How To Choose a Good Wine Fridge

Wine Fridge

Wine is one of humanity’s most celebrated drinks. In fact, fine wine is much more than a drink – it’s an entire experience in itself! Whether it’s entertaining friends, relaxing on a hot summer day or celebrating an occasion, good wine can make all the difference.

If you consider yourself to be a wine connoisseur, you probably know that wines benefit a lot from aging. However, wine bottles must be stored in the right manner else the wine will never age well. Here’s where wine fridges come into the picture. Wine fridges are specifically designed to keep wines in optimum storage conditions. With the help of a wine fridge, you’ll certainly keep your coveted wines well stored.

But, buying a wine fridge is a big investment. So, you must know what to look for when purchasing a wine fridge. And as the head of purchasing at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, today I will tell you just what to look for. Continue reading this post and by the end of it, you’ll know just what to look for when purchasing wine fridges in Perth.

What to look for when selecting a wine fridge?

There are a number of things to consider before you purchase a wine fridge. First, and the most important is capacity. Wine fridges are available in various capacities and you should choose a size that reflects your needs. Depending on whether you’re a wine hoarder or whether you just love a select few wines, you should choose size accordingly. Also, if you’re a fan of sparkling wines or champagne, you need a fridge that is wide enough for larger bottles.

The type of shelving is another important point to consider when buying a wine fridge. While metal shelves are the usual standard in wine fridges, they make it difficult to pull out bottles. If possible, choose a wine fridge that has wooden shelves with a sliding mechanism preferably, such as those we sell here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre.

Also, pay attention to the temperature zones of a wine fridge. Many wine fridges come with multiple temperature zones. Such fridges allow you to store wine bottles at different temperatures in different areas. Determine your needs and consider whether you need multi-zone temperature features or not.

Another thing to look for in a wine fridge is if it contains glass doors. Glass doors will offer you a clear view, making your wine collection look more impressive. Also, make sure to consider glass doors that have a UV coating. These will prevent your wine bottles from degrading.

How to choose the right wine fridge?

When it comes to choosing the right wine fridge, you need to make a decision based on your needs. Consider the capacity, space, temperature zones and shelving to help you decide on what you want.

Also, if you have a coveted collection of valuable wine bottles, you may want to consider a wine fridge with locks.

Wine fridges are available both as built-in and freestanding models. Depending on where you want to place your wine fridge, you will need to make a choice accordingly.

How much do wine fridges cost?

The price of wine fridges in Perth vary depending on the quality of the fridge, its capacity and temperature zones. Single temperature zone wine fridges that can hold up to 40 bottles range from $350-$3000. On the other hand, dual and triple-zone wine fridges that can hold 30 or more bottles range from $750-$4000. The price of a wine fridge varies considerably from one brand to another.

Here, at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, we offer an amazing selection of affordable wine fridges in Perth. The wine fridges below all make for an excellent wine fridge, are affordable and boast the highest grade of quality.


When it comes to buying a wine fridge, there are several things to consider. Consider the capacity, the type of shelving and the temperature zones of a wine fridge. Always buy a wine fridge with glass doors, preferably with UV resistant coating. Also, if you have valuable wine bottles, you should get a wine fridge with locks.

The cost of a wine fridge depends on its capacity, quality, and temperature zones. Typically, wine fridges in Perth cost anything between $350-$4000. However, our wine fridges here at Ross’s Discount Home Centre are considerably cheaper, despite being high-quality products.

For the best wine fridges in Perth, look no further than us at Ross’s Discount Home Centre. Visit us in Guildford or shop from our online store today!

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