50mm Round Floor Grate

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50mm Round Floor Grate
Revolutionise your bathroom drainage

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The 50mm Round Floor Grate will revolutionise your bathroom drainage. It is a new product that replaces standard drainage grills and allows bathroom floors to look neat and minimalistic.

The 50mm Round Floor Grate seamlessly blends in with bathroom floor tiles. It looks visually appealing and it is highly practical as well.

It is available in an elegantly rounded design and features a clean chrome finish. It is manufactured using solid brass construction and is built to last. Plus, the quality chrome finish will make your flooring look as luxurious as your fixtures. Rest assure this grate has been meticulously crafted to the best of design standards.

The 50mm Round Floor Grate is designed to fit amidst floor tiles seamlessly, leaving a gap for surface water to escape. This gap is almost double the capacity of standard drainage grills. Moreover, it will eliminate all problems associated with drain clogging or water logging.

The 50mm Round Floor Grate requires very little maintenance and features an easy to use twist open mechanism, should it need to be opened.

So, get rid of your messy drainage grills and replace them with the minimalistic 50mm Round Floor Grate from Ross’s Home Discount Centre in Perth. Purchase this product at an incredibly affordable price from our online store and receive free Metro delivery!

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