4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Splashback

Kitchen renovations are no doubt, a massive and time-consuming project. However, if there’s one element of a kitchen that offers the biggest difference in terms of design it’s your kitchen splashback.

Your choice in splashback is not to be taken lightly as it has the power to change the look of your entire kitchen. In fact, you don’t even have to renovate the entire kitchen. If you have an existing kitchen, you can simply change your splashback and your kitchen will look significantly different. And, it seems as though many other Australians have done just that.

According to Houzz’s 2017 Kitchen Trends Study, splashbacks were found to be the third most frequently updated kitchen component (88%) after cabinets (90%) and benchtops (94%).

As a supplier of kitchen splashbacks in Perth, today I’ll help you choose the perfect splashback for your kitchen. Continue reading this share with you 4 tips for choosing splashbacks for your new kitchen or kitchen renovation. You can thank me by choosing to buy your splashback from us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

1. Choose a splashback that complements your benchtop

A kitchen splashback should always complement your benchtop. This is the best approach to take when choosing a splashback, as it will narrow down your choices.

While kitchen splashbacks are available in a myriad of styles, materials and colours, the options are far more limited with benchtops. So, if you choose your benchtop first and your splashback second, you’ll immediately have options to deal with.

2. Choosing a splashback material

As I mentioned, kitchen splashbacks come in a variety of materials. Some of the most popular choices include tiles, glass, stainless steel, stone and pressed metal.

Tiles are the safest bet when it comes to kitchen splashbacks. They are the traditional choice, budget-friendly and offer great design scope. That being said, they do require some maintenance.

Pressed metal is an alternative to tiles, but is much more expensive. Another popular consideration is glass. It is functional, easy to clean and can be custom designed. However, it is also an expensive option.

Stainless steel is also a popular choice because it is hardwearing, attractive and easy to clean. However, it is prone to scratching and this cannot be avoided.

This leaves you with stone. Stone, such as granite or marble, can be used to create a sophisticated kitchen splashback however, it requires periodic maintenance. Moreover, stone will raise your budget to the next level.

In my opinion, tiles are by far the best option for splashbacks – that is, unless you’re willing to splurge more money and spend more on maintenance.

3. Choose the right colour

Once you’ve selected your splashback material of choice, you’ll need to choose the right colour. Again, if you’ve considered your benchtop first, you’ll have fewer options to work with.

It is up to you to decide whether you want your splashback to take centre stage or your benchtop. If you choose your benchtop, then you should opt for minimalist kitchen splashbacks with subtle colours. On the other hand, if you have a neutral benchtop, you can opt for feature splashbacks and make it the focal point of your kitchen.

4. Source kitchen splashbacks from the right supplier

Kitchen splashbacks can be expensive or affordable, depending on where you source them from. To get the best deal, you should do some shopping around and compare prices before making a purchase.

For affordable and trendy kitchen splashbacks in Perth, consider us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We keep in stock a huge selection of splashback tiles, including feature tiles, mosaic tiles and classic subway tiles. Therefore, if you choose a tiled splashback be sure to come in and see us.

For feature tiles, I’d like to recommend our Grenier Mix ($16), Cotopaxi ($33) and Osaka Décor ($29) tiles. For mosaic tiles, consider our Glass Mosaica Checkered Mocca ($28). For classic subway tiles, take a look at our 10x30cm Gloss White Wall Tile ($30), our Matt White Wall Tile ($25) and our 30x60cm Gloss White Wall Tile ($25). These are bestsellers at our store and will do very well to create the perfect splashback.


To create the perfect kitchen splashback, you should consider the following tips. Choose a splashback that complements your benchtop, choose your splashback material and colour wisely and source kitchen splashbacks from the right supplier.

And, if you choose tile kitchen splashbacks, then you’ll find the best deals at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Drop by our showroom in Guildford to take a look at our splashback tiles today or view the massive range featured on our online store.

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