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If you’re building a new home or you’re a homeowner who is concerned with security, then security screens are a must. Research studies have demonstrated that burglars in Australia enter a home by forcing windows open (39%) or doors (31%). This only means that we must make sure that our windows and doors are secure against break-ins. And the simplest way to combat this is to install security screens on external doors and windows.

Surprisingly, not all household takes this matter seriously. According to 2005 report by ABS, only 45% of Western Australian households had security screens on external doors and windows. Furthermore, an article released in February 2015 stated that 4.8% of West Australians reported a break-in. This is almost twice the national average of 2.6%.

To ensure your home is secure, you must install security screens on your doors and windows. If you’re wondering what security screens are all about, don’t worry – I’ll explain what they are in this article.

What are security screens & doors?

Like most, I have always been worried about the security of my home – and even more so now that I am a father. But since installing security screens & doors around my house, I am at ease. Now, I lead a relaxed and stress-free life, knowing that my family is well protected against break-ins. The security screens have created an entry barrier around my home that provides me with true peace of mind.

To be honest, I was a little hesitant before installing them initially. I was worried that my home would look more like a fortress, but thankfully, it does not. My security screens & doors offer the physical barrier I sought without compromising on aesthetics.

Make your home inviting, yet incredibly secure by installing security screens & doors in your Perth home.

So, what are security screens & doors? Typically, security screens refer to meshes that are fixed onto a frame on doors or windows. The perforated mesh screens offer you a full view of the outdoors and permit airflow, without any grilles or bars. Moreover, quality security screens are firmly attached to the door frame and are impossible for intruders to break through.

Quality Australian security screens include three locks and three hinges with reinforced corners.  This mechanism effectively prevents intruders from forcing open a door. In fact, during my installation process, I tried my level best to see if I could break through my screen. I failed miserably and never before have I been so glad at failing at something.

During the installation, security screens are mounted on a door with the help of a steel or aluminium frame. The frame needs to be rugged, sturdy and firm as it is what attaches the screen to a door.

And if you’re wondering about accessibility issues in case of an emergency, don’t worry. Most security screens feature an internal unlocking mechanism, so as to allow easy escape in case of emergencies.

So that’s more or less what security screens & doors are about. Now I will explain some finer details about security screens so as to help you purchase them for your Perth home.

What to look for when buying security screens & doors?

There are so many different types of security screens & doors in Perth that you can easily get confused. Thankfully, I am here to tell you what to look for when you start shopping.

First, it is important to know that not all security screens offer the same standard of security. Inferior products are significantly cheaper and won’t meet Australian standards. Don’t fall into the trap of buying cheap security screens – they will only serve as flyscreens, nothing more.

As such, the first thing to check is whether they meet Australian standards. This includes AS5039-2008 and AS5040, which are the Australian security and installation standards, respectively. Steer clear from any product that is not advertised to meet these standards.

Next up, check if the frame of the security screen is sturdy. The frame should also exhibit a deep receiver channel so that the grille cannot be pushed open by force. While reinforced corners are an important aspect of security screens, you cannot check for this. As such, I highly recommend that you purchase security screens & doors in Perth from trustworthy suppliers, such as Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

Choose screens with structural grade aluminium mesh or stainless steel mesh for maximum protection without compromising on aesthetics. Alternatively, you can opt for steel bars, grilles and motifs although these do not look particularly attractive.

Always purchase screens with thick grilles, which can be firmly fixed to the frame of the door. The thicker the grille, the better. The recommended locks for security screens & doors are five-pin cylinder locks. Also, your door should feature at least three hinges with fixed pins.

After you’ve taken into account all these considerations, you can choose the style of your security screen. I opted for the more modern-looking screens, which are available in galvanised steel with a powder-coated finish. They come in a range of colours, so I was able to get mine to match my home.

3. Cost of security screens & doors in Perth

Depending on whether you choose an aluminium or a steel screen door, the cost will vary. A high-quality aluminium screen door that meets Australian standards will cost you upwards of $450. On the other hand, high-quality steel screen doors conforming to Australian standards start from $650. Understand that higher quality and increased customisation come with higher costs.

If you choose structural grade aluminium mesh for your screen door, you will need to shell out an additional $650. Stainless steel mesh can cost you anything between $800 to $1,000.

4. Where to find security screens & doors in Perth

By now, you should have a fair idea about security screens and you’re ready to look for suppliers. Many suppliers will advertise products as high-quality screens, but you should stay away unless they meet Australian standards. It would be best if you always headed to trusted and reputed suppliers, such as Ross’s Discount Home Centre, for quality security screens & doors in Perth.

At Ross’s, we have a reputation for offering products of the highest quality at the best possible prices. Our security screens & doors are rigorously tested to meet all Australian standards. Moreover, our screens and doors are backed by manufacturer’s warranties and our very own guarantee as well. You cannot go wrong when you choose to buy from us – one of the most trustworthy suppliers in Perth.

Do note that our security screens & doors are available via special order only. This means that you won’t find these products listed on our website. Our security screens & doors are custom-ordered to meet your specific requirements. If you would like to place an order, please visit our showroom in Guildford or get in touch with us.


To keep your home secure from break-ins, you need to install security screens on all your external doors and windows. Security screens basically consist of a metallic mesh that is fixed onto the frame of a door or a window. This screen provides a barrier to entry, and it cannot be opened by force. Given that the mesh is perforated, security screens are aesthetically pleasing and offer unobstructed views as well.

Before purchasing security screens & doors in Perth, make sure that the product you buy conforms to Australian standards. There are way too many fake products in the market which should be avoided. Check that the mesh grille is thick and ensure that the frame is rigid and sturdy.

You have a choice of aluminium or steel screen doors to go with. For the mesh grille, you can choose a structural grade aluminium mesh or a stainless steel mesh. Quality aluminium screen doors cost upwards of $450 while quality steel screen doors cost upwards of $650. A structural grade aluminium mesh will cost you $650, while a stainless steel mesh will cost you about $800.

When it comes to finding the security screens & doors in Perth, you cannot go past Ross’s Discount Home Centre. All our products are tested to comply with Australian standards and are backed by solid warranties.

To place an order for your security screen, simply visit our showroom in Guildford or call us with your requirements. Our expert salesmen will be happy to assist you in every way possible.

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