4 Freestanding Baths That Make You Say ‘Wow’

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For those of us who love everything about interior design, the thought of designing a new bathroom or renovating an old bathroom is enough to bring on masses of excitement. While many bathroom design styles are trending at the moment, the one consistent feature you will see on each design is a freestanding bath. Modern to lavish, country to contemporary, all these bathroom styles contain a freestanding bath.

Now, more than ever before, homeowners are choosing freestanding baths over traditional insert baths, and we’ve noticed this here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre: our Elisabeth Clawfoot baths are walking out the door!

Whether you’re building or renovating, do consider including a freestanding bath in your bathroom design.

To help you get underway in choosing the perfect freestanding bath for your new bathroom, I have decided to feature some of our most popular products. Any of these baths will make a great feature. And don’t forget, if you purchase one of these baths from our online store, you will receive free shipping to any Perth Metro address!

Bermuda Freestanding Bath

Bermuda Freestanding Bath

One of our newest models, the Bermuda Freestanding Bath, was an instant hit with our Perth customers. It features a unique curved oval shaped design (also known as a boat bath) and is the ideal choice for any modern or contemporary bathroom design.

The Bermuda Freestanding Bath also comes in a very sleek black design, which is right on trend – as too are black bathrooms!

This attractive bath is available for just $1,350 ($1,450 in black) from Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

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Galaxy Oval Freestanding Bath

Galaxy Oval Free Standing Bath

Another always popular choice is the Galaxy Oval Freestanding Bath. This attractive bath features a traditional oval shape design and is perfect for minimalistic bathroom designs. It can be placed centre stage to as a focal point or in the corner of the room as a supplementary item – either way, it will add a lovely element to your design.

This bath is available at a very affordable price of $1,050-$1,100 from Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

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Galaxy Square Freestanding Bath

Galaxy Square Bath

For a square-look, the Galaxy Square Freestanding Bath is a great choice. With square-set walls that demand attention, this bath looks fantastic in more contemporary and masculine designs.

This bath is available at the competitive price of $1,050-$1,100 from Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

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Elisabeth Clawfoot Bath

Elisabeth Clawfoot Bath

No freestanding bath compilation is complete without the inclusion of the Elisabeth Clawfoot Bath. This traditional bath is the ideal choice for any traditional, cottage or country style bathroom and will set the tone for the rest of the bathroom design.

This classic bath is $1,380 from Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

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Whether renovating or building a new home, designing a bathroom is an exciting time for most homeowners. While there are many design styles, one consistency amongst all bathroom designs in Perth today is a featured freestanding bath.

There are many freestanding baths in Perth to choose from; however, our recommendations are for the Bermuda Freestanding Bath, Galaxy Oval Freestanding Bath, Galaxy Square Freestanding Bath, and Elisabeth Clawfoot Bath. All of which you can purchase at a great price right here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. If you’re undecided about back to wall baths and freestanding baths, our article, Benefits of Back to Wall Baths Over Freestanding Baths, will help you decide.

Purchase your new freestanding bath from our online store and receive free shipping to Perth Metro addresses. For more information on any of these baths, please get in touch with us.

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