Electric Cooktops: Are They for You?

Ever since electric cooktops hit the market, controversy has surrounded them. Some say they’re not as eco-friendly as gas cooktops, while others just don’t enjoy cooking on them as much.

The truth is, electric cooktops cook great and are often more versatile than gas stoves or ovens.

Regardless of these facts, they are an unpopular choice for many. Of the Australians who replaced or added new appliances, electric cooktops were least popular at just 22%. Induction cooktops were at 28%, while Gas cooktops were the clear preferred choice at 49% (2015 Houzz Kitchen Trends Survey).

However, as I mentioned, electric cooktops offer some substantial advantages over their counterparts. If safety and practicality are important to you, then you should consider electric cooktops when shopping for cooktops in Perth.

Given that Ross’s is one of the most reputable centres for buying cooktops in Perth, I deal with customers day in and day out, asking about the pros and cons of electric cooktops. Today I will share these with you.

Pros of electric cooktops

Personally, I love electric cooktops for a number of reasons. First, you will find that electric cooktops in Perth are cheaper than ovens or gas stoves. Also, there are no installation costs associated with electric cooktops. All you have to do is simply plug them in, and you’re ready to make yourself a meal. This economic benefit is one main reason customers choose electric cooktops over their gas counterparts.

Moreover, electric cooktops offer much more functionality than traditional gas cooktops. Even the most basic electric cooktop will include fans and grills, which are not commonly found in ovens or gas stoves. This functionality can be an added bonus if you cook various dishes.

Also, electric cooktops are designed to distribute heat evenly during cooking. Thus, when you’re roasting or baking food, an electric cooktop works much better than a gas stove. With a gas stove, heat distribution is uneven, and you’ll need to remain alert else you may end up ruining your dish.

Another big plus is that they are incredibly safe. Electric cooktops turn on or off with the simple twist of a knob, and there is no flame to deal with. They present no risk of a fire hazard, unlike gas stoves, because there is no chance of gas leakage.

The surface of an electric cooktop can easily be cleaned, while cleaning a gas cooktop can be a major pain. Moreover, the surface is highly stable, and it can even be utilised as extra bench space when not in use.

Now that we have looked at the advantages of electric cooktops, let’s examine some of their disadvantages.

Cons of electric cooktops

While I love electric cooktops, they suffer from certain drawbacks that you should be aware of when shopping for cooktops in Perth. First, they are power dependent. Hence, in the event of a power outage, you will not be able to cook with it and will have to use an alternative solution.

Electric cooktops also take much longer to cool down (and heat up) as compared to gas stoves or ovens. This can be dangerous, especially if you have children in the house. Electric cooktops also emit more heat than ovens and gas stoves. Thus, if you use an electric cooktop, your kitchen will likely be warmer than it otherwise would.

Another major drawback that electric cooktops present is durability. If you splash cool water on a hot cooktop or drop a heavy object on it, the surface will shatter. Moreover, the surface can be scratched very easily.

These are some of the disadvantages associated with electric cooktops. However, as you can see, nothing is too big of a drawback to keep you from considering an electric cooktop.

Great cooktops for you

If you’ve analyzed the pros and cons of electric cooktops and decided to go for one, you have plenty of choices. At Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we offer electric cooktops in Perth. Some of our bestsellers include:

  • 30cm Electric Cooktop:  Our 30cm Electric Cooktop is an excellent choice for a small cooktop. Equipped with 2 rapid heating elements, it packs a ton of features into one tiny unit.
  • 60cm Ceran® Touch Electric Cooktop: Our 60cm Ceran® Touch Electric Cooktop is a handy appliance that can easily handle heavy-duty cooking. It features 4 hi-lite heating elements operated by touch control.
  • 60cm Ceran Electric Cooktop: Our 60cm Ceran Electric Cooktop presents the perfect blend of style and practicality. Equipped with 4 heating elements, it offers plenty of functions for different cooking styles.
  • 90cm Ceran Touch Electric Cooktop: Our 90cm Ceran Touch Electric Cooktop offers a spacious Ceran glass electric cooktop with 6 hi-light elements. It has 9 power stage settings and sensor touch controls.
  • 70cm Ceran® Electric Cooktop: Our 70cm Ceran® Electric Cooktop is a heavy-duty unit equipped with 4 hi-lite heating elements. Featuring multiple functionalities, it is just what you need if you’re a chef or an avid fan of cooking.


Before you start looking for cooktops in Perth, be sure to know the pro and cons of an electric cooktop. This way, you will know if it is the right type of cooktop for you.

Electric cooktops offer some great advantages over gas stoves and ovens. These include safety, practicality, even cooking, cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance. On the other hand, they do suffer from some drawbacks, such as they always require power, they take longer to cool down, they heat a kitchen more than a gas stove or oven, and they are not very durable.

After weighing the pros and cons, if you feel that electric cooktops are for you, then consider Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have an excellent selection of electric cooktops in Perth, and you’ll definitely find what you need at our store.

Simply call us at (08) 9378 2233, and we’ll be happy to assist you with all your needs!

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