70cm Tile Floor Channel Waste

$195.00 inc.GST

A new concept in floor drainage, eliminating the image of a dark and sometimes messy drainage grills in the floor.

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To give your bathroom floor a complete makeover, you need the ultra-modern 70cm Tile Floor Grate. This unique product is designed to replace standard drainage grills, to create a more aesthetic finish.

The 70cm Tile Floor Grate is very practical and allows surface water to escape easily from bathroom floors. It features a brilliant design which makes use of a crisp and neat edge. This edge provides a 5mm gap between the surrounding floor tiles, which is double the width of a standard drainage grill. This allows water to escape easier and significantly reduces drain clogging.

Not only is the 70cm Tile Floor Grate functional, but it is also visually appealing. It seamlessly blends in with floor tiles and conceals drainage pits completely.

A superior grade product, this tile floor grate exhibits a fine quality of workmanship and is highly durable. It is a high performing unit which requires little to no maintenance and it can easily be cleaned.

To keep your new bathroom floor neat and clean, you’ll find nothing better than our 70cm Tile Floor Grate. This product is currently featured in our store at the best price, so take advantage and buy it today!