Our New Range of Ovens Will Make You Never Order out Again!

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Unless you’re a takeaway junky, there’s a good chance you use your oven at least two nights a week. I know I certainly couldn’t live without mine! I use mine to cook and reheat food, to defrost frozen foods, for baking and even to cook popcorn on movie nights.

There’s no denying that ovens are an extremely functional appliance that will make your life in the kitchen much simpler. But, having a bad oven can certainly put you off wanting to use it.

Thankfully, Ross’s Discount Home Centre has a brand new range of ovens that I’d like to share with you today. If you’re in need of a new oven in Perth, then you’re sure to fall in love with one from our range. They’re modern, incredibly efficient and offer all the features and functionality you need to want to cook again. I can assure you that after looking at these ovens, you’ll sign up to taste.com.au and you’re takeaway days will be numbered!

45cm Combi Microwave + Fan Oven 44L


Our 45cm Combi Microwave + Fan Oven 44L is a modern and powerful oven which offers you the best functionality. This microwave oven can do everything from reheating food to thawing and baking. It includes 11 multi-functions and comes pre-equipped with 13 auto cooking menus. It also includes a digital touch interface, an LED display, child safety lock and a stainless-steel cavity. Plus, it comes in an attractive glass black finish which will do well to complement the look of your kitchen.

45cm Combi Steam Oven 34L


If you’re into healthy living, then our 45cm Combi Steam Oven 34L is for you. This steam oven looks deceptively compact but it is packed with plenty of useful features. With 8 multi-functions, auto cooking menus and digital touch buttons with an LED display, it makes cooking a delight. And, it is designed amazingly well as well! It comes in a sleek design with a gorgeous black finish. It includes a stainless-steel cavity with a ceramic glass flatbed base and has cooling fan mechanisms as well. This oven is perfect for small sized families who are into healthy living.

45cm Combi Microwave + Steam Oven 34L


When it comes to multifunctional ovens in Perth, nothing comes close to our 45cm Combi Microwave + Steam Oven 34L. This oven is a hybrid of our combi microwave oven and our combi steam oven, with all their features and functionality combined into the one neat unit. It is a powerful and very practical oven which includes 13 multi-functions and over 40 auto cooking menus. This oven is the perfect choice for people who are into healthy cooking but also indulge in other cooking every once in a while.

60cm Fan Forced Oven

60cm Fan Forced Oven
Fan forced ovens are the best when it comes to heating and cooking food quickly and evenly. If you’re looking for fan forced ovens in Perth, you’ll find nothing better than our 60cm Fan Forced Oven. This multi-function oven offers 5 different cooking functions and comes with a contained cooling cavity with a tangential cooling fan. It also includes an auto-stop timer and auto-shut off features which are incredibly useful. And, it has a great design as well, thanks to its modern stainless steel/black finish.

60cm Electric Multifunction Oven

60cm Electric Multi-function Oven

When it comes to finding a versatile oven, an electric multifunction oven such as our 60cm Electric Multifunction Oven is just what you need. This powerful and sophisticated oven comes with 9 multi-functions and fully programmed electronic controls. It is as stylish as it is functional, and includes two shelves and a baking tray with enamel interiors. It also includes a telescopic runner, removable rack support and features a triple glazed removable inner glass.

Our 60cm Electric Multifunction Oven is available in three variants. The high-end variant is available in a stylish black glass finish and includes a full digital LED display with 9 reminder functions. The other variants are our standard variants available in a white glass finish or a black glass finish.


Ross’s Discount Home Centre is proud to showcase our new range of ovens in Perth. Our new ovens include our 45cm Combi Microwave + Fan Oven 44L, our 45cm Combi Steam Oven 34L, our 45cm Combi Microwave + Steam Oven 34L, our 60cm Fan Forced Oven and our 60cm Electric Multifunction Oven which comes in 3 variants.

Whatever type of oven you’re looking for, you can be sure of finding one that suits your needs at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

To buy our ovens in Perth, shop from our online store or visit us in Guildford today!

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