Cook up a Storm with a New Cooktop!

Cooktops are an essential item in a kitchen, even more so than an oven. They’re always in use, and no kitchen can be complete without one. As such, it should come as no surprise that cooktops in Perth are the most frequently upgraded of all kitchen products.

According to Houzz’s 2017 Kitchen Trends Study, cooktops were the most upgraded appliances in kitchens across Australia last year. So, it only makes sense that if you’re choosing to upgrade yours, you choose wisely.

Before you start looking at cooktops in Perth, take a look at my previous article entitled ‘Get the Best Cooktop for Your Budget‘. You’ll get a good idea of what you can afford and which type of cooktop you should get from there.

Now, I’d like to showcase some fantastic new models we’ve added to our range of cooktops in Perth here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. These amazing cooktops will change the way you look at cooking, and they’re perfect if you’re considering an upgrade. Let’s take a closer look at them.

90cm Induction Cooktop

90cm Induction Cooktop
The 90cm Induction Cooktop is $1,949 inc.GST

When it comes to finding an induction cooktop that is powerful, stylish and functional, nothing beats our 90cm Induction Cooktop. It is incredibly easy to use and comes with 9 power settings and 4 cooking zones. And, with a power booster, residual heat indicator, child lock safety and sliding temperature control, this cooktop offers everything that you need. So, if you’re planning on a new induction cooktop or an upgrade, choose our 90cm Induction Cooktop. It’ll change the way you cook and allow you to create whatever meal you want in a matter of minutes!

90cm Gas on Ceramic Cooktop

90cm Gas On Ceramic Cooktop
The 90cm Gas On Ceramic Cooktop is $1,269 inc.GST

If you’re looking for a powerful and sophisticated gas burner, take a look at our 90cm Gas on Ceramic Cooktop. It comes with 4 gas burners, a triple ring wok burner, one-touch ignition and non-slip cast iron trivets. Regardless of what type and how much food you cook, this cooktop will ease your cooking duties considerably. And, thanks to its front control knobs and easy clean ceramic surface, you’ll fall in love with cooking once again!

90cm Gas Cooktop

90cm Gas Cooktop
The 90cm Gas Cooktop is $609 inc.GST

For a no-fuss cooktop that offers you the best of features and functionality, consider our 90cm Gas Cooktop. It comes in a stylish stainless-steel finish and includes 5 gas burners and a triple ring wok burner. With flame failure safety, front control knobs, cast iron trivets and 1 touch electric ignition, this cooktop is extremely functional. If you have a large family and you’re required to cook meals often, this cooktop is just what you need.

70cm Gas on Ceramic Cooktop

70cm Gas On Ceramic Cooktop
The 70cm Gas On Ceramic Cooktop is $1,079 inc.GST

Our 70cm Gas on Ceramic Cooktop is a smaller variant of our 90cm Gas on Ceramic Cooktop. It includes all the features, functionality and looks of its bigger cousin, but comes in a more compact form. It is the perfect choice if your kitchen is limited in space, but you need a powerful and stylish gas cooktop.

60cm Induction Cooktop

60cm Induction Cooktop
The 60cm Induction Cooktop is $1,459 inc.GST

And, if you’re looking for a compact induction cooktop smaller than our 90cm Induction Cooktop, consider our 60cm Induction Cooktop. It is a smaller version of the larger cooktop but includes all the same features, functionality and even the looks. This cooktop is ideal for use in kitchens where space is limited.


Cooktops are the most frequently upgraded appliance in kitchens. If you’re considering upgrading your cooktop, then take a look at our new range of cooktops in Perth at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Our new models include our 90cm Induction Cooktop, 90cm Gas on Ceramic Cooktop, 90cm Gas Cooktop, 70cm Gas on Ceramic Cooktop and 60cm Induction Cooktop. Consider the space available in your kitchen and your cooking habits and choose any cooktop that meets your needs.

And, if you’d like to view more cooktops, you can also consider our full range of cooktops in Perth. You can also check out our new range of gourmet kitchen appliances in Perth if you’re looking for appliances. I’ve outlined some of our latest additions to a previous article which you can find here.

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