10 Floor Tiles to Create a Minimalistic Home

minimalistic floor tiles

If there’s one noticeable home décor style that is trending right now, it is minimalistic design. Over the last couple of years, this trend has really taken off around the world, including here in Perth, Australia.

If you are looking to renovate or build a new house in 2018, then there’s a good chance that this style is on your design radar.

But how do you create a minimalistic home? Well, to pull off minimalistic design, you need to start by choosing basic floor tiles – either in dark or light shades. Brightly coloured and patterned floor tiles must be avoided. With this in mind, today I will showcase some great examples of floor tiles available here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. You can use any of these to achieve a minimalistic design in any room of your home.

Q-Stone Beige

Q-Stone Beige Porcelain Tile
Q-Stone Beige is just $35/sq mt inc.GST

Our Q-Stone Beige porcelain floor tile is an excellent choice for achieving the minimalist design. It offers a great balance between modern and rustic style and comes in an elegant beige colour with soft tonal variations. This floor tile is incredibly versatile and is perfect for use in hallways, entryways, kitchens and even hotel floors.

Q-Stone Grey

Q-Stone Grey porcelain floor tile
Q-Stone Grey is just $35/sq mt inc.GST

Our Q-Stone Grey porcelain tile is another floor tile which is designed with a minimalist look in mind. It looks incredibly sophisticated, thanks to its modern-rustic design in a matte finish. This floor tile displays subtle variations in tone and blends in seamlessly with both modern as well as traditional décor. It is available in a choice of three finish options, allowing you to create the look you want.

Celina White

Celina White
Celina White is currently on sale for just $25/sq mt inc.GST

When it comes to stone-look porcelain floor tiles in a minimalist design, nothing beats our Celina White tile. It comes in a gorgeous white colour with gentle, wavy patterns. This floor tile will add character and personality to any space it is used in. And, thanks to its neutral colours, it will easily complement a whole range of décor and furnishings.

Luna Bianco

Luna Bianco
Luna Bianco is only $30/sq mt inc.GST

Give your home an ethereal look with the Luna Bianco porcelain floor tile. It is a contemporarily designed tile that is both stylish and functional and comes in a white finish with minimalist patterns. This floor tile exudes elegance, and its glossy finish makes it look both modern and trendy. It will do well to complement your interiors and will add charm to your space.

Basilico Bone

Basilico Bone
Basilico Bone is $35 /sq mt inc.GST

Basilico Bone ceramic tile is a perfect choice to create a seamless, minimalist look for your floor and walls. It is a gorgeous tile which resembles the look of natural bone with soft patterns. This tile comes in a glossy finish and is also available as a feature tile. It is ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms where you want to create a seamless look.

Basilico Gris

Basilico Gris
Basilico Gris is just $35/sq mt inc.GST

Our Basilico Gris ceramic tile is an alternative option to our Basilico Bone tile. Unlike its counterpart which offers a minimalist bone-look, this tile comes in a natural grey look with worn-out patterns. Its natural colour tone allows you to pair with just about any type of décor and furnishings. Choose this if you want to create a seamless and minimalist look in a dark shade.

Charm Limra

Charm Limra 300x600
Charm Limra is $35/sq mt inc.GST and comes in a 30x30cm tile also

When it comes to refined style, its difficult to find floor tiles that beat our Charm Limra ceramic tile. It is incredibly stylish and sophisticated, thanks to its gentle minimalistic patterns on a white background. This tile is available both a floor tile and as a wall tile and is best used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Matang Charcoal

Matang Charcoal
Matang Charcoal is just $30 – $35/sq mt inc.GST (depending on size)

For a dark, minimalist tile, our Matang Charcoal ceramic tile is the ultimate choice. It is a very sleek tile which completely mimics the look of natural charcoal. It’s gorgeous looks, and dark finish will do very well to create a minimalist look in any space. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking to create a natural, minimalist look.

Matang Zinc

Matang Zinc
Matang Zinc is just $30/sq mt inc.GST

Give your home an elegant makeover with the refined Matang Zinc ceramic tile. It looks incredibly sophisticated, thanks to its neutral look which replicates the look of zinc. Its light grey design will allow you to create a gorgeous minimalist look. This floor tile comes in both glossy and matte finish options, and you can choose whatever suits your fancy.

Matang Light Bianco

Matang Light Bianco (20×20cm)
Matang Light Bianco is just $30 – $35/sq mt inc.GST (depending on size)

Last up is our stunning Matang Light Bianco ceramic floor tile. It comes in a lovely grey and white design with soft patterns and offers a gorgeous minimalistic look. It is very versatile, can be used both as a wall tile or a floor tile and comes in both matte and glossy finishes. You can create a seamless look in any room with this amazing tile.


Minimalistic design is one of the hottest trends right now. If you’d like to adopt this trend, you must choose basic floor tiles in either dark or light shade. For this, our Q-Stone Beige, Q-Stone Grey, Celina White, Luna Bianco, Basilico Bone, Basilico Gris, Charm Limra, Matang Charcoal, Matang Zinc and Matang Light Bianco floor tiles are excellent choices. All of these tiles exhibit a minimalist design and can be paired with a range of décor, furnishings and accessories.

You can also take a look at our entire floor tile range to find the perfect tile for your needs. And remember, if you shop online from our store, then you will receive shipping to Perth Metro areas. So, what are you waiting for?

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