90cm Tile Floor Channel Waste

$240.00 inc.GST

A new concept in floor drainage, eliminating the image of a dark and sometimes messy drainage grills in the floor.

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Keep your bathroom in pristine condition with the all new 90cm Tile Floor Grate. Floor grates are a revolutionary concept in drainage, eliminating the need for a dark, messy drainage grill.
This floor grate features a neat design and can make even the messiest of bathrooms look as good as new. It has a crisp edge and leaves a 5mm gap from surrounding floor tiles, allowing surface water to escape easily.

This 5mm gap is almost double the capacity of standard drainage grills. Therefore, you’ll never have to worry about water logging or your drain getting clogged.
Moreover, the top section of the grate completely conceals the drainage pit. This creates a sleek and seamless finish, leaving your bathroom floor looking much more visually appealing.
The 90cm Tile Floor Grate can easily be removed for cleaning and is very easy to maintain. It features top notch manufacturing and is a heavy-duty product that will offer you many years of service.

Get rid of your old and unattractive drainage grills and replace them with the practical 90cm Tile Floor Grate. Buy this great product at the best possible price from our online store today!

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