Luxe Tiles for a Luxe Look For Less!

Luxe Pink gloss wall tile 100x0100mm - installation

Undoubtedly, one of the most important decisions to make in the styling and design of any home, whether it’s a new build or renovation, is the tile choice. Tiles, particularly feature tiles, are one of, if not the most important material in forming a design style. They play a vital role in the overall look and finish of any space.

We understand the importance of feature tiles and the powerful role they play in forming a design style. Thus, we constantly have our finger on the pulse, ensuring to stock the latest tile trends. Our brand new Luxe Tile range is one such example. Uber-contemporary, stylish, and affordable, it’s easy to see why so many Perth homeowners have sought out this trending tile style.

If you’re looking for a stunning feature tile that will work with an array of design styles, colour schemes, won’t cost you the earth, and won’t be unfashionable in a few year’s time, then our Luxe Tiles should be a serious contender in your feature tile selection.

Continue reading to discover more about the stunning new Luxe Tile range and how you can include them in your new home or home renovation.

The Lowdown On Our Luxe Tile Range

Material: The Luxe Tile range are handmade ceramic tiles suitable for use as wall tiles. Being ceramic, they are very versatile in application and also very affordable. Their handmade nature means no two tiles are the same. While their design is contemporary and very much on-trend with current tile trends, their inspiration comes from vintage tiles of yesteryear.

Size: The Luxe Tile range is available in two modern sizes, square 10cm x 10cm and rectangle 7.6 x 15.2cm. These sizes allow for various patterns, from checkers using square tiles to vertically and horizontally stacked bonds, herringbone, running board, basketweave, and various brick patterns.

Finish: The Luxe Tile range comes in two modern finishes: gloss and matt. Each finish will present a totally different look to suit your design style and personal preference.

Edges: Being handmade and ceramic, the Luxe Tile range features cushion edges. Cushion edges are non-rectified, meaning the tile has not been cut for precision. Therefore, each tile won’t be the exact size, which is what you want and expect from handmade tile. Cushion edge tiles are easier to lay and help to hide any discrepancies in the tiles.

Colours: The Luxe Tile range is available in a range of trending colours, including Blush Pink, Daylight (white), Midnight (black), Mint, Sea Blue, Sky Blue, Smoke Grey, and Ash Grey. These colours pair well with muted tones, including greys and whites.

How To Use Them In Your Home/Renovation

As feature tiles, the Luxe Tile range are ideal for kitchen and laundry splashbacks and bathrooms. As mentioned above, the two size formats mean they can be laid in an array of patterns to create any look you desire, and their various colour options mean you’re sure to find the perfect colour to match your colour palette.

Luxe Sea Blue
Luxe Sea Blue

Kitchen and laundry splashbacks: The Luxe Tile range will ensure your kitchen and laundry is on-trend without becoming overpowering. Their soft appearance provides enough flare to spark interest without being glary. You may consider installing a gloss finish in the kitchen to make it easier to wipe clean when cooking.

Something as simple and affordable as a new kitchen splashback using a tile from the Luxe Tile range can completely transform a kitchen, making it look fresh and modern once again.

Looking for some splashback inspiration? Be sure to check out our Kitchen Splashback Trends.

Luxe Mint
Luxe Mint

Bathroom feature walls: You want your bathroom to shine, but it doesn’t mean you have to pay over $100 per square meter on a feature tile – not when there’s the Luxe Tile range! The Luxe Tile range enables you to create a stunning designer bathroom worth of any TV renovation show or Home Design magazine without the high-end price tag.

Bathroom feature walls are generally large, and to get the full opulence effect, you want to tile to the ceiling. The affordable price and designer style of the Luxe Tile range make this possible.

Create a light, bright kitchen with Luxe Daylight (white) or Ash Grey Luxe tiles or a pastel bathroom with the soft Blush Pink, Mint, Sea Blue, or Sky Blue tiles. The Luxe Midnight (black) and Smoke Grey are the perfect choice for dark black or monochromatic bathrooms, which are also very much on-trend right now. Be sure to read our 2021 Guide to Black Bathrooms if you are looking to create a black bathroom!


What could be better than getting the hottest feature tiles at super-affordable prices? Nothing! This is what you will get by choosing one of the many tiles in our new Luxe Tile range.

The Luxe Tile range comprises handmade ceramic tiles in an array of contemporary tiles that will transform any space. They are available in two modern but versatile sizes, square and rectangular, which present various laying options, including checkered, vertically stacked bond, and horizontally stacked bond, which are the most popular choices for this range. The tiles also come in a gloss and matt finish and various colours, including white, black, grey, pink, blue, and mint, to suit your design style and preference.

While the Luxe Tile range is suitable for any interior wall application, they undoubtedly shine brightest when used as a kitchen or laundry splashback tile or on a bathroom feature wall. The variety of sizes, finishes, and colours available make the Luxe tile range the perfect choice to use throughout a home, carrying the handmade tile style from the kitchen to the laundry to the bathroom whilst having the opportunity to mix it up each time.

From just $65 per square meter, it’s easy to see why the Luxe Tile range has become an instant hit with customers. Order yours before stock runs out today via our online store to avail delivery to any Perth Metro address!

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