can be sure of finding cooktops in Perth, within your price range, in our store.

Drop by our showroom in Guildford, or take a look at our range of cooktops on our online store today!