Finishing Panel 90 x 86 cm

$160.00 inc.GST

Durable white high gloss finish.

90cm long

86cm wide

1.6cm thick

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Complete your kitchen cabinets with this elegant finishing panel, which best works as a backing panel. Available in a durable white high-gloss finish, its smooth finish allows for a uniform expression across your cabinets. This finishing panel will blend with your cabinets and add a finishing touch to your kitchen.

Measuring 900x860x16mm, it is sturdy and durable. It is manufactured using high-quality particleboard and is highly moisture resistant. Therefore, your cabinet contents will be well protected. Furthermore, the panel can be kept clean by simply running a damp cloth over it.

This top product exhibits the highest quality of manufacturing and workmanship. It is robust, highly durable and will provide protection to your cabinets for years to come. No wonder this is one of the top selling product at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

So what are you waiting for? Buy this finishing panel to complete your DIY cabinetry project an unbelievable deal from Ross’s Discount Home Centre and make your kitchen cabinets much more elegant and secure!

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