4 Popular Bathroom Styles to Consider For Your Renovation

Natural Bathroom Design

If there’s one common renovation that Perth homeowners undergo, it’s got to be a bathroom renovation. Many research studies have revealed that of all home renovations, bathroom renovations are the most common.

Now, if you’re planning a bathroom renovation yourself, I’m sure you’ve done some planning. But before you jump into your renovation, you should look for design inspiration.

As the head of purchasing at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, I always keep myself updated with the latest trends in bathroom design. Today, I will tell you about four of the hottest bathroom styles that are currently trending in 2017. I’ll also provide some tips on how to create these styles, and in the coming weeks, I’ll look into what tiles to use to create each of these looks for less. So, without any further ado, here are 4 of the hottest bathroom styles for you to consider.

1. Urban Hotel Bathroom Design

Urban Hotel Bathroom Design

Who doesn’t like the look and feel of luxury bathrooms that are found in urban hotels? This upscale bathroom design is defined by style, luxury, and elegance. And it is actually relatively easy to replicate this fantastic look!

To create this look, opt for a neutral colour palette such as white, black and grey. Don’t be afraid to dabble in some soft colours if you find neutral colours to be slightly dull. Add a glass shower enclosure for you shower or get a freestanding bath to create the ultimate retreat. Also, throw in some sleek accessories, plush towels, fine toiletries, and rich fabrics to complete this fabulous look.

2. Minimalist Bathroom Design

minimalist bathroom design

Over the past few months, minimalist bathroom styles have skyrocketed in popularity. This bathroom style may look simple, but it is also highly refined and sophisticated. This bathroom style is probably the easiest to create.

The biggest thing to remember when creating this style is that your bathroom must be clutter-free. So, eliminate all excessive bathroom accessories and keep your décor to a minimum. Black bathroom accessories combined against a white backdrop create a wonderful contrast and are perfect for the minimalistic look. And, remember to keep ample storage space so that you can keep your essentials just out of sight.

3. Natural Bathroom Design

Natural Bathroom Design

Nature is in! And with it, many modern bathrooms have started adopting the natural bathroom design. This design is completely inspired by natural elements and organic touches such as ceramics, wood and textured stone – these can easily be introduced in your tile selection. This look adds warmth and transforms any bathroom into a cosy and relaxing space.

To create the perfect natural bathroom design, choose your colours and textiles wisely – think wood, stone or sand. Keep things simple and add vintage accessories to complement the natural elements. And, of course, make sure to add some greenery to complete this look.

4. Hamptons Bathroom Design

Hamptons bathroom

The Hamptons Bathroom Design is a classic, timeless and elegant style that made a big comeback in 2017. This style makes use of classic and sophisticated designs that offer the vibes of a casual beach setting.

To create this look, choose a cool colour palette that is inspired by nature. Beige, cobalt, aqua and soft white are the best colour choices. This bathroom design is best complemented by grand vanities and beach furniture. To complete this look, throw in some scone lights, and you’ll have a bathroom that’s everyone’s envy!

Creating any of these designer styles is fairly simple. And, you can do so for less by shopping for your bathroom renovation products in Perth online or at our Guildford store.


If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, you should consider designing it based on the hottest bathroom styles of 2017. These include the urban hotel bathroom design, the minimalistic bathroom design, the natural bathroom design and the Hamptons bathroom design. And, to ensure you’re renovation goes smoothly, we recommend you read our Guide to Perth Bathroom Renovations.

To create any of these looks, all you need to do is to shop for your bathroom products and accessories from Ross’s Discount Home Centre. You’ll find the cheapest bathroom renovation products in Perth at our store.

So, visit us in Guildford or shop from our online store today!

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