Eclipse LED Framed Mirror 600x600mm

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Open your home to the fluidity and movement of the natural world – the sway of tall grass in the breeze, the meandering path of winding rivers. The perfect geometry of the ECLIPSE series is an expression of this free flow.

A beautiful addition to your home, an ECLIPSE round LED mirror brings dynamism into your space, infusing it with a sense of serenity. Feel the resulting harmony every time you step into your oasis, the perfect start and end to your day.


Your ECLIPSE installation commands attention. Its graceful silhouette will make it a fitting centrepiece for your lavish space and is sure to elicit admiration.

Beyond the pristine, copper-free mirror surface lies a host of features that work together, seamlessly, to elevate everyday life. The incorporated LED system gloriously illuminates, especially when matched with a matte white frame .

The exceptional, reflective attribute of the latter extends the brilliance of your mirror’s lighting – highlighting every detail of your reflection for immaculate grooming. You need never fear a missed hair or uneven foundation application again.

Alternatively, choose an ECLIPSE with a matte black frame to add a touch of enchantment. This option  gracefully redirects the LED lighting backwards, casting a moonlight glow around the circular perimeter of your mirror.

For greater flexibility upgrade to an ECLIPSE DD model. An ingenious touch sensor grants you mastery over luminosity* and hue, allowing you to switch between bright and warm light with ease. Transform the ambience of your space with a mere tap of your finger.

Activate the in-built demister with another tap and say farewell to foggy reflections. This time-saving functionality pulls aside the steam of a shower or bath, unveiling your reflection with matchless clarity.

The MDF frame of the ECLIPSE is available in your choice of matte white or matte black

*available in ECLIPSE DD models, only


The versatility of the ECLIPSE shape balances the harsh lines and angles of your space with softness. It tastefully integrates your bathroom elements by creating a visual bridge between high and low fixtures (such as the shower and vanity).

The resulting harmony goes beyond eye-pleasing allure. The mirror’s sleek, curved minimalism embraces Feng Shui principles, promoting the unobstructed circulation of energy. In its wake lies an invitation to relax and renew, nurturing both body and soul.


The masterstroke of an ECLIPSE round LED mirror is its ability to connect nature’s tranquil beauty with functional, impeccable design. It is undoubtedly the height of innovative, modern living.

Experience the splendour for yourself by visiting or contacting our selection centres. Our team will demonstrate how our exquisite craftsmanship and considered approach manifest your vision for your home.


Highlighting elegance, while echoing the flowing essence of the natural environment.


Contemporary minimalism, luxe, modern glamour, organic, zen-inspired


  • Copper-free mirror
  • LED lighting with adjustable colour temperature (2700K – 6500K)
  • Demister with 1-hour auto cut-off
  • Touch sensor
  • MDF frame


Input Voltage: 220-240v 50Hz
Orientation: Vertical / Horizontal
CCT: 2700 – 6500K
CRI: >80

Spec Sheet

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