5 tiles perfect for a minimalistic bathroom

Minimalistic bathroom designs have absolutely skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. These days, many designers, decorators and homeowners opt for a minimalistic bathroom.

But how exactly do you do about designing a minimalistic bathroom if you know nothing about bathroom design? Well, to put it short, anyone can design a minimalistic bathroom by choosing bathroom products wisely. More often than not, it is the tiles that determine whether a bathroom is minimalistic or not.

If you’re looking to be steered in the right direction in terms of what tiles you should choose, then continue reading this post – I list 5 of our bathroom tiles in Perth that are ideal for designing a minimalistic bathroom. But first, let’s take a look at the minimalistic bathroom design in a little more detail.

Minimalistic bathroom designs

Minimalistic bathroom designs are all about keeping things simple and sophisticated. Such bathrooms steer away from clutter and contain ample storage space to store essential items out of sight.

Colour is another important aspect of minimalistic bathrooms. Such bathrooms always make use of a neutral colour palette (whites, blacks and greys) with splashes of accents here and there. Contrasting colours are also used to good effect in minimalistic bathrooms.

Given that this bathroom design is based on simplicity, minimalistic bathrooms often include simple elements. The textures used in such bathrooms are never too fancy and are kept to a minimum. Touches of wood or concrete are also often used to add warmth and softness.

And, when it comes to accessories and décor, things are always kept to a bare minimum here as well.

5 tiles perfect for designing a minimalistic bathroom

For bathroom tiles in Perth that are perfect for designing a minimalistic bathroom, you’ll find everything you need at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We offer a huge selection of bathroom tiles, many of which are ideal for use in minimalistic designs.

Matte White Wall Tile (Rectified)
Matte White Wall Tile (Rectified), $25/sq mt

Our Matte White Wall Tile (Rectified) is popular with customers looking to design a minimalist bathroom. It features a white matte finish and is highly sophisticated. It is also very versatile and can be paired with a range of colour schemes or designs. It also features a rectified edge that allows the installation to be neat and seamless in its finish. The Matte White Wall Tile (Rectified) will cost you just $25/m² at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

Matang Charcoal
Matang Charcoal, $30/sq mt

Alternatively, for a dark-coloured wall tile, consider our Matang Charcoal wall tile. It features a glossy finish in black and is perfect for designing a minimalistic bathroom. It is also available in a floor tile variant, allowing you to create a seamless look. This tile is highly resistant to moisture as well, making it perfect for use in bathrooms. You can purchase our Matang Charcoal tile in-store or online for just $30/m².

Saturn Ash Grey
Saturn Ash Grey, $45/sq mt

Our Saturn Ash Grey porcelain tile is another tile that lends well to minimalistic bathroom designs. Featuring a striking ash colour, it complements neutral colour pallets beautifully. It is available in both matte and structured finish options and is available in multiple size options as well. Our Saturn Ash Grey tile can be all yours for just $45/m².

Celina Grey
Celina Grey, $20/sq mt

For a stone-look tile for use in minimalistic bathrooms, you’ll find nothing better than the Celina Grey ceramic tile, which is one of our highest sellers. It features a modern granite-look finish in soft white and grey tones and comes in a high gloss finish. It is also slip-resistant tile and impervious to moisture. Our Celina Grey tile will cost you only $20/m².

Imperial Snow
Imperial Snow, $45/sq mt

Finally, the Imperial Snow porcelain tile allows you to create a refined look. Based on a minimalistic design, this tile replicates the look and feel of natural stone in soft white tones. Moreover, it is both moisture-resistant and slip-resistant, making it ideal for use in bathrooms of any design style. You can purchase this tile for just $45/m² from us.


To design a minimalistic bathroom, you need to choose your bathroom tiles wisely. Always choose tiles belonging to a neutral colour palette to design such a bathroom.

For bathroom tiles in Perth that are suitable for use in minimalistic designs, consider our Matte White Wall Tile (Rectified), Matang Charcoal, Saturn Ash Grey, Celina Grey and Imperial Snow tiles.

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