6 Super Slick options for your kitchen benchtop

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If you’re looking to sell your home, upgrading your kitchen benchtop is by far the most cost-effective way to increase its value and appeal. Likewise, if you’re looking to give your kitchen a facelift without undergoing a full renovation, upgrading your benchtop is the best answer. In one easy and effortless step, you can change the entire style of your kitchen.

According to interior designer Tara Smith, spending $5000 on a new splashback and stone benchtop in the kitchen could feasibly add $10,000 to $20,000 to the value of the house! So, upgrading your kitchen benchtop is definitely worth every cent of the investment.

As the purchasing head at Ross’s, I’ve met a lot of customers looking for kitchen benchtops in Perth. If you are in need of upgrading your benchtop, you’ve certainly landed at the right place. Continue reading this article as I lay out six of the most popular options you can consider when shopping for kitchen benchtops.

1. Laminate

In my experience, I’ve noticed that laminate benchtops are an incredibly popular option. In fact, of the many Australians who replaced their kitchen benchtops in 2015, 14% opted for laminate as their choice of material (Source: Houzz.com.au 2015 Kitchen Survey). Not only is laminate incredibly affordable, but it is also easy to maintain and long lasting. Laminate benchtops are available in a range of shapes, colour options and patterns and they can complement just about any kitchen. Expect to shell out $120 to $330 per square metre if you’re looking for a laminate benchtop for your kitchen.

2. Wood

Timber or wood has been widely used for kitchen benchtops for quite some time now. Wooden benchtops are lightweight, easy to shape and offer a distinctively warm feel. While they are prone to scratching, they can also be re-sanded and resealed to their original condition. If you’re looking for wooden benchtops in Perth, you can expect to pay in the range of $550 up to $1,600 per square metre. According to the Houzz.com.au Kitchen Survey, amongst Australians who replaced kitchen benchtops in 2015, 12% chose wooden benchtops.

3. Metal / Stainless Steel

I’ve noticed that stainless steel/metal benchtops are a rising trend, which offers a modern, industrial feel to a kitchen. Highly versatile and durable, stainless steel offers an incredibly polished look, which transforms any kitchen. These benchtops require the same amount of maintenance as other types. Steel benchtops are available in an array of finish options and they perfectly complement other types of décor in a kitchen. If you want stainless steel kitchen benchtops in Perth, you can expect prices to hover around $900 per square metre.  This higher cost is no doubt why the Houzz.com.au Survey revealed that just 6% of Australians who replaced benchtops in 2015 opted for stainless steel.

4. Natural Stone (Granite and Marble)

Granite and marble benchtops have been popular for a long time now, especially here in Perth. However, they are also the most expensive material used for kitchen benchtops. They are porous and require a good amount of maintenance as well. If you choose granite or marble for your kitchen benchtops in Perth, you can expect to pay anything in between $700 to $2,200 per square metre. Nevertheless, both granite and marble are extremely elegant to look at and they offer longevity as well. In 2015, 13% of Australians replacing their benchtops opted for granite.

5. Polished Concrete

I came to know of polished concrete benchtops only recently. Steadily gaining popularity as a benchtop material, polished concrete is flexible in design. Incredibly solid and available in a range of colours, textures, inlays and shapes, polished concrete can add a unique touch to any kitchen.  Polished concrete is quite expensive – expect to pay around $1,000 to $1,750 per square metre; however if you ask me, you won’t find better kitchen benchtops in Perth. Due to their cost and being a relatively new benchtop option, the Houzz.com.au Kitchen Survey revealed that just 5% of all Australians replacing their benchtops in 2015 chose polished concrete.

6. Quartz

Also known as engineered stone, quartz is by far the most popular choice for benchtop materials today. With quartz, you can get either a stone or a polished concrete look at much cheaper prices. Quartz offers a much greener and cheaper alternative to natural stone looks and is much easier to maintain. Quartz benchtops are available in a range of patterns and colours and can make a bold style statement as well. Quartz kitchen benchtops in Perth will cost you in between $520 to $1,200 per square metre. According to the Houzz.com.au Kitchen Survey , of all Australians replacing their benchtops in2015, 52% chose quartz. This is much, much more than the second most popular choice – laminate at only 14%.

While you will not find kitchen benchtops featured on our website, we do sell them! We feel that due to the custom nature of benchtops, they are not suitable to be sold as standard units on a website. If you want to a good deal on kitchen benchtops in Perth, you need to place a special order with us. Simply drop by our showroom and talk to our team at Ross’s and we can place a special order to meet your requirements. Alternatively, you can give us a call and tell us what you’re looking for.


Replacing your benchtops is one of the best investments you can make. When it comes to choosing kitchen benchtops in Perth, you certainly have a lot of options at your disposal. Of many benchtop materials available in the market today, quartz is by far the most popular. Quartz is followed by laminate, natural stone, wood, stainless steel and polished concrete. Price ranges for these materials vary significantly, from as low as $120 per square metre up to $2,200 per square metre. Consider your personal requirements carefully before making a choice.

If you want a great deal on kitchen benchtops in Perth, get in touch with us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre today.

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