7 Modern Vessel Basins to Feature on a Vanity Top

Vessel Basins

When it comes to a bathroom renovation, your bathroom basin choice will play a big role in determining the functionality as well as the aesthetics of your space. Of the many different types of bathroom basins, vessel basins are a popular choice with homeowners in Perth, especially those looking to create a minimalist, modern or natural looking bathroom design.

Vessel basins are often called ‘above counter basins’, and this is because they are installed on top of a vanity unit and are not inset or recessed in any way. They are completely supported by the vanity top, which makes them very versatile – they are practically suitable for any vanity or cupboard with a flat surface. Because of this, they the most popular type of vanity that we stock at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

Today, I would like to share our most popular vessel vanities with you. Any of these are a great choice for modern bathroom design.

1. Jordan Vessel

Jordan Vessel Basin
Jordan Vessel Basin – $140

The Jordan Vessel is an elegant and practical vessel basin that comes in a compact, rectangular shape. Its simple and practical design will complement an array of design styles, allowing you to create any look in your bathroom. You can purchase the Jordan Vessel basin from our store for just $140!

2. Asha Vessel

Asha Vessel Basin
Asha Vessel Basin, just $120 incl GST

The Asha Vessel is a sleek and contemporary vessel basin that features an elegant curved design. It offers an excellent blend of functionality and good looks, and it is highly versatile. Whether you’re creating a minimalist space or a modern space, this vessel basin is a great choice. The Asha Vessel basin is available for just $120 at our store!

3. Rhys Vessel

Rhys Vessel
Rhys Vessel, just $120 incl GST

Give your bathroom a fantastic modern look with the Rhys Vessel basin. Available in a classic rounded shape, this basin features a modern design scheme, and it looks incredibly stylish. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking to give their bathroom a modern edge. You can purchase the Rhys Vessel basin from our store for just $120!

4. Gemelli Compact

Gemelli Compact
Gemelli Compact, just $275 incl GST

Enjoy the perfect blend of style and functionality with the Gemelli Compact vessel basin. Featuring a no-fuss design that comprises a rectangular shape and includes a soap platform on the side, Gemelli Compact is the perfect choice for anyone looking to keep a balance between practicality and style in their bathrooms. Buy the Gemelli Compact vessel basin from our store for just $275!

5. Levi Vessel

Levi Vessel
Levi Vessel, just $120 incl GST

Create an ultra-modern bathroom with the Levi Vessel basin. It comes in a very stylish square shape with softly rounded corners and presents a neat and attractive look. This vessel basin is designed to complement modern bathroom accessories and fittings perfectly. You can purchase the Levi Basin for just $120 from our store!

6. Olix Décor Counter Top Vessel Basin

Olix Decor Counter Top Vessel Basin
Olix Decor Counter Top Vessel Basin, just $365 incl GST

Add a lavish touch to your bathroom with the Olix Décor Counter Top Vessel Basin. Its sleek, oval shape makes it look incredibly stylish and modern. While this vessel basin will perfectly complement minimalist bathroom design, it will also do well with most other contemporary design schemes. Buy the Olix Décor Counter Top Vessel Basin for just $365 from our store!

7. Rohan Vessel

Rohan Vessel Basin
Rohan Vessel Basin, just $140 incl GST

The Rohan Vessel is a gorgeous vessel basin that features an elegant geometric design with curved edges. This vessel basin offers a neat and attractive look and will easily complement a range of modern bathroom design schemes. You can buy the Rohan Vessel basin from our store for just $140!


If you are looking to create a modern bathroom, you should consider updating to a vessel basin. Vessel basins are easy to install, easy to clean and maintain and they complement almost every modern design style.

For the best quality bathroom vessel basins at the lowest prices in the market, look no further than our store at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We stock an extensive selection of vessel basins, many of which are perfect for creating modern bathroom spaces. 6 of our bestselling bathroom basins include the Jordan Vessel, Asha Vessel, Rhys Vessel, Gemelli Compact, Levi Vessel, Olix Décor Counter Top Vessel Basin and Rohan Vessel. Any of these makes for an excellent choice when it comes to creating a modern bathroom.

Buy our bathroom basins online or visit our showroom to view our products in person today!

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