Stick to your reno budget with discount tiles & supplies

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Undergoing a renovation? I know exactly how stressful it can be. You need to draw up a budget, source your supplies and hire professionals to get the job done. While there are many aspects to consider, the most important is your budget. Unfortunately, I’ve met too many people who make a budget but fail to stick to it.

One sure way to stick to your budget is to source tiles at the best possible rates – and the best way to do this is by sourcing discount tiles in Perth right here at Ross’s. By getting a good deal on your tiles, you never know, you might even have money left over to indulge in other areas of the house.

In this article, I will share with you some insider tips on how you can source discount tiles in Perth. These tips come to you from a person with years of experience, so make sure to pay good attention!

1. Visit your local discount tile centre

When you’re looking for discount tiles in Perth, local home improvement stores, flooring stores and tile warehouses are the best places to start your search. Such stores keep in stock high quality tiles which are available at rates much cheaper than other stores. If you live in Perth then you’re in luck because here at Ross’s, we’re not only an online store, but we also have a huge warehouse which is chock-full with over a million dollars’ worth of stock, ready for immediate delivery. If you are less of an online buyer and more of a brick and mortar buyer, then this should be your start and finish for finding discount tiles in Perth.

2. Google “Discount tiles in Perth”

We gain many customers who let their fingers do the walking. Indeed, Google is your best friend when searching for discount tiles. Simply run an online search and you will come up with loads of discount tile flooring companies to choose from. All you have to do is to browse through online catalogues to find tile designs, styles, colours and prices that suit your needs. Make sure to include “Perth” in your search query, else results shown may include sellers from other areas. When you Google “Discount tiles in Perth”, you will notice that our site,, comes up at #1 on the search results. This in itself should be enough to make you want to shop with us.

3. Order discount tiles online

A number of our customers at Ross’s visit our online store, select the tiles they want and order them for home delivery. Online ordering allows you to choose the discount tiles that you want and have them delivered to your doorstep without having to lay a foot outside. Online ordering is a simple and cost effective way of shopping. Also, when you order with us online at, you can avail of free home delivery in the Perth Metro region. This translates into more savings for you.

4. Lay the tiles yourself

Once you’ve procured your tiles and they are delivered to your home, you need to lay out the flooring. Now, when it comes to hiring a tiler, this can eat away at your renovation budget like nothing else. According to, a tiler can cost anything between $45 and $150 per house. However, you’re more likely to be quoted on per square meter rate and this can range from $35 to $120 per square meter. So obviously, sourcing discount tiles in Perth will help pay for a good tiler, however, to further save money on your tiling, you should opt to lay tiles yourself.

I’ve already mentioned about how to go about the tiling process in two other blog posts of mine. VI encourages you to read my earlier blog posts for more information on how to lay floor tiles like a professional. See 5 easy steps to master DIY tiling and 5 easy steps to laying floor tiles


When you’re undergoing a renovation, you must do your best to stick to a budget. This starts off with sourcing discount tiles in Perth. For tiles at discount prices, you can visit your local discount tile centre, search for discounted tile providers online and order your products online. Once you’ve sourced discounted tiles, you can choose to further save on costs by laying the tiles yourself. Laying tiles needs some amount of patience, but it can easily be mastered.

For quality discount tiles in Perth, you need look no further than our store here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. We have an excellent selection of quality tiles offered at discounted prices. If you have any questions regarding our tiles, simply give us a call.

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