Top Five Challenges of Renovating

home renovation challenges

Are you readying yourself for a renovation once we get through COVID-19? Big or small, renovations are stressful, costly, and never complete without their fair share of challenges. Yet, many Perth homeowners are oblivious to the problems that await them.

No one likes a challenge; we here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre certainly don’t. We strive to make all aspects of a renovation easy, which is why today, I will look at the most common challenges of renovating so you can prepare, and hopefully avoid them.

Continuing reading as I delve into what was the top challenges facing renovators in Houzz’s Overview of Home Renovation survey of 2018/2019. With a little luck, you won’t run into the same problems with your reno.

Finding the right service providers

service provider

The biggest challenge of renovating, with 35% of votes, was finding the right service providers, and, there are many to find! You have builders and carpenters, plumbers and electricians, tilers and bricklayers, roofers and floor layers, and many more.

If you’re having trouble finding service providers, ask for recommendations from friends or jump online, Facebook and are great resources to start with.

Finding the right products and materials

products materials

Soucing material is a tough job, which is why this comes in at a close second, with 34% of the votes. Not only do you have to find materials that all work well together and match in style, but they also need to be in stock or available when you need them.

This is one challenge you will never face if you choose to purchase your renovation materials from Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have over $1million of materials and products in stock. We have tiles, kitchens, tapware, bathroom products, aluminium doors, aluminium windows, appliances, and much more, all ready for immediate dispatch.

Whatever the style, whatever the quality, trust to have no challenge finding what you want in our extensive range of home renovation products.

Staying on budget


Staying on budget is always tricky with any home renovation, so it was the third most significant problem, receiving 32% of votes.

To stay on budget, you need a realistic budget to start with. If you read my recent posts on the cost of bathroom renovations in 2020 and the cost of kitchen renovations in 2020, you will know that you should base your budget on $3,000, and $2,900 per square metre, respectively. And, for a full home renovation, budget around $2,000 per square metre.

With so many fantastic products on the market, it’s hard to settle for average when you want the best. However, you don’t have to settle when shopping at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have all the latest designs and models at much cheaper prices than you will find elsewhere. This means you can have the designer look for a budget price tag.

Defining my/our style


Coming in at number four, with 21% of the votes, is defining my/our style, and I have to agree here – this is hard! How do you choose one coherent style when you like many?

My advice here is to go with modern/contemporary and run with it. You will find the widest range of materials and products in this style, and by sticking to one style, you will create a clear style throughout your home without really trying. And it just so happens that the products we stock are all modern/contemporary in design, so you should have no trouble finding everything you need in our range.

Funding/financing the project

renovation budget

Lastly, the fifth-biggest challenge of renovating, with 19% of votes, is getting the finances to do it. Not to burst any bubbles, but personally, if you don’t have the equity, then it’s a good idea to postpone the renovation. You don’t want to over-capitalise, and you don’t want to put yourself in financial strife for the sake of a better home. It can wait. Talk to your financial planner or accountant before taking on an expensive renovation.


Renovating a room or entire home is not an easy task – it’s a massive undertaking! Regardless of how big or small your space is, the same process applies, which means the same challenges apply, and there are many.

According to  Houzz’s Overview of Home Renovation survey, the top five challenges of renovating in 2018 and 2019 were finding the right service providers, finding the right products and materials, staying on budget, defining my/our style, and funding/financing the project.

While I can’t help you with the service providers and funding, I can certainly help with finding the right materials and products, staying on budget, and defining your style! How? By directing you to Ross’s Discount Home Centre’s online store.

We have hundreds of products in an array of styles, all at the lowest prices you will find in Perth. What are you waiting for – go to today!

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