• EF512SX – 512 Litre Refrigerator Steel Look Finish

    512 Litre Refrigerator Steel Look Finish

    $1,669.00 inc.GST

    Upgrade your fridge to the stylish 512 Litre Refrigerator Steel Look Finish from Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s Refrigerator range. This top freezer refrigerator may be compact, but it’s jam-packed with features to ensure perfect grilling each and every time. The 512 Litre Refrigerator Steel Look Finish measures 79cm wide x 178cm high x 68.2cm deep….

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How to Choose a Fridge

Buying a new refrigerator in Perth, or anywhere, is considered a significant purchase and investment. A fridge needs to be many things and provide many things. It needs to be reliable, durable, efficient, affordable, and attractive in many people’s eyes. It also needs to provide cooling, freezing, and, optionally, water and ice. From this list alone, you can see that much consideration needs to go into choosing a refrigerator.

Handy Hints

With over 40 years’ experience in home improvements, we’ve got plenty of tips to make your home great and make your life easy. Check out these Handy Hints and come in-store for even more…

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